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How to Secure Your Round Rock, TX Home With Burglar Alarms, Outside Intruder Lights & Door Hardware Such as Deadbolts

When you have a home you want to feel safe and secure in it and most people take time to ensure that they do. There are things that you can do to secure your home and have it as safe as possible. If you are moving into a new home or you are concerned that your home is lacking in security you can hire a professional locksmith company to come out and do an inspection. We will look at all the areas of your home and the ways that a potential burglar can get in. We can analyze the locks and other security measures to see where you need to add and what should be increased. If you want to use some hardware that is designed to help secure your home you can look at some specific options to do just that.

Texan Lock & Key Lists Hardware to Help Secure Your Home.

Burglar Alarms: This is one way that many people find comfort when they are in their home and even when they are away from their home. An alarm system is a great way to have an alert that can tell you if your home is being opened up when you don’t want it to. The alarm can be set when you are home or away and when a door or a window is opened, the alarm will go off. Some alarms are also set up with a monitoring company that is called when this happens. When they get the alert they can send out a security guard and a report to the police to determine if your home is being broken into. An alarm system is also enough to scare off a would be intruder and send them running.
Outside Intruder Lights: An intruder wants to sneak up to a house that has areas that they can get to the access points in secret. That means the more areas that are left dark the better the chances they will make it with success. If you go out and look at the outside of your home in the night you will be sure to find many areas that are quite dark. This can be side yards and under the porch area that is off to one side or the other. The best way to combat dark spots is to have lights installed in those areas. They have great burglar lights that can come on when they sense something that moves past them. That can start to scare off someone that walks by since it seems as if someone saw them and turned on the light. It also is a great way to save some money since the lights are not on all the time and only come on when they are needed.
Deadbolts: Another great way to secure your doors is to have a deadbolt on them. The standard lock that is on the door is enough to keep the door somewhat secure but a deadbolt is a better way to secure the door so that it cannot be kicked in and not broken in as easily. You can have a deadbolt added and installed to any door in your home by a professional locksmith company.


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How to Make a Garage Door More Secure with Locking Mechanisms; Slide Bolts, Deadbolts, T-Handle, Electronic, Keyless Digital Locks & More

Selecting the right lock for your garage door goes a long well to protecting your home from intruders. It is not uncommon for homeowners to use their garage as work space or as an additional storage area. A good quality lock will discourage would-be burglars and other criminals from attempting to break in and gain access to your garage and home. A properly secured garage door plays an important role in your overall home security and it is important to consider the right garage door lock for your specific requirements. The knowledgeable professionals at Texan Lock & Key are the experts when it comes to protecting your home and they are available to inspect your property and guide you in your selection of locks to ensure that your residence is fully protected. Texan Lock & Key outline the best types of locks to secure your garage door.

Slide Garage Door Bolt

Slide door bolts are one of the most popular and widely used locks to secure garage doors. These locks are installed on the inside of your garage door which makes them harder for a would-be thief to access essentially discouraging them from trying to break in. These types of locks consist of a bolt with a slot that is placed on the door track. To lock the door, the bolt slides into the slot which ensures that the door cannot be opened from the outside. Simple in design, slide door bolts offer a high level of security for your garage.

Garage Door Deadbolt Locks

Deadbolt locks are designed to provide addition reinforcement to your door and are ideal for garage doors. Deadbolt locks have a secure locking mechanism that requires keys to open the lock cylinder. The locks are available with either single or double mechanisms. Single cylinder locks use a key on one side with a knob that turns on the other side. Double cylinder locks require a key to be used on both sides. Deadbolt locks have a secure mechanism that requires a great deal of effort to disable the lock without having access to the key which discourages intruders from attempting to gain access.

Electronic Garage Door Locks

The technology used to produce electronic locking mechanisms is very advanced. Instead of a key, electronic locks require a fingerprint to open and lock the door. The lock is designed to be used with multiple fingerprints which allow you to decide who you wish to gain access. Your Texan Lock & Key home security professional will install your electronic lock and program the lock for you. Electronic locks are more expensive than traditional locking systems but the enhanced level of security makes them well worth the extra expense.

Garage Door T-Handle Locks

T-handle locks are typically used on metal garage doors. As the name implies, the hand that operates the lock is designed in a T-Shape. T-handle locks do not use a conventional key to operate but instead uses a cylinder-shaped key that is extremely difficult to duplicate. Once locked, T-handle locks are impossible to disable without the key.

Keyless Digital Locks

Keyless digital locks operate by using an entry code that is punched into a keypad to gain access. As an added security measure the code can be disabled and changed as needed. Intruders are unable to pick this type of locking mechanism which makes it a much better choice in terms of security than traditional keyed locks. Many keyless locks provide a lifetime warranty against damage and loss from break-ins. Keyless digital locks provide one of the highest levels of security on the market.


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Automotive Travel Tips From A Locksmith Point Of View in San Antonio, TX; Carry A Spare Key, Have a Plan & More

Nothing is worse than getting out on vacation in a city that you are not familiar with and coming across a moment that you need to hire a locksmith. Your vacation should be fun and worry free and losing a key or access to your vehicle can put a real damper on the entire thing. Using a checklist and being proactive in scheduling and taking a trip is a normal part of the planning. You should add locksmith needs when you are planning the trip to stop any serious problems when you get out on the road.

Texan Lock & Key Lists Tips when Traveling to Ensure You Don’t Need a Locksmith

Take A Spare Key: How often do you pack for a trip and take an extra set of clothes or extra food and medication? Well the same should be done for the keys to your car. When you are on vacation there are more moments that you go to and from the car and even send other people out. The problem is that the keys are more likely to get lost or locked in the car. You want to be sure that you have a second key with you to avoid these problems. If you do not have a spare key go to your local locksmith and have one made.
Put Identification On Your Keychain: There are many times that you are at a location that you might end up setting down your keys. This can lead to you leaving them there and forgetting them all together. Since you are a visitor the chances that you are going back to that spot to look are slim. The best chance to come back in contact with your keys is to add a tag on the keychain that gives the person who finds them someone to contact. You can place your phone number on the tag so if someone finds them you can get a call. Be sure to never put the address on the keychain as you are then giving a stranger complete access to the place you are staying. You can look into a keychain that has an insert for specific details that keeps it safe from weather and other external elements.
Have A Plan: If you take all these tips on preparing for a trip and still end up losing your keys make sure that you have a plan. If you lose your keys all together and you cannot locate your spare key for some reason you want to be sure that you have a backup plan. Do some research on local locksmith companies and have their number prepared so if you are stuck in a situation that requires a locksmith you know who to call. Be sure to check what services they offer as well as if they offer emergency and mobile services.

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