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Crime Rises with the Temperature. The Best Way to Secure Your Frisco TX Home from Burglars is to Hire a Residential Locksmith!

Every year when the temperatures begin to rise, so does the crime rate. For some reason criminals become more active when the weather is nice out. Perhaps its easier to be dishonest when you are not freezing, but homeowners tend to open windows and let the spring breeze blow through the house, giving criminals a prime opportunity to waltz right into your home and take your valuables. The best way to avoid this from happening is tightly securing your home with the latest locks installed by the professional locksmiths at Texan Lock and Key.

Many Burglars Use Bump Keys to Get into Your Home

A bump key is a special key that has been filed down to allow it to penetrate most of the pins in any particular lock if it is hit or “bumped” into place. These keys have to be specially made and will not work on highly secure locks that are installed by the professional locksmiths at Texan Lock and Key. If your home has old or outdated locks that have never been changed, contact Texan Lock and Key today to replace your old and potentially risky locks with new, highly secured locks provided by Texan Lock and Key. Do not become a victim of the bump key due to old or outdated locks on your doors.

How to Tell if Someone is Trying to Break into Your House

Many criminals use forced entry to gain access into your home and most of these criminals that go this route are extremely desperate because forced entry is very loud and will attract a great deal of attention to anyone who is in the vicinity. Your home may have been the victim of an attempted forced entry without you even knowing about it. You could have been at work, on vacation or running an errand while some criminal was attempting to break through your front door. Some of these signs include bent locks, splintered door frame, warped door frame, or a great deal of debris at your door step that was not there before. Inspect and keep your eye out for any of these signs.

Hiring a Residential Locksmith Service is the Best Way to Protect & Secure your Home in KILLEEN, AUSTIN, SAN ANTONIO, ROUND ROCK, SAN MARCOS, FRISCO, AUSTIN, NEW BRAUNFELS AND HOUSTON TX

Texan Lock and Key is your number one source for high quality locksmith service. Our locksmiths will walk you through every option available for protecting your home for opportunist criminals this spring and summer. Contact Texan Lock and Key today to keep criminals away, protect your family and secure your valuables.

What You Need To Know When Hiring A Professional Mobile Locksmith in San Marcos TX

There are several reasons you need to know about when you hire a professional locksmith. The first thing is that you need to know all the reasons that a locksmith can help you. If you have ever locked your keys in the car the first call you are probably going to make is to a locksmith. Another big reason you call a locksmith is if you need to have new locks placed in your doors or keys replaced because they have been lost. You may also need their services if you want to add more security to your house by installing a deadbolt or another lock that is more secure. When you are ready to hire a locksmith you need to make sure you know what you are looking for.

Texan Lock and Key lists what to look for when hiring a professional locksmith.

Do They Offer Emergency Locksmith Services: This is a must when you want to hire a professional locksmith. You need to know if they offer services 24/7. The majority of the time you need to use a locksmith in the most inconvenient time which is not during the normal daytime hours. It always seems like it is during the night when you have had a long day. It is a good feeling when you know you can count on them no matter the time to help you out of a bad situation.
What Lock and Key Services Do They Offer: This is another important thing to know about. Does the locksmith offer a plethora of services including emergency services, rekeying, lock installation, auto lock outs and more. You don’t want to call several different places when you have a problem with locks of any kind. If you hire someone that has experience in many different facets it can help you when dealing with all your locksmith needs.
How They Conduct Themselves: You want to be sure that you are hiring company that has a good website and you are able to contact them when needed. They should be willing to schedule you an appointment and send a professional locksmith out that has knowledge and experience and is able to take care of whatever needs you have when it comes to locks and keys. You want to be able to depend on them and feel confident that they will show up when they say they will.

If you are interested in hiring a professional and experienced locksmith call Texan Lock And Key Today in KILLEEN, AUSTIN, SAN ANTONIO, ROUND ROCK, SAN MARCOS, FRISCO, AUSTIN, NEW BRAUNFELS AND HOUSTON TX.

History of the Lock & Key; Early Pin & Tumbler Locks & Who Invented Combination Locks?

The Familiarity of the Lock May Have you Taking it For Granted

Many people have said that familiarity causes us to take certain parts of life for granted. This is a true statement, especially when you consider the lock. How many of us actually even think about the locks we use each and every day and the many intricate working pieces that are built to work with exact precision and dependability? In many cases, the only time a lock’s functionality is thought about is when it fails to perform properly and we must contact Texan Lock and Key to repair or replace the lock. There are many interesting facts about locks to consider when contemplating on how far the locks we have today have come from their humble and historic beginnings.

Locks are Thousands of Years Old

Locks are not devices that were invented in this past century, their creation dates back to Egypt more than 4000 years ago. The lock that was discovered in Egypt was a forerunner to a pin tumbler type of lock and worked using a large bolt that was made out of wood to secure a door, which had a slot with several holes in its upper surface. These holes were filled with wooden pegs that prevented the bolt from being opened. It is amazing to think that over 4000 years ago, this simple form of lock is still being used today.

Sailors used Knotted Ropes as a Type of Lock

People are always looking for ways to secure their personal belongings and valuables. Before locks were available to everyone, this was sometimes difficult to do. Sailors used a clever way to secure their personal belongings without using any type of lock. Sailors would use rope to secure their valuables, by tying a complicated and thought out knot to keep their belongings safe. Knots like the thief knot or the Gordian knot allowed sailors to keep their valuables safely locked up and also detect if their knot or rope had been tampered with. This was a great way to keep belongings secure before latching a deadbolt onto a foot locker.

Who Invented the Combination Lock?

Today we use combination locks often; school lockers, property gates, bank vaults and other places can be found using the typical combination lock. An American named James Sargent invented the very first combination lock, which could have its key combination changed post manufacturing. Mr. Sargent developed the first combination lock in the year 1857. His design is used in many variations of combination locks today.

If you are experiencing difficulties with a lock, key or need to get into your home or vehicle but have lost or broken off a key, contact Texan Lock and Key in KILLEEN, AUSTIN, SAN ANTONIO, ROUND ROCK, SAN MARCOS, FRISCO, AUSTIN, NEW BRAUNFELS AND HOUSTON TX TODAY.

Lost Keys to Car, Home or Office in Round Rock TX But Have No Spare? How to Get a New Replacement Key Made

What Steps Should You Take After You Lose Your Keys

You head out to the car and realize that you cannot find your keys. You have a small moment of panic then start to check the main places that they can be hidden like your purse, pocket and even your hand. Once you realize you really have no idea where they are you need to take a few steps to get your home, car and office secure as well as the best way to get you back home or at least in your car.

Texan Lock and Key Has The Best Steps To Take After You Have Lost Your Keys.

Where Did You Use Your Keys Last?: You need to start with going back through your day to decide when the last time it was that you actually used the keys. This is the only time that you can confidently say you had them. This can give you a timeline and a place to start the search. If you just happen to leave your keys somewhere you have the best chance of finding them if you retrace your steps and go to each spot you have recently used the keys. This method really only works if your keys were misplaced or left behind. It does not work well if someone has walked off or stolen your keys. That leads to the next step.

Alert Your Family, Friends & Neighbors: You want to talk to your neighbors that live near you that you have lost your keys or they have been stolen. The problem is that whoever now has the keys will potentially be able to access your home, car and/or office. The scary part is that you cannot be sure if they are planning to try and use the keys or not. If you have a trustworthy relationship with your neighbors, they can help keep an eye out for activity that is not normal around your home. They can alert you if there is someone out of place.

Replace Your Locks: Whether you can confirm that the keys have just been lost or they have been stolen, you need to talk to a professional locksmith to have your locks changed out right away. It is even better to call a locksmith that offers emergency locksmith services so that you can feel secure right away. You need to have the locks rekeyed or new locks installed.

If you have lost or had your keys stolen call Texan Lock and Key today in KILLEEN, AUSTIN, SAN ANTONIO, ROUND ROCK, SAN MARCOS, FRISCO, AUSTIN, NEW BRAUNFELS AND HOUSTON TX today.