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Security Deadbolt & Strike Plate; Secure Entry Lock Protection in Killeen TX

To keep your home secured most homes have locks on the doors. They also have locks on the windows that keep them secure from the inside. You should always take time to re-evaluate the locks on your doors and windows to ensure they are as secure as they should be. This is something that you can call a locksmith to come in and inspect. They are also able to offer suggestions that could make your home even more secure. One option that Texan Lock & Key thinks is a good investment is to install a deadbolt.

Texan Lock & Key have prepared a list of why having a deadbolt installed is a great investment:

Forced Entry: There has always been a problem with burglaries at residential homes. Most of time it wass more often at homes that were not locked up. That means that a homeowner left the home and did not secure their locks. A problem that is becoming more prevalent is a forced entry burglary. This is when a person is willing to break the locks and kick in the door. The problem with a standard front door lock is that it can be broken into with some force. Out of all the burglaries that happen each year, over 59% of them are by forced entry. A deadbolt installed on your door adds a second line of defense.

Deadbolt: A deadbolt is separate from your door handle and your standard front door lock. The deadbolt is a second lock that can be installed on any door. The deadbolt has what is called a dead locking mechanism. That means that the bolt is secured by a rotation and does not use any kind of spring mechanism that can be moved easily. The deadbolt also is secured into the frame of the door that is much harder and will take more time for someone to break into. Most burglars will stop if they think they are taking too long or they think they could get caught from the noise. The deadbolt only works when it is engaged fully and is opened all the way into the door frame.

Cost: The cost to have a deadbolt installed differs depending on the lock you choose and the door that it is being installed into. You should take time to pick a lock that will work for you and you can match to the other locking mechanism and handle of your door.

Professional Deadbolt Locksmith Installation in Killeen, Austin, San Antonio, Round Rock & San Marcos TX

You should also have the new deadbolt installed by a professional locksmith like Texan Lock & Key to ensure that it can engage fully to make sure that it is secure. Contact us today for a free consultation.

How Not to and What to do if you Lose your Keys in San Marcos Texas

One of the most common services that a locksmith provides is letting someone back into their home. Losing a house key and getting yourself locked out of your home can be a frustrating experience. This often happens to people who have been out running errands all day and somehow their house key has fallen off their key chain, dropped somewhere along their journey or left at one of the places they were visiting. Losing your house key can result in a feeling of being unsettled. Knowing that someone other than you or your family now has potential access to your home can make it difficult to fall asleep at night. The best thing to do is try to be aware of where your keys are at all times. Make sure that keyrings are secure so that keys can’t slip off.

Texan Lock & Key has prepared this quick guide for what to do if you lose your house keys to protect you, your family and your possessions.

Relax and Retrace to Find Keys – Losing your keys is a very stressful situation to be in, so the first thing you need to do is to try and relax. Take a deep breath and do realize that there are in fact worse things that could happen to you. After you have taken a moment to calm down and gather yourself, begin by retracing your steps. Think hard about every place you were, the way you got there and the areas you walked around. This may trigger a memory of you setting your keys down on a bathroom counter, at the checkout of a grocery store or in the dressing room of a department store. Retracing your steps will help you to possibly remember if you purposely set your keys down somewhere.

Notify Neighbors that you Lost your Keys – If you are unable to locate your keys, you will want to notify your neighbors that you have lost them. While this may seem like an odd action to take, notifying your neighbors will add a level of alertness to your home. If your neighbors are aware that your keys have been lost or taken by someone, they will be more aware of who is walking around the exterior of your home or neighborhood. A neighborhood watch can be very helpful when it comes to preventing potential burglary.

Professional Lock Change or Re-Keying in Killeen, Austin, San Antonio, Round Rock & San Marcos TX

After looking everywhere for your keys and coming up short, the most important step to take is to change the locks on your house. You do not want a stranger holding a key to get into your home, and who knows how many copies there are now of your house key floating around. Changing your locks will guarantee that you are the only one holding a key that can open your front door. For expert locksmith service, contact Texan Lock and Key today.

History of Early Locks, Keys, Pickers & The Double Acting Tumbler Lock!

Since the beginning of time, humans have made an effort to protect their belongings; keeping them safe from becoming damaged or stolen. Not always was a safe or lock and key available to keep such occurrences from happening. The oldest lock and key ever discovered was found in Egypt, dating back about four thousand years. It was found in an ancient Egyptian palace and although it was a simple design, it was able to perform its purpose successfully. The type of lock is now known as a pin tumbler or lever lock. This Egyptian lock consisted of a wooden bolt securing a door with a slot that had several holes on its upper surface. The key to the lock had the appearance of a large wooden toothbrush that had wooden bristles that matched the holes and pins in the lock.

Early Lock Pickers

While the style of this lock and key did not change for years, the attributes of keys and key holes were changed to try to confuse lock pickers. Lock pickers began to easily pick these early locks with a simple tool, making it almost impossible for people to keep their belongings safe. So keys were made much more intricately and detailed, making it more difficult for the lock picker to pick the lock. Key holes were disguised and made complicated to find for lock pickers as well. Rather than changing the simple design of the lock, keys and key holes were changed instead.

Double Acting Tumbler Lock

Later on in history, the lock was redesigned to be more effective and make it even more difficult to lock pickers to break in and steal belongings. In the year 1778 Robert Barron patented the double acting tumbler lock. This design allows the tumbler to fall into a slot in the bolt which will yield only if the tumbler is lifted out of the slot to exactly the right height. Because the design was a double tumbler, the Barron Lock had two levers which both had to be lifted to a different specific height before the bolt could be withdrawn. This sent lock pickers back to the drawing board for quite some time before being able to successfully pick a lock like this.

Professional Locksmith, Lock & Key Services in Killeen, Austin, San Antonio, Round Rock & San Marcos TX

Today locks and keys are not only used to keep personal belongings safe, but almost everything; including storefronts, safe deposit boxes, automobiles and practically everything we want to keep from being broken into or taken from us. While the lock and key are effective in keeping most criminals at bay, there are the few who if they want it badly enough, will just blow the door off of a safe. For the most excellent locksmith service available, contact Texan Lock and Key.

Commercial Fingerprint Keyless Entry Door Locks & Card Readers for San Antonio Texas Businesses

When you are running a business one of the things that always seems to need attention is the locks and keys. Standard locks are a great way to keep your business secure, but as soon as you start to have employees with access and people that no longer work there it can be unnerving to know who still has the keys. This can leave your business open to being broken into. A great way to secure your business and have control over who can and cannot gain access is to go with a keyless entry. A comprehensive security system can be installed at your business by a professional locksmith such as Texan Lock and Key.

Texan Lock & Key has prepared a list of just some of the great benefits of commercial access security systems:

Is Keyless Entry Secure? Some people may think that this type of locking system is not as secure as a standard lock but it is! The mechanism that is used to actually lock the doors is just as strong as the standard locks that you are used to.

What Kind of Access Systems are Available? This may seem very Mission Impossible but you can have access to the business by a fingerprint scan. This is when the employee will log their fingerprint with the control system and it will allow them access to whatever doors they are programed to enter. When they scan their finger, the lock will disengage and allow them entry. You can also use a card reader system. You can have the controller use a card that can be given to an employee and registered so that it can open whatever entry points you want. You can also use a keypad that has a set of numbers. The great thing about this type is that each person can be assigned a code that allows them access and their access can be tracked digitally. It will only work as long as the code is kept active.

How Can You Stop Someone From Using it? The great thing about all of these options is that they are controlled by someone that you as the business owner allows. They can set up each individual that needs access and can easily deny access to any specific card, code or fingerprint access when necessary. The great thing is that they cannot be duplicated. This means that as soon as you want to stop someone’s access, you can without the worry of them having a backup key.

Professional Commercial Locksmith Services in Killeen, Austin, San Antonio, Round Rock & San Marcos TX

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