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How to Protect Your Home from Burglary in San Antonio, TX; Locksmith Break In Prevention Checklist, Tip, Tricks & Strategies

It seems that a current trend in the criminal world is to invade someone’s home and take what is not theirs. A shameful and despicable activity that some folks believed they are so entitled as to come into your home and take your valuables and violate your personal property. Unfortunately, it seems to be a growing epidemic and many people are trying to improve their home’s security and understand how criminals operate in an attempt to protect their loved ones and possessions.

How to Stop Burglars from Targeting Your Home

With that in mind, we at Texan Lock and Key would like to share some of the burglary myths that are floating around to better educate yourself on how to safeguard your home as well as share some tips to which you can apply in the effort.
Myth: Burglars are not deterred by security alarms.
Fact: Recent studies have accounted that 9 out of 10 burglars would skip a home with alarm systems. Where few appreciate the challenge, most burglars are looking for a quick score and want to get in and out without drawing any attention to their actions.
Tips: If you are looking into home security alarm systems make sure it includes 24/7 services, personal alert protocols, security officers investigating a tripped system, and alerts to law enforcement. Having a CCTV system is also ideal so police offers can locate the perpetrator easier.
Myth: Locked doors and windows will keep burglars out.
Fact: Career burglars have the ability to pick most locks in approximately 60 seconds or less.
Tip: Deadbolts, bump proof locks, or keyless entry locks can increase the security of your home.
Myth: Every lock provides the same amount of security.
Fact: Traditional tumbler locks will leave your home more vulnerable to break-ins. There is a grading system found on all locks and dead bolts that offer different levels of security.
Tip: At bare minimum invest in a bump proof lock as that is how most burglars get into your home.
Additional tips:
1. Whether you are home or away, make sure every accessible entry point is locked up including, windows, doors, sliding door, and garage doors.
2. Thieves use the cover of trees and shrubs to avoid detection, keep your landscape well manicured to limit their concealment.
3. Don’t display your valuables. Keep your high-end possessions out of view from the public. Try to avoid advertising the new expensive electronic toy you got by leaving the packaging out on the curb for days; toss it on garbage day instead. If your valuables are in view of the windows, keep the curtains and shutters closed as often as possible to not tempt thieves.
4. Include in your security motion censored exterior lights to alert you of movement going on outside your home. Organize a neighborhood watch, or at least get immediate neighbors involves and inform neighbors of suspicious activity. Ask a trusted neighbor to keep on I on your home when leaving your home for more than a few days at a time if you don’t have a house sitter. Be sure to ask them to retrieve any newspapers or similar clutter from your porch or driveway.
5. Leave a radio or TV on along with a light or two when you are not home to give the illusion to burglars someone is home. Most thieves don’t desire an audience or trouble with occupants. Dogs make excellent security guards and they need is food and a belly rub.


If you are in need of security upgrades for your home, contact Texan lock and Key and let our experts consult with you on optimal solutions to better the security level of your home. Texan Lock & Key can handle all your locksmith needs!

Burglar Proof Your Sliding Glass Doors; Installation & Upgrades of Security Locks, Bars & More in Austin, TX

Many homes have sliding glass doors leading into their backyards and patios. They are also a great way to add light to a home. However sliding glass doors are one of the very most common ways that intruders and burglars break into homes. Sliding glass doors are very vulnerable because they are not very secure. However Texan Lock and Key will share a few ideas on how you can prevent burglars from using your sliding glass door as a break-in point into your home.

Best Ways to Secure a Sliding Glass Door from the Inside of Your Home

The average sliding glass doors are made with a latch that is meant to secure your door shut. But these latches can be broken by force or easily de-latched depending on the latch itself. There are a few options to add to the security of your sliding doors. One way to add to your sliding doors’ security is to have a new lock installed at the bottom of the track to prevent anyone outside from sliding the door open. Another option is to use a steel pole or rod the length of the sliding door passage way to prevent the door from sliding open. Another problem to sliding doors is that some burglars learn to take the sliding door off the tracks, which of course is a major problem. To prevent this from happening, make sure that your door rollers are tightened and kept clean. You can also use self-tapping screws that can be installed at the top of the track. This will also help prevent the door from wiggling and coming out of the track.

Burglar Proof Your Sliding Glass Door from the Outside of Your Home

Security doors can also be installed on the outside of your sliding glass door, such as an iron rod bar doors with locks to prevent entry. This is the same thing you often see on windows but are made for doors. However don’t just focus on the lock itself. The big glass sheet that blocks the outside world isn’t going to stop a person from breaking the glass and coming in. This is usually the last resort due to the noise but the determined or desperate individual will still break the glass to get in your home. There are some products that can reinforce the glass and help prevent it from breaking. The downside to preventing the glass from breaking is that you eliminate a quick exit in the event there is a fire. Another option is to replace the entire door with a double pane glass that is much harder to break.


Sliding glass doors present a major problem to a home’s security. They are a major gateway for burglars to use to get into your home. Make sure you do not neglect securing them along with the rest of your home. Take a few of these defensive measures and stop intruders from breaking into your home. Texan Lock and Key wants to help make your home safe and to give you the peace of mind that you and your family are protected from burglars and intruders. We also want to make sure that the things most precious to you, don’t get taken from you. If you need a locksmith to help get into your home and car or even add to your home security, contact Texan Lock and Key today.

Locksmith FAQs in Killeen, TX; Why is My Key Difficult to Insert into My Lock? Lost House Keys; Should I Change Locks?

When it comes to locksmiths, they offer a number of different services with a variety of methods and techniques, as well as many tools and equipment to perform their services. With so much information, and so many reasons as to why you need a locksmith to begin with, you probably have a plethora of questions.

Locksmith FAQs; What is Lock Bumping? Lost House Keys; Should I Change My Locks?

To help answer your questions, we at Texan Lock & Key have compiled a list of frequently asked questions.
Q. Why is my key difficult to insert into lock?
A. If a lock is not unlocking efficiently, there are a handful of reasons as to why. Below are a few of the more common reasons as to why your locks are sometimes a challenge to operate.
– The wood of your doors and/or frames expand and retract during intense heat or cold temperatures, which then cause the lock to not fit properly.
– Poor installation. During the installation process, if the lock was not properly aligned, it may cause complications.
– Just like anything else, over time locks age and will wear down. If the lock not is operating at peak performance consistently, consider getting a replacement lock with upgraded security features. Texan Lock & Key can help you find the locks better for your home and install it with superior execution.
Q. What would be allowing my key to turn in the ignition, but not turn it over?
A. There is a transponder chip fitted in the key and the car that correspond with each other in newer vehicles. In order for the vehicle to ignite the motor, the chips must work in harmony. To ensure the right key is being used on the matching vehicle, this security feature was implemented. However, there can be a minor malfunction that prohibits the vehicle’s and key’s transponder chip from communicating with each other. To correct the issue, a simple re-programming service is all that is needed.
Q. Lost house keys; should I change locks?
A. You do not have to necessarily replace your whole locking mechanism; you can just as easily have Texan lock and Key have your locks changed to a different key. But you do have options to either have the lock re-keyed, or change the lock set completely. Keep in mind that a new lockset includes a new door knob as well. If you are on budget, a re-keying service is adequate and less expensive. For a rekeying service, the tumbler in the lock is replaced, making the original key useless.
Q. What is lock bumping?
A. It is undetectable methods criminals often use to lock pick your home or commercial building. Basically, a shaved down key is slid into the chamber where it is fitted into the cylinder of a specific lock. With a moderately forced hit, the faux key will unlock the mechanism. With newly improved security features, you can install bump proof locks.


If you do not see your question posted, always feel welcome to contact Texan Lock & Key and we will happily answer any of your questions and offer you our quality locksmith services.

Will a Burglar Come Back? What to Do if You’ve Been Robbed in Houston, TX; Change or Rekey Locks, Secure Valuables in Safe & More

After your home has been burglarized you can feel violated and scared that it could happen again. Many home invasions are done while a member of the family is home. No matter if you are home or you are away, when it happens the same sense of fear usually prevails. Most people want to make sure they are ready for the next time that someone wants to try and break in again. The problem is that many people only take their home security really seriously after something like that happens. It is best to take precautions in advance but if you don’t, make sure you know what to do.

Texan Lock & Key Lists Ways to Protect Your Home After You Have Been the Victim of a Burglary

Change or Rekey the Locks: Whether the intruder gained access via an open door, with a key or with force, it is a great idea to get new locks. A new lock can help you feel more secure and ensure that no one else has a key to your home except who you want. The new locks can also be an upgrade from the locks that you had before. Look into having locks that are sturdier or have a deadbolt installed on entry doors.
Increase Security: If you are concerned about what is happening to your home while you are away, a security camera system is a great idea. There are tons of options on the market that you can choose from. Some of them offer WiFi access and others will record whatever you want. You can make a determination about what best suits your needs. The surveillance system will help find the person that is responsible for the burglary. A system like this will also help you feel better when you are away because you can check up on what is going on.
Have A Door & Window Checking Plan: When you are locking up for the night or when you leave on vacation it is a great idea to have a plan. You can make it a family effort and have each person responsible for a particular area of the home. Be sure that you have lights out and the locks engaged. Don’t forget about the door to the garage. A burglar can enter the garage and come right in with no problem. A plan on how to lock up leaving no area left unchecked is a great idea.
Lock Up Valuables in a Safe: A safe in a home is a great place to keep important documents. You can purchase a safe that is fire resistant and has the ability to be installed in your home. The safe has an anchor system that a potential thief can’t just pick up the entire safe and leave with it. Be sure to have the safe out of sight and not just in a standard location.


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