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Key Ignition Locked? Why Won’t My Car Key Turn in New Braunfels, TX; Automotive Locksmith Tips

Have you ever gone out to your car to get in and start your day only to find that you key just won’t turn? This can be extremely frustrating and some people are not sure what they can do to correct the problem. The worst thing you can do is to continue to jam the key in and turn it hard to try and force it. This can actually cause much more damage to the car and the ignition. The key should go in with ease and turn with no problem. Many times the issue is actually with the key and the best person for the job is a professional locksmith.

Texan Lock & Key Explains What to Do When Your Car Key Won’t Turn in Ignition

What is the Problem With My Car Key: There are some things that can go wrong when you try and turn your car key. The problem is that many of the issues are due to a key that may need to be replaced. If you place your key in the ignition and you find it hard to turn or it will not turn at all you may need to hire a locksmith. There are some other reasons too such as the ignition will stick when the key is inserted. When you remove the key from the ignition you notice some dirt or debris on the key or around the ignition itself. Another obvious problems is if you put the key in and you find that you are unable to remove the key and it gets stuck. These are all reasons that a locksmith may need to come out and look at the problem. People are very attached to their car and need it to get through their very busy schedule. You want to look for a locksmith that offers automotive services and has a mobile or emergency service so that you can get help on location no matter what time of the day or night.
How to Get Stuck Keys Out of Ignition: If you have any of the problems listed above you can do a few troubleshooting things prior to calling a professional locksmith. You can make sure that your brake is engaged and turn the steering wheel back and forth to see if that will free up the key. You can also double check the position of the gear to make sure that it is either in park or neutral since most cars will not allow the key to move if it is not in one of these gears. If you are doing any of these troubleshooting techniques make sure that your car is in an open area so that the exhaust fumes are not building up. After you have done a few of these tricks, you can call a professional locksmith that can come out and remove the key and duplicate it so that it will work again.


Texan Lock & Key offers expert automotive locksmith services. Contact us for all your locksmith needs.

Are Padlocks Real Security in Frisco, TX? Disc, Mul-T-Lock & Honey Puck Padlock Locking Systems

Many people have a lot of faith in padlocks. When they go to the gym and lock their valuables in a locker, they use a padlock to keep thieves from stealing their car keys and wallet. Those who rent out a storage unit again use a padlock to keep their things safe from thieves. There are many reasons people use padlocks to secure their precious items. But is a padlock really going to stop a thief? Your basic padlock that you picked up for $10 or $20, the answer is no. A simple bolt cutter, drill, or cutting torch for the more determined thief, a padlock is not a big challenge. They can break into any padlock in seconds.

Padlock Locking System

So is there a padlock or locking system you can rely on? There are some on the market that will deter the average thief. However it also will determine how much time said thief has to try to crack your locking system. The more basic your padlocks are the quicker it is to crack. The idea is to make it more and more challenging so it takes more time. This will encourage a thief to move on to an easier target. Texan Lock & Key has some suggestions of which ones will most likely deter burglars or thieves.

Mul-T-Lock Rated Padlock & Key

The top rated padlock is the Mul-T-Lock. This lock can be a bit pricey, but is well worth it for the protection if offers. The Mul-T-Lock has a hardy design. The shackle is one of the lock’s strengths. The shackle rotates making it difficult to grip with cutters or grind with a grinder. Not to mention, the shackle is well protected. The keyway is rated one of the best locking mechanisms making it very difficult to pick. Again no padlock is 100% secure. Tests were conducted to see how long it would take to break through the lock and what tools were needed. The basic bolt cutter didn’t work. It was unable to get enough room to slide the bolt cutter around the shackle to cut or grip it. It came down to using a grinder. The grinder took six minutes to cut through. Depending on the padlock and its location, six minutes is usually too long for a thief to work on a padlock.

Honey Puck Lock

Another highly recommended lock is the Hockey Puck Lock. The hockey puck lock is a cheaper alternative then using the Mul-T-Lock. The hockey puck lock comes in two parts. One is the lock and the other is a special hasp that is installed to completely protect the shackle. This lock is a lock you will likely use on buildings, sheds, or even moving trucks. This lock has been tested as well. The conclusion is that it would take a drill gun to drill the lock itself. That took one minute to do. But cutting the lock off the door took a professional locksmith 10 minutes to remove. Once again 10 minutes can be a lifetime to a thief who is looking for a quick score. Due to that one fact, this lock will deter the average thief.

Best Disc Padlock

There is a basic padlock you can use, if you’re not too worried about what you’re trying to secure but want that added protection. The Disc Padlock is the best one in this category for a $20 value. This lock is designed to expose the shackle very minimally. This will prevent a pair of bolt cutters to cut through the lock. Bolt cutters are the most common tool that thieves use to get past padlocks. However the disc padlock can be cut through very quickly. Don’t use this padlock for your more precious valuables and not where a thief has the time to cut it.


Most people feel that a padlock gives security and reassurance and that their belongings or even their lives are safe. Burglars and thieves see a padlock as an easy score. Don’t become a victim of theft. Use a proper padlock that will deter those who are looking for a quick score. Texan Lock & Key hopes this will help give you the proper protection you seek. Contact us for all your locksmith needs!

Replacing & Upgrading Sliding Glass Door Security Locks in San Marcus, TX; Installing Safety Bars, Jimmy Plates & More

Many residential homes and even a few commercial businesses will often install a sliding glass door to improve the natural light resource and enhance the esthetics. Sliding glass doors are often installed to improve the architectural elements and to add grace and charm to the design. But the unfortunate setback is the sliding glass door is not as secure as the traditional wooden doors and steel doors. With the risks they pose, some homeowners and business owners may ultimately decide not to have the sliding glass door they so desire to avoid their building being vulnerable. Known for being the weak link, criminals often target buildings featuring sliding glass doors, but there are actually several ways you can have the sliding glass door without sacrificing the safety and security other doors offer!

What Makes a Sliding Glass Door a Target & How Do Intruders Break In?

With the sliding glass door there are three common methods used for the intruder to break in. They are 1) the lock is forced or broken open 2) the door itself is lifted off the track or 3) the glass is smashed through. In most cases, the intruders avoid breaking the glass as doing so makes loud noises that can alarm neighbors or the residents. Typically, the sliding glass door features a thin locking mechanism about halfway down the frame. The lock reinforcements and are fairly easy to force or break open. Some of the locks can be cut with a simple hacksaw or even pried with a sturdy screwdriver. In some cases the lock can even be jiggled loose, or a more direct approach the door is lifted off the track with a pry bar.

Sliding Glass Door Replacement Lock Services

The locks that are preinstalled on the door itself are of poor quality. The best way to determine the locks quality is to have a professional locksmith inspect the locks. In most cases, the locks will need to be replaced with something more durable and offer more security. If the mechanics on the current door isn’t recommended for replacement or even desired, a locksmith can install a secondary lock that is more reliable. Generally the locks are installed on the back edge of the slider or along the top rail along the track or frame.
Safety bars: Safety bars are placed in the far edge of the frame that extends from the back edge. It prevents the intruder from sliding the door back, but it must fit snugly. Even an inch of give, it can still be manipulated and be used to their advantage. Some safety bars are featured with the use of a key to lock them in place to give more strength.
Jimmy plates: A jimmy plate is installed above the door frame on the sliding side of the door and a long flat plate. Installed directly to the track, if properly installed it can prevent them from being lifted off the track. Because of the complex nature of where they are installed, precision and care need to be given to ensure damage is not administered to the track.

Additional Sliding Glass Door Lock Safety

– Install the glass safety film on the door to enhance to resistance of the glass from breaking.
– Consider a professional installation of motion light near the sliding glass door.
– Trim away bushes and trees to minimize the hiding places intruders can seek refuge from.
– Invest in a reliable security system to arm your home or business with alarms.


If you want to fortify you sliding glass doors with a high quality locks, call in the experts of Texan Lock and Key. Our technicians are fast and efficient and can make recommendations suited for your needs.