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Summer Car Break In Statistics; How to Prevent Automotive Burglary in New Braunsfels, TX

During the summer month’s people are spending more time outside. They also have older teenagers that now have nothing to do since school is out and this can increase the amount of crime and vandalism. One area that the police see an increase in crime is with car break ins. Cars that are parked outside a home or in a parking lot are at risk for getting broken into. Even if you are in front of your own home a thief can still gain access to your car. There are several things that you can do to try and prevent a burglar from picking your car to get into.

Texan Lock & Key list ways you can prevent a thief from breaking into your car

Remove Items You Can See: When you are out and about shopping or going from store to store you may think that best place to leave your belongings is on the back seat. That is a terrible idea. Many crooks will walk around looking for a car that they know they will be able to get something out of. If they see purchases in the back seat you are leaving bait for them! Take a minute before you leave your car to see what is out in the open. You can take it all and place it in the trunk or take it with you.
Tint Your Car Windows: You also can add protective and tinted film to your windows. This will stop a thief from being able to see clearly in the car to see what there is as well as if you have left the door unlocked. The tinted windows can keep prying eyes out of your car and it also has an added benefit. The tint will also help to block out the sun and can protect your upholstery and keep the car much cooler than it would be without.
Take Your Car Keys: Some people think that if they are running really quick inside and they are parked just outside their home they can leave the keys in the car. The keys are sometimes left under the mat or in the visor. You never want to leave the keys in the car for any length of time at all. Make sure that you always take your keys with you and never for any reason leave the keys in the car.
Park Close To The Entrance: If you are driving around to a shopping center you want to try to get a parking space close to the entrance. The closer you are the more people will be walking by your car and that is a deterrent for a thief. They usually want to be in an area that is low lit and away from the majority of the people that might be walking by.


If you are one of the unlucky people that have had their car broken into or their keys stolen you want to call a professional locksmith to come out and replace the locks and make new keys for you to use.

Keep Your Merchandise Safe with Commercial Magnetic Cam Locks & Magnet Key Locking System

Businesses everywhere must take the proper precautions to protect merchandise and other valuables from the hands of thieves and criminals. There are many different ways to protect merchandise and valuables with locks and safes. However, just as fast as new locks can be changed, criminals are learning how to successfully unlock them to get their hands on your merchandise. Key holes can be tampered with and locks can be bumped in order for the thief to break into whatever it is you are trying to protect. Now there is a lock on the market that is sure to protect your merchandise much better than any other lock you have used up until this point. The magnetic cam lock system features a flat seamless exterior that has no key way. If you want to stump a thief who is a pro at picking locks, then install the magnetic cam lock to secure your merchandise.

Magnetic Cam Locking System; Lock of the Future

Picking locks is a skill that many thieves perfect, making any lock easy to get into. The new magnetic cam lock proudly boasts a flat seamless exterior that has no key way. When a thief shows up to pick your locks, they won’t know where to start because there will be no key hole for them to pick into. The magnetic cam lock may look a little strange at first with no key hole, but this lock will change every business in a very positive way. Locks like the magnetic cam lock are great for using on display cases, drawers, or for businesses that have items on display for sale that are far too valuable to be left out in the open. These displays are very attractive to would be thieves, so it is important to do all you can to keep merchandise tightly secured. The magnetic cam lock is the perfect solution to lock pickers and thieves who will attempt to steal your merchandise.

The Magnetic Cam Lock Requires a Magnetic Key

The magnetic cam lock requires a special magnetic key to open up the lock. While most people immediately jump to the conclusion that this magnetic lock could easily be opened by any magnet, and thieves can easily gain access to a magnet to do so, think again. The locking mechanism inside of the cam-lock is very similar to a combination safe lock. When the proper magnetic key is used the brass disks within the lock are magnetically rotated until the notches in the disk are properly aligned into the unlocked position and then the key can then be turned to operate the lock. The magnetic cam lock is secure because each magnet inside the lock is positioned in a unique sequence that only matches up to the magnetic key that has the magnets within it in the same special pattern.


Magnetic cam locks have undergone a slew of tests to prove its dependability; from being tested with water, freezing temperatures, large earth magnets and more. These locks have withstood every test and prove to be a most reliable lock. For more information on magnetic cam locks, contact Texas Lock and Key today.

Home Security Exterior & Interior Awareness Tips & Tricks in Frisco, TX & Need to Hire a Professional Residential Locksmith Company

Do-it-yourself projects have become all the rage in recent years, especially with the wide array of web based help sites. The premise behind DIY is to accomplish things at home without the need to call in a professional. While there are many home improvement projects that can be completed at home easily enough including a new coat of paint or building a new deck, home security is best left to the professionals. The knowledgeable experts at Texan Lock & Key recommend taking a moment to decide what you are hoping to accomplish with your home security system, for example, do you need repairs or upgrades on your existing home security system or are you hoping to install a brand new improved security system?

Home Security Assessment Checklist

The experts at Texan Lock & Key recommend assessing these key areas of your home:

Exterior Home Security & Lighting:

• Consider how visible your home is from the street. Can the interior of your home be seen? Do you have bushes or trees that a potential thief could hide behind?
• What type of lighting do you have on the outside of your home? Does it provide enough light around the perimeter of your property?
• Do you have a fence? And if so does it provide a place for a burglar to hide once he is past the fence and on your property?

Garage Door Security Tips:

• Is the door or windows of your garage visible to the street? Is your garage clearly lit on all sides?
• Make sure that the doors to your garage are secure, functioning properly and can be locked on the inside.

Interior Security Door & Window Locks:

• If you have an existing alarm system, consider upgrading to additional security that works in conjunction with the system that you already have.
Check your window and door locks to make sure they are secure and functioning correctly.
Locks should be changed periodically, especially if you or family members have misplaced any keys.

Other Home Security Awareness Tips & Tricks

Other considerations include planning ahead for additional security methods that can be added at a later date, for example addition exterior motion lighting. Keep in mind that your alarm system is designed to be your first line of defense. Additional security measures will help keep your property protected from burglary and theft. Once you have decided what you would like to accomplish with your total home security package, the next step is to contact your experienced Texan Lock & Key security expert for your customized home security plan and professional installation.

Additional security measures that you can do yourself include:
• Keep bushes and shrubbery trimmed to ensure you have clear visibility from multiple directions
• Invest in good quality window coverings to keep people from looking into your home
• Apply security decals to the outside of your home as an additional deterrent.


At Texan Lock & Key we have the experience and knowledge to not only install your home security system but to understand how burglars think. We will design your system and place the components within your home and educate you on the mechanics to ensure that they work to their full capacity. Contact the experienced professionals at Texan Lock & Key and speak with a friendly customer service provider to schedule your home security inspection.