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How to Remove a Broken Key from a Lock Cylinder in Killeen TX; Tweezers, Super Glue, Tapping & Calling an Emergency Mobile Locksmith!

You use your keys to unlock your car, house, office and safes. The key will be used hundreds of times without any complications but there could be a moment that the metal will be worn down a bit and the key will break off. It can be due to a worn out key or a lock that starts to stick and you put too much push behind it. Whatever the case may be when the key breaks off you need to get the key out. The lock is no longer safe and will not function. There is no way to use the lock and engage it so that the area you are locking up is secured. If a key breaks off it can leave you in a panic and you probably have no idea where to even start to remove the piece that is broken off. The biggest thing you want to refrain from doing is trying to put the rest of the key in the lock. That will simply push the broken piece further in and possibly make it harder to get out. There are some techniques that you can use to get the key out but you want to be patient and use some kind of lubricant such as WD-40.

Texan Lock and Key Lists a Few Ways You Can Remove a Broken Off Key.

Get a Broken Key Out With Tweezers: If you have a pair of tweezers nearby they can be used to get the broken piece of key out of the lock. This is also why you do not want to use the handle part of the key. If the broken piece is close enough to the end of the lock you may be able to get a grip on it. Use a thin pair of tweezers to try and get a grip in the end of the key and pull it straight back out. Most keyholes are fairly thin so the thinner the tweezers the better your chances will be.

Try To Super Glue the Key To Another Object: If you can see the end of the metal part of the key this trick may work. The best way to be sure that this works is to take your time and keep the work area clean. Do not overuse the super glue and be ready to wait for a little bit. The glue should be added to an object such as a match that will be attached to the excess metal from the broken key. Be sure to clean up any extra glue so that you do not ruin the lock as well. Then let the glue dry and give it a pull! If it pulls out great if not you may be calling a locksmith.

Tapping The Lock: This will work if you are confident enough to remove the entire lock from the door. This can be an intimidating task so if you are not skilled in removing locks do NOT try this. Call a locksmith to remove the key and fix the lock for you. If you try this method you will take the lock off and tip it so that the part of the key that is stuck can use gravity to fall out. Tap it on a hard surface to coax the key out. If the key comes out you now need to re-install the lock back in the door.

Call A Locksmith: This is the best way to take care of a broken key. The key may have done some damage to the lock or the lock could have been the reason the key broke. Either way you need to have the lock inspected and possibly replaced. Call a locksmith that offers emergency services in case you break a key after hours. A locksmith has the tools that will allow them to remove the piece and make you a new key!

Texan Lock and Key offers full service emergency locksmith services in KILLEEN, AUSTIN, SAN ANTONIO, ROUND ROCK, SAN MARCOS, FRISCO, AUSTIN, NEW BRAUNFELS AND HOUSTON TX. Give us a call Today.

Why Rekey or Change the Locks on Your New Houston TX Home? You Don’t Know Who Has Access!

Purchasing a Home is an Exciting Time, Hire a Professional Locksmith to Assist You

When you purchase a new home there are many items of priority that are floating around in your mind. Your new mortgage payment, home insurance, neighbors, schools, churches, shopping, decorating, unpacking and a great deal of other thoughts can occupy your mind and leave you spinning before you can truly get settled into your new residence. One common question that new homeowners often end up asking themselves is if they should have their new home rekeyed. Rekeying your new home is a responsible and appropriate step to consider. Texan Lock and Key will happily assist you in this new transition of life and rekey your home for you.

Why Rekey your New Home?

Why is it so important to rekey your new home? Many new homeowners fail to consider just how many people have had access to their new home before they stepped over the threshold. If your home’s locks have not been changed or rekeyed and the previous owners had a dozen copies of the keys floating around, then who knows just how many people have access to your home without you even knowing it. Not only may previous owners have copies of your keys, but contractors, handymen and others may also have copies of keys to get into your new home as well.

Home Security Should be Your Number One Priority

Your number one concern should be the security of your home. By taking the appropriate steps to rekey your home, you are not only protecting your belongings and valuables, but you are also protecting the safety of your family. The idea of a stranger having quick and easy access into your home is quite disturbing. This problem can easily be fixed by hiring Texan Lock and Key to rekey every lock in and around your home. Texan Lock and Key will leave you with the feeling of confidence when it comes to the security of your new home.

Texan Lock and Key Will Provide your New Home with the Most Secure Keys Available

There are many different types of keys available on the market today. Texan Lock and Key locksmiths are familiar with all types of keys and will customize the locks of your home any way you would like to provide a safe and comfortable home for you and your family. Contact Texan Lock and Key today to have your new home rekeyed with the latest and most effective lock and key systems available.


Locked Keys Inside of Your Vehicle? How to Prevent the Need for Auto Lockouts & Open Car Doors in Austin TX

If you have ever locked your keys inside of your vehicle then you know how frustrating putting yourself into that situation can be. Not only is it extremely inconvenient, but it can also be quite embarrassing. We all have places to go and people to see and locked keys in a car can cause a significant hiccup in our daily routine. Many people who lock their keys inside of their vehicle make the mistake of attempting to break into their car. This can cause a great deal of damage to your vehicle and for the most part never works. The best way to get your keys back and on the road again is to contact Texan Lock and Keys to unlock your vehicle for you.

Create a Habit of Never Leaving Your Keys Inside of Your Vehicle

One of the best ways to avoid locking your keys inside of your vehicle is to create an exit strategy. When you exit your vehicle, get into the habit of properly collecting your belongings, including your keys. Do this in a planned out pattern so you can get into the habit of leaving your car with keys in hand. When you have multiple ways of securing your keys and locking the door, you are putting yourself in a situation that will lead to you leaving keys in the ignition or sitting on the passenger seat. When you decide that you are always going to use the same pattern when it comes to exiting your car, you are less likely to lock your keys inside of your vehicle.

Limit the Amount of Belongings you Carry to and from your Vehicle

In most cases, the reason that people end up locking themselves out of their car is because they have way too many personal belongings that they are trying to carry. Having too many belongings and not enough hands is sure to put you in a rough spot that you do not have time for. One of the best ways to avoid locking your keys inside of your car is to wear a lanyard. When you have a lanyard, when the keys come out of the ignition, they then go right around your neck, making it impossible for you to accidentally lock your keys inside of your vehicle. A lanyard ensures that you and your keys are always together, and a lanyard also makes losing your keys a lot less likely as well. If you have locked your keys inside of your vehicle, contact Texas Lock and Key immediately and we will get you back to your day and back on the road.