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Increasing Home Security in New Braunfels, TX; Deadbolts, Double Cylinder Locks, Ornamental Iron Grill & More

Deadbolts are the upper lock on the typical external entry door. They are single cylinder meaning a single key facing outside and a knob on the inside. They offer security and if there are no windowed side panels they can be effective and secure. Most deadbolts have robust bolts or latches providing added strength over the door handle bolt. With the inside knob exit with the ability to be facilitated from inside the house in case of fire or other emergency.

Weakest Point When Kicking Down a Door

The weakest point in door security is usually not the locks, but the door and frame. When impacted or kicked the wood fails, not the lock. The door frame can be reinforced with metal and screws that penetrate into the wall framing studs. The strike plate, a metal plate on the door frame, should be secured with extra long screws penetrating into the house studs. In reality a metal frame is the only thing that can ensure resistance to failure on impact. Some strike plates feature a metal pocket that passes through the door frame into the studs of the wall. Coupled with extended reach screws, these strike plates resist failure better that the conventional strike plates. The bolt throw is the length of the bolt when fully locked. A one inch throw should be the minimum. The next area of expected failure is the door itself. After boring out the holes for the door and deadbolts bolts, very little lateral support exists. This leads to failure with the bolts tearing through the door. Again metal reinforcement of these critical areas can resist failure in case of a forced entry. Deadbolts can also be purchased with a combination lock or smart electronic locks that can be activated by your phone providing keyless entry.

Double Cylinder Lock

If you have lites, the decorative windows on either both or one side of the door you many want to consider a double cylinder lock keyed on both sides. Fire prevention professionals cite the danger in case of fire using a double cylinder deadbolt. A floor penetrating heavy door bolt in combination with a key in the lock when home and the house is occupied will prevent forced entry. When leaving pull and hang the key out of sight and reach from the side lites, and secure with the key on leaving. This provides safety for quick exit in case of a fire while the home is occupied, with decent security when you are away.

How to Secure a Garage Door

An attached garage entry through a side door into the house is possible. The garage protects the perpetrator form prying eyes and access to tools in the garage. What goes for the front door also applies to any other entrance to the home; deadbolts with reinforced frames and doors.

Making Sliding Glass Doors & Double French Doors More Secure

Sliding glass doors practically advertise “enter here” and need special attention. The stick in the channel, or a hidden pin accessible only from the inside, or better yet ornamental iron grill unlockable only from the inside will secure a sliding glass door. Another vulnerable consideration is double French doors. These lock door to door, usually with one locked with manual bolts top and bottom and the other serving as the generally entry-exit door. Doors are not as strong as frames. Surface mount locks effectively lock the doors together as a unified barrier. Better than nothing, but French doors constitute a weak link in your home defenses.


Why all this talk of securing your home like some medieval castle? Home invasion, a crime that is on the rise throughout the US, is physically and psychologically threatening. This poses a danger for battery, theft, rape and murder and other violent crimes. Your responsibility is to protect your family and then property. Call the professionals at Texan Lock and Key for help in securing your domicile.

How to Get Back in My House When I’m Locked Out in Frisco, TX; Check for Unlocked Doors & Windows, Call a Locksmith & More

Have you ever walked out of the house and realized immediately that you left the key inside? Maybe you went somewhere and while you were out and about, you realize that you lost your house key? These scenarios happen more often than you think. When you are locked out of your home it puts an immediate damper on the day. You are most likely leaving the house in route to someplace else. Now you are going to be late to that place. The other option is you are getting home after a long day and the couch is calling your name. Now you are left with a dilemma and some decisions that you need to make. The obvious question is how you get back in the house.

Texan Lock & Key Lists Methods You Can Try To Get Back In Your Home When Locked Out

Check to See if Other Doors are Unlocked: The first step that you should take when you realize that you are locked out is to check out the rest of the doors around the house. You most likely have a backdoor, garage door and sometimes even a side door. If you are a good and secure homeowner you will most likely find all these doors shut and locked. If all the doors are locked, you need to go to the next step.
Check to See if Windows Are Locked: The next most feasible option is to check the windows that are around the ground level of the home. There is a chance that one is open or unlocked and you can gain access to the house. Again, if you are a homeowner that values your security you won’t find one unlocked.
Who Has The Spare Key?: Many people choose to leave a key with a family member of friend in case of such an emergency. What happens if that person is not around and they won’t be for a long time? What if they just can’t seem to locate that one off key that was in their kitchen draw? You are no closer to gaining access to your home. You will need to look for another option if your spare key is not available.
Break Into Your Own House: If you feel like you have no other options you may think about breaking in. This is a terrible idea for many different reasons. First you will look a lot like a burglar and someone could potentially call the police on you. Secondly you may end up breaking a window or door that you then will need to block up until it can be repaired. The repairs may be costly and it is really not the last option.
Call A Locksmith: The best option if you find yourself locked out is to call a locksmith. You need a company that offers emergency and mobile services. They will need to come to your location and get you back in your home. This is the best option because we have the tools necessary to gain access without causing any damage to the home.


Texan Lock & Key offers expert locksmith services. Whether you need an auto lockout, to upgrade you commercial security, help with your home safe or any other lock and key problem; call Texan Lock & Key for prompt and reliable locksmith services!

Home Lock Safety Rules in San Marcos, TX; Teaching Kids Techniques for Keeping House & Car Keys Safe

When you are a parent and you have a child that needs to have a house or a car key, you know that it can be nerve racking. The thought that the child will misplace it like they do their shoes, homework and brain half the time is a scary thought. Kids are not always careful with things that they should be taking care of so teaching them how important it is should be a start. The kids need to understand what the repercussions are if they do happen to leave the key laying around and someone gets a hold of it. The key gives that person access to your home which is housing to not only your family but all your personal belongings too. You can teach the kids about the cost of what is in the home as well as how the safety of the family is compromised if the key is lost. A would be burglar may not hit right away, they could wait it out for a few days and come when you are unsuspecting. They can also cost you money since the key went missing the parents now have to pay for a replacement key. The family may decide for safety reasons that they need to change out the locks and have new locks installed in the home. These will cost the family money and will require some time to have it done as well.

Texan Lock & Key List Ways to Help Kids Keep Their House & Car Key Safe

Use A Keyring or Lanyard: With the internet at your fingertips from your computer or your cell phone you can browse thousands of keychains. Handing a single key over to a child even if it is on a small ring is not a great idea. You want to get the child a lanyard that they can keep around their neck at all times and even tucked under their shirt. You can get a keyring that has an attachment that can be secured inside a backpack or a purse. This is a great way to keep the key in a secured spot so that you don’t have to worry about them setting it down. It will be on their person or in their bag until they remove it when they are standing at the door to use it.
Key Rack At Home: When the kids come home from school you don’t want them to throw their keys like they do the rest of their stuff. Kids are known for strewing their items all over and in a matter of minutes forgetting where they are. The same will go for keys if you don’t have a place for them to land. It is a great idea to have a rack somewhere so that as they walk in the house they can hang them up or place in a drawer. This can become a habit and stop them from losing the key even in the house.


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How to Fix a Door Lock that Won’t Turn, Is Jammed or Stuck in Locked Position in Round Rock, TX

When you get home and want to head inside to relax and your key just won’t turn easily it can be frustrating. Maybe the door knob won’t turn or the lock does not seem to engage properly. Whatever the problems are with your lock it may be a key issue but it can be much more. If you are having an issue with the lock on your home or office you want to look into the different options as to troubleshoot what can be wrong. If you are not sure what the issue is it is a great idea to call a locksmith. We have the ability to come out and look at the area and do a thorough inspection. The inspection will let them know what the problem is and what they need to do to fix it.

Texan Lock & Key List Problems A Locksmith May Find Is Wrong With Your Lock

Key Issues: If you have a key that seems to get stuck or won’t move smoothly in the lock it could be due to a key problem. The key is made to fit in the lock perfectly and when it is turned will engage the lock and open it. If your key has been damaged in any way it can cause the key to no longer work. It could have been scraped or smoothed out by accident. It could be bent and not able to insert all the way in the lock. If this is the reason then you may need to have a new key made but it is usually better to have a new lock installed. When you make a duplicate key from a key that is already giving you trouble you can end up with the exact same problem. The duplicate key will most likely give you the same troubles as the original key.
Faceplate & Strike Plate Problems: There are some occasions that your lock and your key are in great shape and you are still having trouble with opening and closing the lock. The issue could easily be from the original installation of the lock. The strike plate is the part that is inserted into the door and screwed into place. If this is installed incorrectly or not in the right position then you could have a problem with the lock getting stuck. The other area is the faceplate. It is really there for show and just to cover the internal mechanisms of the lock. If it is hung in such a way that it blocks even a tiny part of the lock then it will not be able to function. These two items can be adjusted by a professional locksmith company.
Door Hinges: One problem can actually be the door itself. The door is hanging on either two or three hinges that attach to the door and the door jam. These need to be hung level and in the right position so that the lock and the door line up properly. If they become loose or broken it can cause the door to sag and the lock to be offset and unable to engage.


Texan Lock & Key offers expert locksmith services. Contact us for all your locksmith needs.