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Safety Tips for Single Females Living Alone in a House or Apartment in San Antonio, TX; Deadbolts, Sliding Door Security Bar, Window Locks & More

If you are a female living alone, staying safe is a top priority. There are many criminals that target those living alone and being a female living alone only makes you an even more likely target. Fortunately, there are some safety measures you can take to keep you safe even when you don’t have anyone else living with you. Texan Lock and Key is here to share some tips to keep you safe if you are a female living by yourself.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings & Meet Your Neighbors

Get to know your neighborhood. You should know who your neighbors are, and let them know you. You don’t have to become best friends with them or anything, but these people can be a big help to you if you live alone. Obviously, you shouldn’t share too much about yourself until you have a good feel for your neighbors and know they are trustworthy. You should also be aware of your community and report anything that seems suspicious to the proper authorities.

Learning Women’s Self Defense

If you can find yourself a self-defense course that is specifically designed for women, that would be the best. Anytime you take the time to learn how to defend yourself, it is time well spent. The more you practice the self-defense moves you learn, the more they will become like second nature and seem natural for you.

Best Guard Dog Security Breeds

Not only are dogs great companions for people, they are also great at keeping intruders out of your house. If you don’t have a security system installed in your home, you might want to rely on the instincts of a dog. They can sense something out of the norm and alert you, all the while, spooking whoever it is trying to gain entry into your home.

Keeping Curtains Closed at Night

This might seem simple, but when the sun goes down, it is time to close your curtains. When the shades aren’t drawn after dark, it is natural for the line of sight to be drawn to a well-lit window. You don’t want people to look inside your windows and see that it is you and you alone in your home at night.

Check Your Home Security; Deadbolts, Lighting, Sliding Door Bar & Window Locks etc

You want to check your home for any security problems that might be there. Here is a checklist of some things you should check:
1. Reinforced Deadbolt– Make sure your deadbolt doesn’t only work, but has been reinforced. You can upgrade to a more secure deadbolt that makes it harder to break into your home.
2. Good Lighting– Is the parking garage that you park in well lit? Are the lights on your front porch working properly? Criminals are less likely to come to your home if it is well lit.
3. Sliding Door Security Bars– If you have sliding doors, you should put a sturdy piece of wood in them when it is shut to add another layer of protection.
4. Window Locks– Make sure your windows work and lock properly. Always keep them locked at night.


If you are living alone and need any help reinforcing your locks, Texan Lock and Key offers that help you need. Call us today!

Importance of Deadbolt Locks & Strike Plates in Austin, TX; Installed & Inspected By a Licensed Locksmith

When you want to secure your home there are several steps that you can take to do that. One of the ways is to have a security system or alarm. The alarm will hopefully alert an intruder and send them running. This is only a deterrent and not a way to keep them from entering. Another option that you can use is to have cameras installed in your home. These are great and you can even access them remotely on your cell phone. The problem is that all you can actually do is to see who was in your home and what they did. The cameras are not a way to keep them from getting inside in the first place. These should never be your first line of security. You need to use locking mechanisms to secure the entry points of your home. That means the doors and the windows too. The windows have several types of locks that can be installed. The door is the most common way that a burglar will get in your home.

Texan Lock & Key Lists What A Deadbolt & Strike Plate Are & Why They Are Important to Your Home’s Security

What is a Deadbolt Lock: The deadbolt is an additional lock that is normally installed on the main entrances of your home. They are a larger more secure lock that runs deep in the door, normally with a metal bolt that extends in the door. If you have a door that is great quality and is heavy duty with a deadbolt installed it should endure a possible kick in. The deadbolt is usually installed with a long screw that can hold up against someone that is trying to shove or kick the door. The deadbolt is only part of the security of the door and the other side of the door that is attached to the frame. The frame side also is secured with a part of hardware.
What is a Deadbolt Strike Plate: The strike plate is an even more important part of the deadbolt lock. It is the metal plate that is installed on the opposite side of the door or the frame of the door. The strike plate needs to be installed correctly on a door with a long screw. The screw should be about 3 inches in length to ensure that it is in fact anchored well. The installation of the deadbolt and the strike plate needs to be done correctly. If it is not when an intruder comes to kick in the door they will have a better chance of gaining entry. A properly installed strike plate and deadbolt is a great way to stop a forced entry. The anchor of the bolt and plate are enough to keep the door from being able to be kicked in.


If you have a deadbolt that you want to have inspected or you want to have a new deadbolt installed or need any other locksmith services, give TX Lock & Key a call.

House Checks. How to Keep Your Killeen, TX Home Safe When Not There & While on Vacation; Light Switch Timer, Closed Curtains & More

There are several ways that homeowners try and secure their home. Some of them are great and will help keep your home safe from a would be burglar. There are others that are not going to do what you think they are and in many cases they can be worse for your homes security. One of the top ways to keep your home secure is to lock your doors and windows and have good quality locks that include deadbolts and security doors. You may be doing much more and you might be giving yourself a false sense of security by doing so.

Texan Lock & Key Lists Ways You May Use To Secure Your Home Which Are Not Helping

Using A Portable Lockbox or Travel Safe: When you want to take your important documents and possibly cash that you have in your home, you may decide to use a lockbox. The lockbox is a great way to secure your items when you need to have them away from someone or at least in one location for when you need them. The issue is what you do with the lockbox after you have the items in your box. If you leave the box in a location that is easy for a burglar to find that at the top of a bedroom closet it is a quick getaway. They know that these boxes if they are locked are full of valuables. Now you have lost the entire contents in a single swipe. It is best to use these boxes only when you have a good place to hide them so that a burglar may overlook the area when searching for valuables to take with them.
Leaving Lights on All Day: There are many people that use their interior lights as a way to alert a burglar that they are home. They assume that if a thief were to see a light left on they will assume someone is home and they will pass by that house. The issue is that most homes are burgled during the daylight hours so lights on don’t help at all. If you want you can have lights installed that run in a timer or sensor so when someone passes by or the door opens, the lights flip on. That could be a way to run off a thief.
Don’t Hide Valuables in Your Room: The first place that a burglar or thief is going to go to look for items worth taking is to head straight to the master bedroom. Most people will use their bedroom drawers and closet to hide things that are worth the most. That will include jewelry, money, weapons and anything else that you may find valuable. When you hide your items like that in a master bedroom you are putting yourself in the position to have it all stolen from you. The best thing you can do is to have a safe installed in your home that is secured to the ground or wall to hide your belongings.


Texan Lock & Key offers expert locksmith services. Contact us for all your locksmith needs!

Lock Bumping Key Prevention in Houston, TX; Bump Proof Locks, Keyless Deadbolts & More. Is it Time to Upgrade & Replace Your Locks?

The whole purpose of a locked front door is to keep yourself safe. It gives you a sense of security to have a door locked and supposedly unable to open. What if we told you that most people have a lock on their door that can easily and effortlessly be broken into? So easy in fact, that a child could do it. Unnerving right? Texan Lock and Key is here to talk about lock bumping and how you can avoid it happening to you.

What is a Lock Bumping Key?

When your front door is locked with a deadbolt lock, you may think that it is a pretty secure lock. Unfortunately, with the right tools, someone could most likely gain access into your home without much effort. In order to “bump” a lock, you will need a special key made exactly for that purpose. That key will be inserted into the lock and “bumped” with a screw driver or other tool to force the pins to jump to their shear line. As the key is then turned, the lock will open right away. This used to be trick used by locksmith professionals alone, but with the use of the internet, more and more are figuring it out.

Is Your Lock Bump Protected?

The first thing you want to do, is inspect your deadbolt lock on your front door. It will have a marking to let you know if the lock is bump protected or not. If it isn’t, there are modifications that can be made to increase the security of your front door. A locksmith can add special pins to the locks on your doors to make them almost impossible to bump.

Upgrade Your Locks

If you notice that the locks are looking old and worn on top of the fact that they are at risk of bumping, it may be time to replace and upgrade. You can replace your current locks with a light commercial grade lock to heighten security. They are less expensive than heavier grade locks but have withstood many tests to see how bump resistant they are.

Consider a Keyless Deadbolt

When buying a keyless deadbolt, make sure you are buying one that is bump proof. It may be more expensive upfront to get locks that are keyless and bump resistant, but they are much more secure that the traditional front door locks.

Install Security Cameras

When someone bumps a lock, there is no visible damage or sign of forced entry. For this reason, you may want to consider having a security camera installed. It will add an extra layer of security to your front door and when an intruder sees them, they are more likely to move on. This will also provide proof of a break-in when filing any claims with your insurance company.


Unfortunately, criminals can easily learn how to bump locks via the internet. To add an extra layer of security to your locks or upgrade to more secure locks, Texan Lock and Key can help. Don’t hesitate to call for any of your locksmith needs today.

Ways to Deter Burglars in New Braunfels, TX this Christmas Holiday Season; Secure Front Door from Being Kicked In, Lock Windows & More

While the holidays are filled with serving others, and you see a kindness that is a little more abundant during this time than any other during the year; unfortunately burglaries are more common as well. There are some thieves that try and take away the joy of the holidays from others. Texan Lock & Key is here to share some tips to keep your home safe and secure this holiday season.

Secure Your Front Door from Being Kicked In

If you haven’t done this already, now is a good time to reinforce your front door. You should have a solid front door. You want to choose a front door that is either made of solid wood or a metal door. You should replace your deadbolt and strike plate with high security locks so that your door isn’t easily kicked in. This may sound like a no brainer, but you should always have your front door locked. This includes daylight hours and when you are home. You don’t want an intruder at any point during the day. You would be surprised at how many people don’t lock their front door. This is the first step in securing your home and shouldn’t be ignored.

Lock All the Windows in Your House

Check all your windows to make sure you didn’t forget to lock any of them after having them opened during the cooler months of fall. This is another way that burglars gain entry into your home. Even if your windows are on the second floor, don’t forget that burglars can climb!

House Robbed After Facebook Posting; Don’t Advertise Holiday Travel Plans

With social media keeping everyone so connected, it might be tempting to post all about your upcoming trip to visit loved ones during the holidays. Avoid doing this on the chance that someone is hoping to break into your home when you leave.

How to Deter Burglars; Keep Your House Well-Lit

Having a good amount of light on the exterior of your house is a good way to keep burglars away. This is especially true for the area around your front door. Your holiday lights aren’t enough; you will want more lighting to deter any intruders. They will most likely move on to another house if they are worried about being seen as they try to gain access into your home.

Don’t Let Mail Build Up While You Travel

When doing your holiday travel, make arrangements for the post office to hold your mail or a neighbor to gather it for you so others don’t know that you are gone. When mail starts to accumulate, burglars take that as a welcome sign to break into your home while you’re away.


If you feel your front door could use some securing, Texan Lock & Key can help reinforce your front door and make it safe this holiday season. We can assist you with any locksmith needs you may have this holiday season. Call us today.