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Automotive Locksmith & Auto Lockout Service Finder Near Me in Austin Texas

Locking your keys in the car is never a situation anyone prepares for, and can put a serious kink in the rest of your day, making you late for appointments and throwing your entire schedule off. While its something you do not generally plan for, if it has not happened to you, chances are it might. Whether your kids were playing around and accidentally locked your keys in the car, you misplaced your keys or you unconsciously left the keys sitting on your consul and locked your car, it happens to the best of us. Your best option when this unfortunate occurrence happens is to contact a professional automotive locksmith.

DIY Auto Unlock Car Door

Often times when keys are locked in a vehicle, the owner attempts to unlock the doors themselves. While in rare cases this sometimes works, what usually happens is damage being caused to the car. Wire hangers and slim jims can scratch paint and even break windows, which will obviously get you back into your car, but not with the results your desired. Not only will you have to now repair the paint you scratched but also pay for window replacement. This can be a frustrating experience when you are already unhappy for having your keys locked inside of your vehicle.

Auto Locksmith Training

A professional automotive locksmith is equipped with all of the necessary tools to unlock your car safely, without causing damage and getting you your keys back into your hand. Not only does a professional automotive locksmith use the most effective tools available, but they are also armed with skills and experience. Not every vehicle is the same and some require special tools and methods to get into the vehicle without causing any damage to the car. Hiring a professional automotive locksmith will ensure that you get your keys back and that your vehicle will receive no harm.

Spare Car Key

To avoid locking your keys into your vehicle again, or misplacing them and unable to start your vehicle, it is recommended that you hide a spare key on the outside of your vehicle. While this may seem like a crazy idea, there are a variety of spare key boxes that are magnetic and can be placed on areas of your vehicle that no one would ever think to look. Having a spare key on the outside of your vehicle will give you a solid and reliable backup for when you accidentally lock your keys inside your vehicle or cannot seem to find your keys.

Professional Automotive Locksmith Services in Austin TX

For the best automotive locksmith service available, contact Texan Lock and Key. Our skilled technicians will get you back into your vehicle and on your way in no time. We can also help with a variety of other lock, key and security needs such as ignition repair and broken key replacement for example!

Home Security Tips & Tricks; Lock Up, Security Lights & Alarm Systems in Round Rock Texas

Our homes are our kingdoms. Whether they may be the humblest of cottages or the priciest of mansions or anything in between, our homes are the safe haven for our families. We play with our children and we walk around in our underwear. Our home is the one place where we feel secure and can let our hair down. Or is it? It’s a scary thought that the place we call safe can easily be victimized by a burglar, or worse. Sometimes our thoughts can drift to our empty homes while we are at work, running errands, or even on vacation. We internalize whether our sentimental possessions along with our valued assets will become a target. We lose sleep if in that worst case scenario people of ill repute dare to intrude while our loved ones are home. All of these things should be considered and our best efforts step into action to keep our dwellings safe and secure.

Lock Up your Home

So what can I do, you may ask yourself? For starters be sure to keep your house locked up, especially at night were most unsavory characters like to use the cover of darkness. You might be mocking at the genius of such a basic idea, however, you will be surprised how many people think no one would be interested in their homes, or they thought everything was locked. It’s a good habit to get into before bed, especially when the weather is favorable and the fresh air does your home good. Sweep through every window and door to your residence to ensure all locks installed are in use.

Alarm Sounds Alert Neighbors, Alarm Companies & Police Authorities

There is a prejudice on alarm systems. Some believe they are a nuisance often alerting authorities of nothing, but the homeowner not getting to the code input fast enough. Wrong! Alarms bring noise and attention and can stop a perpetrator in their tracks before defiling your base.

Lock Gates & Put Belongings Away

Keeping your yard equipment locked up is a safe practice. Sometimes a spur of the moment home invasion can arise, and these lawbreakers will use anything they can find to break in, don’t give them any help. If your home is surrounded by a fence or wall, keep gates locked up too, that’s one more obstacle in the offender’s way.

Security Lights from Dusk to Dawn

Security lights are an effective offense. As pointed out earlier, the culprit prefers cover of darkness. By taking away this advantage, you’re another step closer to keeping your home off the hit list.
Another useful tip is to keep your valuables from sight. We are not suggesting you keep the big screen locked in the basement, or the priceless heirloom in a vault. Just avoid putting these things in view of windows leading to high traffic areas. Incentive is a sure way to invite the greedy jerks into taking what doesn’t belong to them.

Don’t Open or Answer the Door to Strangers

Avoid opening the door for strangers. We hear this as children, and teach the next generation the same rule. Sometimes we don’t think about this application as an adult. Many offenders knock on the door as a harmless worker looking for directions, or door to door salesmen. Take all precautions to not letting one enter your home who doesn’t belong there. Always ask for ID and proper badges from utility companies or police officers.
Neighborhood watches are a good group to organize. Neighbors can often aide you while you are not around, and can alert you of any trouble brewing.

Professional Locksmith Services in San Marcos, San Antonio, Killeen & Round Rock TX

Get Texan Lock and Key on your side. Our locksmiths are experts in keeping your building secure. Be sure an inspection is made on all your locks to ensure the tightest security. Often the seasoned criminals stake out homes, and targets them with a rusty or outdated lock easily broken into. Our specialists can help you choose the right investment in security and keeping those heartless people out. Contact us today for more home security tips!

Home Security Systems; Are your Locks Enough?

When it comes to your home, if you lock the doors and windows most people feel secure. This could be true, but when it comes to locks and what you should have, do you really take time to analyze them? The locks that are on your home are there as a deterrent and also as a way to slow down an intruder that may try to enter your home. If a person has decided that they want in, the lock is not going to keep them out for long, but the hope is that the lock will slow them down enough that you will be able to notify someone that you need help.

Texan Lock and Key has some things to look for in your own home to make it as secure as you can:

Deadbolts – A deadbolt is a separate lock away from the actual handle of the door. Most companies will say that a deadbolt is one of the most important locks to have installed on your doorways that lead to the outside of the home. If you have a deadbolt or you are having one installed, you want to make sure that you check that it is installed correctly. The hole that is made on the frame of the door needs to be deep enough so that the bolt can actually extend all the way and fully engage. When the depth is not enough the deadbolt will not be able to hold up as it was intended. This can be corrected by calling a professional like Texan Lock and Key.

Windows – If someone wants to gain access to a home they will start with a door to see if it is left unlocked. If it is locked they may try for a minute to get in and break the locks on the door. If you have the locks locked and installed correctly they may decide to move on to the windows. Make sure that you take time to go through the home and close and lock the windows in each room. The windows that are accessible to the exterior of your home should have a second locking mechanism to ensure that they cannot be pushed open.

Sliding Glass Doors – This is a huge area for concern because a sliding glass door is usually at the back of the house where an intruder can easily take his time trying his luck at getting in. Many of these doors have a single latch that hooks them shut and can easily be pushed open. Be sure that you have a secondary locking system added to this type of door to make entry much harder for the would be intruder.

For a free home security consultation and to analyze the locks in your residence, call Texan Lock and Key today!

Reasons for Re-Key or Door Lock Change in San Marcos Texas

Just like most of the components within your home, locks occasionally need to be repaired or replaced. Sometimes it’s a matter of one of the pieces or parts malfunctioning, other times we want the peace of mind of knowing that we taking all of the correct steps to keep our families and our belongings safe and secure. If you have never had an incident within your home or business you may not even think to use preventative measures such as having your locks inspected to make sure they are in correct working order or replacing the locks when you misplace a key. The highly trained and skilled locksmiths at Texan Lock & Key provide complete, affordable, fast and professional locksmith services for the Central Texas area. Our technicians are equipped with the latest modern technology and are available 24/7 to take care of all of your locksmith needs. Texan Lock & Key cares about you and your family’s safety.

The experienced customer service professionals at Texan Lock & Key have provided the following list of top 10 reasons to change your locks immediately.

1. You purchased a new home and you don’t know who lived there before you.
2. You can’t find the spare key you gave the contractor who completed work inside your home.
3. You don’t know how many ex-employees forget to turn their keys in when they left your company.
4. You misplaced your keys for a couple of hours and don’t know where you left them during that timeframe.
5. You changed cleaning services and didn’t get your key back from your prior cleaning service.
6. A house further down the street was broken into and robbed.
7. A security guard within your building or gated community resigned or retired.
8. Your handbag or purse was stolen with your keys inside.
9. You are going through an unpleasant separation or divorce.
10. Your child lost his or her key somewhere between the school and your home.

Professional Re-Key, Lock Change & Other Locksmith Services in San Marcos, Round Rock, Killeen & San Antonio TX

What are your options? In some cases a simple rekey job will take care of the problem but if you are concerned that you locks will no longer keep out people with unsavory intentions, speak with your Texan Lock & Key technician about a complete lock change. If you can’t remember that last time you had your locks changed, Texan Lock & Key recommends updating your locks even if you have never had any issues. Technology is constantly changing and newer locks are better designed to keep up with ever changing security requirements. These newer high security locks can keep out even the most determined of professional thieves. Some homeowner’s insurance policies may even offer discounts for making improvements such as updated locks because it makes your home more secure.

Contact Texan Lock & Key today to speak with a highly trained customer service professional to schedule your residential or commercial lock change or upgrade. Our experienced locksmith professionals are available 24/7 and will get the job done right the first time. At Texan Lock & Key we stand behind our workmanship – 100% client satisfaction guaranteed.

Emergency Mobile Locksmith Services San Antonio TX

A locksmith is a professional contractor who specializes in entry systems for residential and commercial buildings and vehicles. Locksmiths are not only tradesmen of all things related to locks and keys, today’s locksmiths offer a more expansive knowledge of technologically advanced products such as remote keyless entry fobs for cars and digital access systems. Have you ever misplaced or lost your car keys? Or broken the key off in the lock? The general rule of thumb is to take a trip down to your local dealership to have the key replaced or removed. Worse still if you lose your only key you would then be forced to have your vehicle towed to the dealership to have a new key made. Either way, you are left with a towing service bill before any service is actually completed on your car and a long frustrating wait in the service queue. To add insult to injury once the replacement key is completed you are left with charges that could cost you hundreds of dollars, more if you consider precious time lost waiting in lines. Fortunately there is another option – A Mobile Locksmith Service.

San Marcos TX 24 Hour Automotive, Residential & Commercial Locksmith Services

Texan Lock & Key provides 24/7 professional mobile locksmith services such as emergency, residential, commercial and automotive locksmith services and high security locks to name but a few. Our highly trained and skilled technicians come to you with all the necessary tools and replacement parts to complete the service on site. Not only does this save you money it also saves you your valuable time. You no longer have to wait around for a towing service to arrive or stand around in long lines. Texan Lock & Key is a licensed, bonded and insured company, providing fast, reliable & professional 24 hour emergency locksmith services. The expert locksmiths at Texan Lock & Key have provided the following recommendations to help you avoid a future lockout. Have an extra key made and give it to a reliable family member or trusted neighbor or friend who can be easily contacted. Never keep a spare key in your purse; if your purse is stolen it’s an open invitation for thieves to gain easy access to your vehicle or home. If you are a multiple offender and find yourself frequently locked out, consider installing a digital keypad. Utilizing a push button interface, you can enter your personal code to unlock the door. The customer service professionals at Texan Lock & key can install a digital keypad system customized to your specific needs.

Serving Killeen, San Antonio, San Marcos, Round Rock and Surrounding Areas

Contact the expert customer service professionals at Texan Lock & Key today to discuss replacement keys, digital keypad systems and all of your other locksmith requirements. There is no job that a Texan Lock & Key highly trained and skilled professional locksmith cannot perform faster and better than anyone else. There is no job that is too small or too large for our highly trained technicians to complete efficiently and effectively. We can handle all types of Locksmith services for your home, business, or automobile safely and discretely. Let us demonstrate our professionalism and experience when you next need a mobile locksmith service.