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Analyzing the Locks on Your Bell County TX Home; When to Change them & the Need for Deadbolts

What is the best way to prevent a thief from breaking into your home? The first thing that comes to mind is locking your doors and windows but the truth is that if someone really wants to gain entry into your home, they will. The goal of locks is to frustrate the intruder long enough for them to be seen and detected and the alarm sounded. If you can make breaking into your home an uncomfortable experience, then chances are the intruder will move on looking for an easier option elsewhere.

Professional Deadbolt Installation

What else can you do to make breaking into your home harder for burglars? Consult with the professional locksmiths at Texan Lock & Key to evaluate your home and determine the best ways to ensure the safety of you, your family, your home and your business. The experts at Texan Lock & Key recommend that you have deadbolts installed on the exterior doors of your home with a one inch throw. What does this mean? It means that the bolt passes at least one inch into the door frame. Deadbolts should be installed by your Texan Lock & Key locksmith rather than DIY. If the throw is not deep enough or if your deadbolt is not correctly installed, the deadbolt will not provide the proper security you need to protect your home and belongings.

Professional Installation of Secondary Locks on Windows and Patio Doors

Be sure to check your windows especially if they slide open and are easily accessible from the outside. Most window locks provided with the window are actually just latches that are designed to keep the window closed and can easily be manipulated and opened from the outside with very little effort. Your sliding glass doors are another area of vulnerability since they are usually at the back of the house and often hidden from view. Your patio doors are typically secured by the same type of latch that secures your window and can be lifted out of the frame from the outside even with the latch in place. The knowledgeable locksmiths at Texan Lock & Key can secure your windows and sliding glass or patio doors with a secondary form of locking mechanism such as a door pin which will secure your moveable door to the stationary door and lower the possibility of someone lifting the door out of its frame.

When Should You Change the Locks on Your Home?

What is one of the most valuable pieces of advice that you can receive from your Texan Lock & Key professional locksmith? Update your locks and add deadbolts! Once our experienced locksmiths professionally install a good quality lock, all you need do is maintain it by keeping it lubricated and tightened to the door. Keys and locks should be changed when you move into a new home, apartment or office building even if you have been told it has been rekeyed. If you have given out keys to people like repairmen or contractors you should change your locks because you will never know for sure that your key has not been duplicated. Replace your locks immediately if you lose or misplace your keys, and once every couple of years just to adhere on the side of caution. Just like the old English adage, It’s always better to be safe than sorry!

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Benefits of Keyless Locks for Your Round Rock, TX Home; Less Keys to Keep Track of, Less Chance of Getting Locked Out & Increased Security

Keyless locks are becoming trendy among homeowners. These locks originated in vehicles and spread into home security over the last few years. The lock to your kingdom needs to be reliable. It protects your loved ones, as well as secures your property and treasures. You want a functioning lock, easily for authorized people to enter and keep all others out. Finding the best lock for your home can be hard. As soon as modern technology enhances our locks, the criminal minded don’t take long to figure out a way around them. For now though, the keyless locks are highly efficient.

Texan Lock and Key would like to share the benefits and advantages of installing a keyless lock on your home.

1. Less keys to keep track of. A lot of folks have a ton of keys to carry around. House key, car keys, work keys, any spare keys your friends and family ask you to have, or any other buildings you need access to. If you can eliminate just one of those keys, it could help your pockets not be so weighed down! In addition, you will have no more worries of getting multiple keys back from various different care takers, or keeping a spare key hidden in the fake rock criminals first look to when wanting the goodies within.
2. No more getting locked out of your home. A simple code can even be changed if you need to give a temporary one out.
3. Increased security. Locks are not able to be picked or bumped with a keyless lock. The only way an unauthorized person can gain entry is if you forgot to lock up or they are insanely lucky and should be playing the lottery instead of guessing the code.
4. Keyless Locks are Easily installed. Contrary to what you may think, keyless locks are simple to install and require no wiring.

Texan Lock & Key can install a keyless lock among our many others, give us a call today! Serving Killeen, Austin, San Antonio, Round Rock, San Marcos, Frisco, Austin, New Braunfels and Houston TX

How to Reset & Change a Safe Combination Access Code Lock in San Antonio TX

A home safe is a great way to protect your valuables like cash, jewelry and firearms. The combination to your safe should be kept only for those who you want to have access to the safe. Usually this includes just you and your significant other. If combinations are casually mentioned, you can put yourself in a situation where curious kids may try to get into your safe, or tell their friends about it and that can open an entire new door of issues and circumstances that you do not want to experience. While having a familiar code that you use for other aspects of life, like your ATM PIN number, mailbox code or cell phone unlock code, it is important to change your safe combination every so often.

Changing the Code to your Safe

By changing the code to your safe every few months, you will make it more difficult for those who attempt to crack the code to break into your safe and steal your belongings. If anyone has been tampering with your safe, and attempting to crack the code, change your code immediately and take the proper measure to prevent anyone from gaining access to your safe. A criminal or someone attempting to get into your safe, who you have not given permission to, can easily begin the process of elimination when attempting to figure out the code to your safe.

Resetting Code on Safe

If there was a period of time when you allowed someone access to your safe to remove or deposit specific items and now that time has expired, you will want to change the access code to your safe. If the code to your safe has become public information, then your valuables are at risk of being stolen, and if someone knows the code to your safe it can become an irresistible temptation for them to avoid.

Professional Safe Code Combination Change, Locksmith & Security Services in Killeen, Austin, San Antonio, Round Rock, San Marcos, Frisco, Austin, New Braunfels and Houston TX

Properly changing the code combination on your safe can be difficult if you do not know what you are doing or have had zero experience doing it before. Do not attempt to change the code on your safe if you are unsure of exactly how to do it. This could result in you locking yourself out of your own safe and having to pay extra money to have it opened up. The best way to change the code or combination to your personal safe is to hire the services of a professional locksmith. Contact Texan Lock and Key today to change the combination to your safe and keep your valuables protected.

Keyless Entry Programming Systems for Home & Office Door Locks & Automotive Car Ignitions in Austin TX

Keyless entry is a great convenience we can take advantage of today as it provides a higher level of safety, security and accessibility. Before keyless entry for our vehicles existed, we were forced to deal with issues like fidgeting for the right key to unlock our door, trying to unlock our car while it was pouring rain outside and getting soaked in the process, and even having a key break off in a car door lock. In regards to our home and particularly our businesses; we were left with a large key ring full of keys to carry around wherever we went. These are all frustrating situations to be put in, but with the wonderful convenience of keyless entry that we have available today, they are quickly wiped away.

Is Keyless Entry Safe for Cars and Homes

One of the greatest advantages of keyless entry is safety. Many criminals will wait for you to be in the most vulnerable situation possible for them to strike. One of these vulnerable situations is usually when you are looking for your keys in your purse while standing at your car in a poorly lit parking lot or on your porch when the porch light is out. Finding the right key to unlock your car, home or office can sometimes take more time than you would like it to, thus giving criminals an excellent opportunity to try and take your purse, valuables or cause you physical harm. With keyless entry you can quickly unlock your car, hit the panic button to alert other shoppers there is a problem and get you into your car before a criminal has time to strike.

Ease & Convenience of Automotive Keyless Entry Systems

Convenience is another advantage that keyless entry has to offer. If you’ve ever had your hands full and unable to unlock your car to put your groceries in, then keyless entry is going to be a great help to you. When your hands are full of groceries, boxes or anything else that is heavy or awkward to hold, with keyless entry you can easily unlock your car or even pop the trunk with one simple push of a button. This will eliminate the need to set everything down on the ground that you are holding and have to pick it up again after manually unlocking your vehicle.

Keyless Entry Helps Locate your Lost Car when you Forget Where you Parked!

When parking in large areas like a mall, amusement park or sporting event, it can be difficult to remember exactly where it is you parked your car. Keyless entry will save you a great deal of time you may have spent looking for your car by alerting you with a specific noise or light flash to let you know where your vehicle is located.

Professional Automotive, Residential & Commercial Keyless Entry Installation, Upgrades & Replacement and Locksmith Services in Killeen, Austin, San Antonio, Round Rock, San Marcos, Frisco, Austin, New Braunfels and Houston TX

If you are ready to live a more convenient life by having keyless entry installed on your vehicle, home or business, contact Texan Lock and Key today.

Common Locksmith Mistakes to Avoid; Deadbolt Installation, Rekeying Locks, High Security Locks & Dial Combination Locks in Killeen TX

Mistakes are all part of learning and growing. Every action gets a reaction and mistakes are included. Blunders happen to us all. But Texan Lock and Key would like to offer some advice to help make mistakes in the locksmith industry avoidable.
– Contractors do not have enough training to properly install dead bolts. Dead bolt installation is better done by a professional. Texan Lock and Key pros have the training and experience to properly install a dead bolt that will work efficiently.
– Installing a dead bolt close to a window that is either on the door or close to it is useless. Glass is easily broken, and if that unsavory character wants into your home, simply breaking the glass and reaching in to unlatch the dead bolt is all it will take. Get a double cylinder lock that requires a key.
– Overlooking getting your locks rekeyed when buying a new home. There could be dozens of replicas circulating through the city to your home. So many people don’t think about the possibilities, but it is always important to get your home rekeyed when moving in.
– Many people still get the “Do not Duplicatekey duplicated. Don’t let your guard down simply because that is etched onto the key. Instead invest in high security locks with keys that are not duplicated at a hardware store.
Safes with dial combination locks are often sensitive. Dials are spinning too quickly for the pins to line up is most common. Trying to use too much pressure to open the door before it is actually unlocked, and forcing closure when there is an evident problem. Spin the dial patiently, make sure the combination is complete before yanking the handle open and finally don’t forcefully shut the door if there is an issue. Fix the problem before closing down.
– Many people panic in an emergency situation and will call several locksmith to aid them in their quest. Please be courteous and call out one locksmith to help you.
– A common mistake people make is believing they locked up their doors. Get in the habit of checking a locked door. Too many folks get victimized thinking their doors were locked and come home to their belongings gone.
– Forcing a key when there is clearly something going wrong. If the moving parts in your lock are wearing out or pins are not in proper alignment, forcing a key may cause the key to break into your lock.
– Hiding the spare key. Too many burglars will either scout the area for someone to use the “hidden key” or will simply go looking for one when they know no one is home. Keys are not easily hidden and are often found.

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We hope these tips help you avoid any problems. Whenever you are in need, give Texan Lock and Key a call for all your locksmith services.