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Do Alarm Systems Provide Enough Security for Your Frisco, TX Home? Burglar Proof Front & Back Doors

Many people put all their faith in having a security alarm system. This isn’t a bad thing but you may be surprised how often a security alarm system can fail a homeowner. Please allow Texan Lock and Key to explain how a security alarm isn’t the only means of home defense and how to protect your home from intruders.

Average Police Response Time

Police Departments claim that the majority of all security alarms are false due to malfunctions or indoor pets. On average it will take a police officer 30 minutes to answer a security alarm. If a burglar is indeed trying to get inside your home, an alarm isn’t enough to deter them. Most burglars are in and out of a home within a few minutes and they know they will be gone before law enforcement arrives. This is why it is important to make your home difficult for them to get inside. Burglars don’t like spending a lot of time trying to get inside a home. The longer they roam outside your home looking for a way in, the more noticeable they will be and raise suspicions of their presence. If a burglar can’t get into your home in a matter of minutes it is most likely they will move on.

Deadbolts, Locks, Security Doors & Bars on Windows

So what is the best way to deter a burglar from trying to get into your home? First a security alarm is still a good idea. It puts a clock on the amount of time a burglar has to find a way in your home, and still have time to go through your house and steal your valuables once the alarm is activated. So how to limit the time of would be intruders? The next step is making your home difficult to get into. Most homeowners focus on the front door and this is good, but burglars don’t like being where people can see them if they can help it. Many burglars will first try to gain access to your backyard. It is more secluded from neighbors, and passing traffic. So begin with reinforcing the back doors and windows. If you have a side garage door exiting to the back yard, a good deadbolt may not be enough. You may want to put on a security door to prevent a burglar from kicking the door open, which is more common than most people realize. Next, do you have a door inside your home leading to the back yard? Is it a sliding door, French doors, or a single hinged door? In most homes a sliding door is very common for yard access and can be one of the easiest doors to break into. In most cases burglars will avoid breaking glass because it makes too much noise and brings attention to them. But this isn’t always the case as a desperate burglar may take that chance. That is why security bars on windows is a good idea and there are even steel sliding security screens for sliding doors.

Front Door Security Products & Devices

The front door is also recommended to have a security door, but some homeowner’s like the look of an ornamental door. You will then want a good front door lock with extra security measures. A reinforced latch will prevent a burglar form kicking your front door down. Some homeowner’s are beginning to also use security bars. Just because the front seems the most likely point of access, don’t neglect your garage door leading into your house. It isn’t that hard for a burglar to get inside your garage and then use the garage door as their next point of entry. In fact it is becoming more popular because it gives a burglar more time to work on opening the door without being noticed. Give your garage door the proper amount of security it needs.


Texan Lock and Key will assist customers securing their home from burglaries. A security alarm should not be your home’s only defense from intruders. Having good security screen and locks will help greatly deter intruders. If you are in need of locksmith services, Texan Lock and Key is just a call away.

Key Suddenly Not Working in Lock in San Marcos, TX? Signs of Lock Bumping & Attempted Burglary; Brute Force Attack, Tampered Locks & More

If you come home and notice dents on your lock or scratches around it, it’s a good indication that someone attempted to get into your home. These are the most obvious signs, but there are other ways you can tell.

House Burglary Facts; How Do Burglars Break Into Home?

1. Brute force attack. If a burglar chooses to take this path it will cause the most damage. They will drill a hole through your deadbolt or break the lock and kick the door in. This will leave the frame damaged, cause splintered wood and mangled metal being left behind. The less obvious signs to look for are warped doors and/or door frames, latches and deadbolts that are bent. You may also notice circles left behind on the painted door. It’s a sign that the lock itself was moved after it was loosened and the tightened again.
2. Lock bumping. Locksmiths have used bumping for a long time now to open locks and after the method was revealed, burglars began to use the method themselves. This is done by filing a key into different points to have the appearance of a tiny saw that becomes the “bump key”. It will be inserted into the lock and then pulled out one click. It is then hit abruptly with a blunt object and pulled out again one click and struck again. This will be repeated until all the tumblers have caught and the key can then be used to open the door. Experienced burglars will leave behind no signs that this was done but if you notice little nicks around the keyhole or shiny metal edges that look fresh, your lock may have been tampered with.
3. Lock picking. Locksmiths have tools they use to unlock locks. Tiny flat screwdrivers or any tiny tool is used to rake the pin tumblers or manipulate them. As with bumping, the lock can be opened once the tumblers catch. If you see fresh, shiny tiny scratch marks around your keyhole, your lock might have been picked. These marks will be much smaller than marks that are left behind by a key.

Door Lock Upgrades & Replacements to Digital & Mechanical Deadbolts Keyless Entry

If you suspect your locks have been tampered with, you need to have them replaced. Consider upgrading them to hybrid digital/mechanical bolts. These newer locks don’t depend on pins and tumblers like the older locks, making them more difficult to manipulate. If you choose to keep your lock, you can spray WD-40 in the keyhole which will make it harder for the pins to stick. If your door has been kicked in, you will have to consider other ways to make it stronger with a home security system. This will add an extra layer of protection for you and your home after all the necessary repairs and lock changes have been made. You can even consider installing a lock that allows you to ditch the keys all together. Many of these locks can be locked or unlocked with your smart phone and you can change the codes whenever you want.

Professional Locksmith Services in Killeen, Austin, San Antonio, Round Rock, San Marcos, Frisco, New Braunfels & Houston Texas

It’s a good idea to have professionals install locks for you. We can spot other potential problems like sagging hinges and other defects that can make your home vulnerable to future break-ins. Call Texan Lock & Key today!