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Home Security & Burglary Statistics; Use High Quality Locks & Don’t Share Copies of your Keys in San Antonio TX

Lack of Proper Home Security Will Result in Burglary & Break-ins

Home invasions, burglaries and break-ins always seem to be on the rise. Many attribute these statistics to the ever growing amount of youth that have nothing productive to do and are lead astray by veteran criminals who offer to show then the ropes of a successful and profitable break-in. However, there are faults that can be put on your shoulders that you are unaware of when it comes to leaving your home vulnerable to a home invasion. Texan Lock and Key is your number one source for durable and dependable locks that will keep your home safe and secure.

Only Share your Keys with the People who you Trust the Very Most

Sharing your keys can be a dangerous step to take. House keys should be limited to the residents of the home and not given to any pest control services, pool services, carpet cleaning services, or any other type of residential service that your home receives. Schedule these appointments when you know you will be home and never share your keys with someone who does not live outside of the home. The only exception to this rule would be to a close family member who you absolutely trust. Keys can easily be copied and used to get into your home while you are gone, allowing a dishonest person to steal your valuables and belongings.

Avoid Purchasing Low Quality Locks for your Home

If you have recently moved into a home, one of the first steps you should take is to change all of the locks on the home. There is no way to know how many copies of the existing master keys are out there floating around. Protect your home, your family and your belongings by re-keying your entire home with new locks. Many homeowners make the mistake of going to the hardware store and purchasing the cheapest locks they can find. Cheap locks are often an open invitation to thieves who are skilled and experienced in opening up these locks with little to no effort at all. It is important to do your homework when purchasing new locks for your home so you can be sure that your home is the safest and the securest it can be.

Texan Lock and Key know what locks are best for your home and we also know what locks are the most difficult for any thief to get into. Contact Texan Lock and Key today for the best lock service available in KILLEEN, AUSTIN, SAN ANTONIO, ROUND ROCK, SAN MARCOS, FRISCO, AUSTIN, NEW BRAUNFELS AND HOUSTON TX .

Mistakes to Avoid When Trying to Lock & Secure Your Austin TX Home; Installing Cheap or Wrong Locks, Leaving Spare Keys Out & Not Locking Doors & Windows

Most people want to feel safe and secure when they lock up their house. When it is time to lock up for the day or night most people have a routine to be sure that each access point is locked and secured. You may think that the locks you have are sufficient and will keep out people you don’t want in but you might be mistaken. Often people don’t take the time to have their home locks inspected and replaced with a lock that is safer and more secure. This service is of great benefit and having a locksmith come out and do a thorough lock inspection and audit is a fitting way to keep you secure.

Texan Lock and Key has some mistakes that you might be making when trying to secure your home.

You Install Cheap or Wrong Locks: This is a mistake that many homeowners make when changing locks or inspecting the existing locks they have on their doors when they move in. You may be tempted to go with the lowest cost but this doesn’t mean you will still have a good product. You want to make sure you have a lock that is made well and is the correct size for the door you are trying to secure. If you purchase a lock that is the wrong shape or size, it could mean your door will not secure properly.

Leaving A Spare Key Out: This is a great way for a relative or friend to get in your home while you are away. It’s also a great way for a burglar! The homeowner will typically leave a key under a rock, plantar box or a rug and think that no one will look for it. A burglar will come to a home and look around for the most common places that a person may leave a key. That is an easy way in and a bad idea for the homeowner. The better option is to leave a trusted friend or relative a key before hand.

Not Locking your Locks: This is a foolish way many people get taken advantage of. When you forget to lock your locks and set your alarm, you are leaving your home like an open invitation. The security only works when you use it the way it was intended.

If you are looking to secure your home, have your locks inspected and appropriate ones installed. Call Texan Lock and Key in KILLEEN, AUSTIN, SAN ANTONIO, ROUND ROCK, SAN MARCOS, FRISCO, AUSTIN, NEW BRAUNFELS AND HOUSTON TX today.

Home Safes Store & Protect Personal Documents, Information & Valuables in Frisco TX

When it comes to valuable belongings, most people often think that a safe deposit box at their financial institution is the safest place to store these items. Banks are known for having some of the best security twenty four hours a day around the clock. What many people forget or do not realize is that the contents of a safe deposit box are not always insured. The FDIC only insures cash that is involved in a deposit transaction, not the cash you may have stashed within your safe deposit box. For this and other reasons, home safes are becoming more and more popular among homeowners to keep and store valuables within their home.

A Home Safe Can Protect & Store Personal Information

If you are currently storing personal information such as birth certificates, social security cards or passports in a safe deposit box that is sitting inside of your financial institution, then you must realize that if these documents are needed at a moment’s notice, it can be quite an inconvenience to physically get a hold of these documents. When you have your own personal safe within the walls of your very own home, you have immediate access to these important private personal documents and do not have to make a special trip to the bank just to get a hold of them. Texan Lock & Key knows the type of safe that is best for you, and will assist you in choosing what will work best to store your personal items.

Valuables are Best Kept in Your Own Personal Safe at Home

If you do not yet have a safe in your home, think about the places that you keep your valuable jewelry, coins and cash on hand. These areas can probably be easily discovered by a criminal that breaks into your home. Unless your valuables are safely locked behind a safe door, a burglar can easily find them and take them from your home. A home safe is the perfect place to store your valuable jewelry, coins, cash and all other belongings that thieves are looking for. A home safe is a huge deterrent for a thief, because they want to get in and out of your home as fast as possible. A thief trying to get into your safe not only takes a great deal of time but is almost impossible. Texan Lock & Key will provide you with the best safe service around to help keep your valuables from being stolen by thieves. Call us to repair broken safes, safe combination changes and other quality services.

Contact Texan Lock & Key today for information about safes, re-keying your residence and all other locksmith services in KILLEEN, AUSTIN, SAN ANTONIO, ROUND ROCK, SAN MARCOS, FRISCO, AUSTIN, NEW BRAUNFELS AND HOUSTON TX.

Tips to Better Secure Your Office at Work in San Marcos TX; Call our Emergency Mobile Commercial Locksmiths

The business world is competitive by nature, and people are always looking to get ahead. Whether it be by success and their own merit, exploiting people’s weaknesses or simply helping themselves to other people’s property. Keeping your office safe and secure is just as important as keeping your home and vehicle locked up.

Texan Lock and Key would like to relate some advice on keeping your office space, or business building secure.

1. Your office in general, no matter it be a room or a building, you need your work space protected. Sensitive files, legal documents, cash, personal belongings, computer access, all these things need to be considered when safe guarding you place of work.
– For cash or other such treasures, invest in safe. Having a safe in plain view or hidden is what you need to ensure your cash and other small valuables is kept secure when not needed. If you are already have a safe, be sure to the combination changed routinely by a professional to better keep your safe secure for longevity.
– File cabinets can come equipped with a key. If you have files that shouldn’t be seen by prying eyes, invest in a lock filing cabinet. Keeping your sensitive material not only keeps you at ease, but makes employees or customers more comfortable that any personal information is being stored securely. If your current cabinets are a hand me down so to speak, perhaps getting the filing cabinet re-keyed is better line of defense. Not knowing who might have access or how many keys are floating around could put your important files at risk.
– High security door lock systems for your door entry. Having a keyless entry by code or card access can help reduce the number of unauthorized visitors intruding in your office while you are elsewhere.
2. Locks to your office, you business building should be updated with the latest in security. Having the modern technology on your side can help prevent many misdeeds from victimizing your work space.
3. If you are really relying on defending your office, or building in general, an alarm system should be installed. Having the cries of an alarm sounding will deter most would-be criminal acts. Having an alarm system could also help get emergency personnel to your location or business.
4. Lighting is also essential to keeping your office secure. With effective lighting resources, bright lights or motion censored lights, having your establishment well lit is an excellent crime deterrent.
5. Installing a top quality CCTV will also help monitor the office or building, as well get a good view for locating any perpetrators who have tried to gain unauthorized entry.
6. If you use a laptop, be sure to get a laptop lock. These devices are more often targeted during burglary attempts, and if anyone is seeking sensitive information, that’s a resource they depend on as well. A laptop lock is similar to a bicycle lock.

Commercial, Residential & Automotive Emergency Mobile Locksmiths in KILLEEN, AUSTIN, SAN ANTONIO, ROUND ROCK, SAN MARCOS, FRISCO, AUSTIN, NEW BRAUNFELS AND HOUSTON TX

These are just some ways you can better fortify your office from persons looking to see what it has to offer. If you find yourself in need of better protection, looking for new high-tech locking systems, or a simple re-keying service, than you need Texan Lock and Key. We offer many services, including emergency services to help you feel better secured and aid you to prevent crisis. Call us today to set up a consultation and we can make the appropriate recommendations for your needs.