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How Does the Change In Humidity & Warmer/Cooler Weather Affect Your Locks & Doors in Round Rock, TX

We need locks to help secure us in our everyday lives. The locks are used to keep your home locked up safe when you leave, your car to keep out a would be car thief and your business to keep your company and inventory secure. Locks are the best way to feel that security but the issue arises when they stop working the way they were intended to work and when they start to malfunction. There are some obvious problems that occur with locks that require them to be replaced or repaired such as when you have a break in, or you lose your key and need to replace the lock. Did you know that the weather can have an effect on the locks and the way that they function? It can be extremely frustrating to deal with a lock that won’t work so since the weather is starting to change you should know more about it.

Texan Lock & Key Explains How Cold Or Hot Weather Can Effect The Locks On Your House, Car & Business.

How Does Cold Weather Effect Your Locks; Door Jam Shrinking in Winter: The cold weather has more of an effect on locks that any other type of weather. The cold can have an effect negatively but it usually is the worst when the temperatures reach a level of freezing or at least close to it. The biggest issue with the cold weather is that it tends to cause many materials to contract or shrink. This includes wood that happens to be what the door frames in almost every home are made from. The wood is part of the frame and that includes the cutout for the locks and deadbolts. When the weather is cold enough to cause the shrinking to occur, the lock may start to stick. This is when you go home and try to insert your key and turn it but it just won’t. The key will just not turn and that can be difficult when you are trying to open or even close the lock on your home. You can sometimes bypass the problem by pulling on the door when attempting to open or close the lock. This can give you the space that you need to engage the lock. This will help while you are waiting for a professional locksmith company. The locksmith can made the proper adjustments to the lock so you have a more permanent solution.
How Does Hot Weather Effect The Locks; Door Jam Swelling in Summer: The effect on the locks in the summer or hot months is the exact opposite. The door jam will start to expand and that can cause not only the lock to stick but the door to stick as well. The problem is that you may need a little more force to open the lock and that can then lead to a key breaking off in the lock. If this happens to you, contact a locksmith as soon as possible, You may need to replace the lock and have some service done to prevent the problem from arising again.


Texan Lock & Key offers expert locksmith services. Contact us for all your lock and key needs.

RFID Biometric Finger Printing, Keypad & Bluetooth Smart Home Door Lock Systems in San Antonio, TX; Kwikset, Samsung & SoHoMiLL YL 99

We are entering an age where technology is advancing into every part of our lives. Now we can upgrade our homes and business with locking systems that have advanced technology too. Where at first these more advanced locks were only available to the wealthy and famous, they are now becoming more affordable to everyone. Texan Lock and Key will talk about the advanced door locks that make your home a smart home.

How Smart Door Locks Work

Today’s electronic door lock has more then one way to gain entry into your home. One method is RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) biometric finger printing, another is keypad and bluetooth. The first generation electronic locks used a keypad with a pin number or pass code to unlock the door. However key pads are still are being commonly used today, with the more modern keypad that is more of a touch screen rather then a keypad. The touch screen seems to give better security and prevent more burglars and break in the old keypads. The RFID locks use a key fob (a key fob is a type of security token) or card to gain entry. A bluetooth lock uses a similar form of key fob or card but instead your smartphone is the key. As you approach the door, the bluetooth lock senses your phone and automatically unlocks the door. Both RFID locks and bluetooth locks has a secondary way to gain entry, each brand will vary. However this will help you still get inside your home if your batteries or phone gets lost. The finger printing lock is just that use program your fingerprint and the fingerprint of other who is allowed to gain entry into your home.

Top Electronic Smart Door Locks

Kwikset – is a popular lock brand that you will in many homes. They have a new keyless smart lock. The newer Kwikset locks haves combination of both looks of a conventional keyed locks with the benefits of high-tech functionality as well. Kwikset higher need model locks is iOS and Android compatible. Using a similar technology as a bluetooth, you do not need to rely on an internet connection. As you approach your door the Kwikset lock will sense your phone and unlock it for you. Kwikset provides a app to your phone that will allow you to monitor who is coming and going form your home. This provides many parents with eases to know if their kids made it home form school safely. Kwikset comes with a program eKeys, which allows an unlimited number of guests to again entry into your home. This is also great for those who change or loses their phones.
Samsung – has jump onto the market with their smart lock system as well. These lock is a great addition to Samsung’s smart home security solutions. Samsung has a home security program that has video cameras, security sensors, and now you can add a smart door lock that all connects together. Similar to the Kwikset apps, you can monitor every one coming and goings from your home through your smartphone and your security system. If you don’t have Samsung’s full security smart home system you still have many option with stand alone security door lock. Many of Samsungs options include pass codes, finger prints, smart tag (or key fob), and RF cards. With an added feature that the door will automatically lock s you leave.
SoHoMiLL YL99 Keyless Electronic Keypad lock – is more of the simpler smart door locking systems on the market. For those who are not technologically advance or looking of some a little bit more affordable this is the lock. These lock don’t offer Bluetooth technology but still is a high rating electric lock. The SoHoMiLL YL 99 uses an electronic keypad that can hold up to eight different pass codes for multiple users. The main home owner will have the aster code that can change and control the number of pass codes. This lock is great for vacations homes that the home owner rents out to many people. These lock comes with a low-battery indicator allowing you to now if the batteries are running low. These lock also have an automatic timer of 3 seconds that will automatically lock the door once it been open and closed.


Smart lock is a great time saver for many people, you can say, good by to that ever growing key-ring. Many provide the peace of mind that the door is locks in the event you where in a hurry to leave. If you are looking to update your home or business with an electrical locking system these are a few of the top rated locks to choose from. If you want to upgrade your home lock, you can ask Texan Lock & Key to come out and do a full inspection of your current lock and give you the best options to beef up your home’s security. Call us for all your locksmith needs!

Signs You Need Rekeying or Replacement of Your Door Locks in Austin, TX; Consider Upgrading to Digital Lock Systems!

The locks on our doors are designed to protect us and with over two-thirds of all break-ins happening through the front door, our locks need to be reliable, both strong and durable and most importantly, long lasting.

Reasons You May Need to Re-key or Replace Your Locks

You may need to replace your locks if you’re having problems locking or unlocking your door. The cause may be rust or there be may corrosion that’s beginning to build. If the key is sticking each time you try using it and making it hard to turn is also a sign that you need to replace the locks. The key can even break off in the lock if you aren’t careful. Sticking can also be due to a problem with the internal mechanics of the lock. If someone in your home has lost a key, lock replacement may be in order. Replacing a lock is much easier than dealing with the nightmare of having to deal with a burglary. This leaves your home open to a possible burglary if someone happens to find the key and are able to figure out where you live. Another reason may be if your home has been broken into as burglars use many methods to steal information. Your door may be used several times a day and will become worn out over time. Are you having to force your key into the lock? If you continue to do this, it can damage locks and lead to possible lockouts, leaving it literally impossible to get into your home. If your home was easier to break into because the lock was damaged, you should replace it, it’s just going to make it easier for future burglars. Keys are easily duplicated so if you had a tenant in your home that has moved out, it’s a good idea to change the lock. You never know who could have a copy of your key. If you’ve had recent renovations done in your home and a key was given to a subcontractor, then you should replace your locks. Even if there aren’t any signs of damage, you can still replace the locks if you have a gut feeling that you should or as part of routine home maintenance.

Upgrading to Digital Door Locks

If you want to ditch the keys entirely, then consider having a digital lock installed on your front door. These are very simple and so easy to use. You program your code and can change it whenever you want. There are codes that can be set temporarily for relatives or friends and these locks also allow you to control them with the use of a smart device.

Professional Residential Home Locksmith Services in Killeen, Austin, San Antonio, Round Rock, San Marcos, Frisco, New Braunfels & Houston Texas

Locks that are properly maintained will save you money in the future and will keep you and your family safe. Don’t let your lock get to the point that it will completely fail. Professional locksmiths are trained to fix any issues you might have with your locks quickly and with ease. Make sure your locks are in top notch condition by contacting Texan Lock & Key.

Benefits & Cons of the Best Smart Electronic Residential Home & Commercial Office Door Lock Systems in Killeen, TX

It seems that everyone wants the latest cell phone, iPad, television and video game console. It may not be necessary to have the latest and greatest but it can be fun and unlock some conveniences that you otherwise never had. When you think about the security of your home you may decide that a large guard dog works for you or a security system is the best idea but locks are not always on the radar. Of course everyone knows that the doors and windows need a lock and you need to engage them to secure the opening but did you know that there are new locks out that are called smart locks? They are technologically advanced and can keep your home secure while giving you some of the added conveniences of smart electronics. You may wonder what in the world you would want a smart lock for and what it can really do. There are some different options out there for a smart lock but you should know the pros and cons before you decide if you want to upgrade.

Texan Lock & Key Lists the Pros & Cons Of Using A Smart Lock On Your Home.

What Are the Benefits of Smart Locks for Doors: When you think about coming home from a long day and you want to hurry in to get a bite to eat and relax, it often seems like you can’t get there fast enough. When you walk up to the door, you have to locate the key and try and see where to put it. The majority of people are not walking up to the door empty handed so you have to balance your items while trying to unlock the door. When you have a smart lock on your door you can simply use your cell phone (that almost everyone has in hand at any given moment) to request the door to unlock. The system is set to work with an app that talks to your lock and can secure the door with a click of a button. No more worrying about losing a key or misplacing it while at the store. Your phone is the key and there is no way you would leave your phone sitting around. And if your phone did get lost or stolen, the thief or person that found it would have to know how to use it to gain entry. The ability to use technology to access your life just seems cool and convenient since your cell phone is always there. It makes it great for giving your child access to the house without having to worry about an actual key as well.
What Are The Cons Of Smart Electronic Door Locks: When you think about technology you have to automatically think about hackers. The same goes for your smart locks that goes for any other devices. The smart lock does work off of technology and sad to say that anything that is run through an online system can be hacked and that includes the smart lock. You could potentially open your house up to a hacker gaining access by getting a digital key to your home.


If you want to upgrade your locks to a smart lock system or need any other locksmith services, call us. Texan Lock & Key is standing by!

Troubleshooting Residential Home Lockouts Before You Call a Locksmith in Houston, TX

You come home after a long day at work looking forward to getting into a comfy chair to relax and you realize that you have no way to get into the house. Having a lock that you can lock on the inside as you leave for the day is handy but if you’ve locked your keys inside the you have a problem. If you live alone, you can’t wait for a roommate or family member to come home. It’s always a good idea to leave a spare key with a friend or find a place to hide a spare key outside.

Things to Try Before Calling a Locksmith

Check around the outside of the house to see if you may have left a door or window unlocked to gain access into the house. If there is a chance you may have hidden a key years ago, check around. You can try lock-picking. If your lock is an older one you might get lucky and you will most likely feel the need to get the locks changed if you can manage to unlock it as this means other people can too! There are two things you need when attempting to pick a lock, a tension rod and a pick, like a bobby pin for example. You can also try to open a window or door with a knife or crowbar to try and jimmy the deadbolt. Credit cards will only work on a spring bolt and will not work with a deadbolt. Choose a card that you don’t mind if it gets damaged. Insert the card just above where the latch is located, holding it perpendicular to the door and start wiggling and pushing the card. As you push, start bending the card away from the door knob in an effort to slide the latch back and away from the door jamb. You should also add your weight to push on the door while you bend the card. These options not working will force you to weigh your options. When you try to break into your home you may cause more damage and end up needing to call the locksmith anyway!

Locksmith Services in Killeen, Austin, San Antonio, Round Rock, San Marcos, Frisco, New Braunfels & Houston Texas

When you lock yourself out of your house you will ask yourself how on earth did this happen?! Grownups don’t do this and you probably think this will never happen to you. The smartest thing to do is leave a spare key with a trusted friend or family member or buy a “hide-a-key” that blends in with the natural surroundings. When calling a locksmith make sure you’re aware of the cost before they get there. Some will charge a visit fee on top of the actual service fee. If you find yourself in need of a locksmith, give Texan Lock & Key a call.