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3 ANSI Grades of Lock Sets & Locking Systems Explained in San Marcos TX & Why Grade 1 Deadbolts are Bump Proof & the Best!

Just as with most manufactured products, there are a series of grading that occurs. Appliances, carpets, vehicles, well, you get the idea. Generally a team of organized experts band together and inspect the specifications, run diagnostics and perform a series of studies and experiments to evaluate and then grade the product in question. The same is true for the various locking mechanisms found throughout the country.

Texan Lock and Key expound on the grades of locking systems so you can better understand the level of security of your locks.

In the case of lock grading, the banded team of experts are the American National Standards Institute or ANSI, which is a private, nonprofit group that administers voluntary performance standards of builder’s hardware. The quality and durability of lock sets are graded through a series of operational and security tests to identify the ANSI rating.

There are 3 levels of security and durability associated with the grading system for lock sets

Grade 1 Certification – Highest grade of security and the strongest grade of durability is recognized by the ANSI for any residential home, or commercial business.
Grade 2 Certification – Higher residential security engineered and designed to excel in security and durability for residential homes, and a few light commercial applications.
Grade 3 Certification – Basic residential security, which the lowest grade designated by ANSI, and offers the minimal security in residential home’s locks.

ANSI Lock Set & Locking System Tests

Some of the testing includes installing the various locking mechanisms and subjecting them to abuse. Below are just a few of the main criteria points used in testing locks to determine ANSI grades to give you a generally idea.
1. Lock Cycle Test: The cycle test is designed for performance in longevity concerning durability and smoothness of operation. On one cycle, turning the knob or lever handle to totally retract the latch, and then letting it go to fully re-latch voluntarily or manually. Grade 1 locks will continue through more cycles than the other grades will. For example: a Grade 3 knob lock has to only have a minimum of 200,000 cycles, where a Grade 1 lock has to reach a minimum of 800,000 cycles.
2. Latch Bolt Projection: Another point is how far the latch bolt will project outside the lick case. The further it extends, the harder it is to be jimmied open. So the longer the latch bolt, the further it will project beyond the strike plate, creating a higher level of security.
3. Dead Bolt Projection: A similar test is implemented to the dead bolt projection test. The only notable difference is that Grade 1 dead bolts have to be 1” long, where as the latch bolt need only be ½” long and the mortise lock is required to be ¾” long.
4. Strike Impact Resistance Test: The strike impact test or the hammer test is extremely important. The basic concept of this test is to rate the impact of a supposed thief attempting to bash or kick the lock open. Grade 1 locks are designed to take over 2 times as much force as Grade 3 locks. For example: a Grade 1 deadbolt must withstand up to 10 hammer strikes, were as a Grade 3 must only endure 3 hammer strikes.


We hope this was an informative outlook on the grading system of locking mechanisms. If you should find the locks offering security to your home or business are sadly lacking, let Texan Lock and Key replace the locks with Grade 1 locks. We can help you improve your security. Call us today!

Tips on How to Reinforce Your Front Door & Make It Burglar Proof in Round Rock TX; Installation of Deadbolts, Dead Locks & More

Burglaries and home invasions are always something on a homeowner’s mind. They seem to affect many people in various types of neighborhoods. Most burglaries happen through the front or back door. There are some fairly simple steps you can take to make sure your home and family are kept safe. Texan Lock & Key is here to walk you through steps ensuring your home’s safety.

Make Sure You Have the Right Front Door for Your Home

There are many different types of front doors out there. When choosing the right one for your home make sure it isn’t hollow. If you are just moving into a new home, check this out by simply knocking on your front door. Hollow doors have a cardboard core with sheets of veneer over it and will sound hollow. Hollow doors are great for interior doors, but the front and back door should always be made from solid wood or metal. When choosing a solid wood door, try to pick one made out of hardwood. Pine doors are a common chosen door because they are affordable. Even though these doors may cost less, they aren’t hardwood. When choosing a metal door make sure it is reinforced on the inside. If it isn’t reinforced, it can be bent right out of the frame.

Does Your Door Have Window Inserts?

When choosing your front door steer clear of one that has windows. This makes it easy to break through the glass and open the door. You should also stay away from putting windows beside your front door. This is also an easy access point for burglars. If you have sliding glass doors or windows near or on your front door, you can put a metal grate on the outside over the glass. There are also polycarbonate panels that you can secure on the back of your glass doors to make them safer.

Always Use the Deadbolt Lock

If your door doesn’t have a deadbolt you should be installing one right away. It should be one with no exposed screws on the outside of the door and made out of high quality metal. The throw bolt, or the bolt that comes out of the door, should be at least 1 inch long. You can also install what is called a dead lock. It is a deadbolt that can only be locked and unlocked from the inside the house. It doesn’t afford much safety when you aren’t home, but many criminals won’t even try your door when they see one. You should also make sure the strike plate, or the metal part that secures the deadbolt into the frame of the door, is the box strike model with longer screws and a full metal enclosure. This will help your door be able to withstand more force when someone is trying to push their way in.

Reinforce the Door Jamb & Frame

Even with a solid door and improved deadbolt/strike plate, a persistent burglar can eventually kick down a door with enough force. This is where reinforcing the door jamb can come into play. You can buy reinforcement kits for your door jamb that add an extra layer of steel to keep your door frames from splitting. It helps add that much more security to your front door.


Remember to always lock your door. None of these tips Texan Lock & Key has shared with you will do any good if you do not lock your front door! Keep these simple improvements in mind when trying to make your home safer. Call Texan Lock & Key today with any of your locksmith needs.

Tips to Secure Your San Antonio TX Home for Summer Vacations; Superior, Fortified Locks, Alarm Systems & Lock Valuables in a Safe!

It will be summer before you can blink. Many people take advantage of the school break and warm weather to take some much needed vacations. With no one home, one might start to feel paranoid about leaving their castle unprotected. No one wants to be a victim of a home burglary, especially if priceless valuables are lifted and irreplaceable family treasures get lost just because a self entitled jerk felt he had rights to your possessions.

Texan Lock and Key list some helpful hints to better safeguard your home while you are enjoying your summer vacation.

1. Avoid the temptations of displaying your plans on social media. Your updates and posts are easily seen by any scrupulous characters who know what they are doing. Wait to post the memories until after your safe return.
2. Ask a trusted neighbor to keep an eye on your home. Be sure to let your trusted neighbor know if you have anyone stopping by to provide services, or a loved one tending to plants or what not, so they don’t call the cops on the innocent. But simply asking a neighbor to keep tabs on your home can be a tremendous help.
3. Manicure the landscape before you go. It does no good if unkempt bushes and trees are blocking the view of neighbors. Robbers often chose the cover of darkness to break in and use bushes and trees to slip quietly to their point of entry. Reducing the bulk and opening your home can help the neighbors keep better watch.
4. Invest in motion light sensors for the exterior of your home. In many instances, criminals are deterred from unexpected lights shining down on them. Consider automatic timers that will light up your home in the evening to give the illusion someone is inside.
5. Ask a trusted loved one to pop in your home randomly to pick up mail, tend to clutter around the front door way, water the plants and keep busy. Often, criminals will watch homes for consistent activities, if you have someone you trust frequent your house daily at random times, it is less likely to get broken in to.
6. If possible, have a house sitter come spend as much time as they can, for a more optimal effect that the daily visitor provides.
7. Avoid leaving valuables showcased in the view of opened windows. Many home break ins are merely a random act of convenience. Keeping the lustful items out of view can help reduce the risk of the convenient haul break in.
8. Have a professional install adequate security alarms with superior locks. Homes equipped with alarms and fortified locks are less likely to be victimized.
9. If you have a hidden safe, put appropriate valuables locked away. In the event someone manages to gain entry, having your treasures squirreled away can keep them safer.
10. Ensure all the windows and doors are locked, including second story windows. Seems obvious, but you would be surprised how many criminals gained access from an unlocked window the homeowner believed to be locked.


At Texan Lock and Key our technicians have advanced training, experience and expertise to offer our valued customers dependable services, especially if you need to enhance security to your home. Call us today for you locksmith needs!

Bank Vaults & Home Safes with Intricate Combination Locks Keep Your Money Safe & Secure in Austin TX

The bank vault gave people the idea of keeping a safe of their own within the walls of their home. Many banks offered customers the option of keeping not only their cash in the vault, but also valuables, records and important documents as well. Early bank vaults protected their contents with armored walls and tightly fashioned doors that were closed with complex locks. As bank robbers came up with new ways to break into the vault, vault manufacturers came up with new ways to keep them out; it was an ongoing race for many years to keep up with one another.

Throughout Time, Secure Storage was a Necessity

Even thousands of years ago, people had a need for some type of secured storage to keep their valuables and belongings from being stolen. The earliest known locks were made by the Egyptians, protecting tombs, gold and other sacred and valuable possessions. From ancient Rome and Russia to India and China, the lock continued to grow in creativity and effectiveness. The Early United States soon found a need for secure storage after the gold rush of 1849. Prospectors would often break into a bank and carry the safe out with them; this is when the idea of a vault came well into play. A secure storage so large that it would be impossible for anyone to walk out the door with would assist in preventing so many break ins.

Vaults Today are Almost Impossible to Break Into

The manufacturing of vaults today has come a long way from four simple armored walls. A vault door today is molded out of special concrete used to make panels. Other vault doors are made from steel cladding molds that the concrete is poured directly into. The vault doors today are a lot heavier than their early counter parts and much more difficult if not impossible to punch through with any type of machinery. Not only are the vault doors much more efficient in keeping would be robbers out, but the lock itself is also a great deal more intricate, detailed and complicated. The lock for a modern bank vault is usually a dual control combination lock, which means that two people are required to open it. This type of lock is also connected to a time lock that can be set so the combination lock cannot be open until the preset number of hours has passed. This makes breaking into the vault much more complicated than in the days of the Wild West.

Contact Texan Lock and Key today to find out the best ways to protect your belongings within your home in KILLEEN, AUSTIN, SAN ANTONIO, ROUND ROCK, SAN MARCOS, FRISCO, AUSTIN, NEW BRAUNFELS AND HOUSTON TX.