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What is the Difference Between Standard Traditional Locks & Smart Locking Systems in Round Rock, TX

It seems that every aspect of life wants to modernize and upgrade all the time. This also includes locksmiths and the types of locks that some people are choosing to use. Everyone wants to increase the amount of technology in their life and that includes how they secure their home. One thing that people choose is to use a digital security system to keep an eye on their home. The more digital options that are available the more people are willing to try it out.

Texan Lock and Key Explains the Differences Between a Standard Lock & Smart Lock

What is a Traditional Standard Lock & How Does it Work: A standard lock is really just a generic term for a lock. This can be any type of lock that does not operate digitally and you have to use a key to engage the lock and open or close it. You can also use a button to lock the door or a thumb turn. These are more often used in bathrooms or bedrooms in a home. Standard locks can also be a deadbolt and any other type of metal locking mechanism. Traditional locks are what you are most likely used to and are used as a standard on homes. They are a good way to secure your home but not great without a deadbolt. Deadbolts are the most secure option in the standard locking system family.
What Is A Smart Lock & Is It Safe: The interesting thing about a smart lock is they are similar to a standard locking system but with a digital enhancement. The digital enhancement makes it so that the lock can be engaged electronically. The cool thing is that these locks can use an app or device to open them. That means that you can locate them remotely if you want to. That makes them easy and convenient for many people. The great thing is that you don’t have to get a ton of keys made to hand out and take back as needed. You can allow access to the lock to someone with a set code and remove the code later if you need to. There is no way to lose a key and have the lock left unsecured. Smart locks are a great way to secure your home. One way is when you leave the house and you realize you might have forgotten to lock the door! No problem. You can secure the lock from your phone while you are on the go without having to head back home.


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Locks in San Antonio, TX Explained; Key or Combination Padlocks, Deadbolt, Single or Double Cylinder & More

The history of locking systems has come a long way and there are many different types that are used now. Locks are a necessity because everyone wants to keep their homes and properties secured. A lock is a quite a general name but is found in many different types and styles. You may be surprised to know that there are several kinds of locks and they each are particular to a specific need. No matter what kind of lock you have if there is a problem with it you need to contact a locksmith. It can be to replace a lost key, replace the lock or to remove it all together.

Texan Lock & Key Spotlights Some Common Types Of Locks

Padlocks: A padlock is a great lock to use if you need to travel with it or need one that is movable. Many people choose to use a padlock style lock on gates, fences, lockers and sheds. The lock is a great way to secure a particular area. The padlock has two main styles that you can choose from. You can go with a standard key padlock that will have a key that is fitted to that lock. You will need to have that key in order to open the lock and access whatever is behind it. The other type of padlock that you can choose from is a combination padlock. This is a standard lock that is used on lockers at a school, gym or office. The combination comes in the packaging of the lock and needs to be memorized or written down so that you can open the lock. The better thing is you don’t have to have a key with you and you can give access to as many people as you want.
Locks For Doors: When you have a lock set up on the door to your home there are several options to secure it. One of the main and most efficient locks you can choose from for a front door is a deadbolt. The deadbolt is the best way to secure an entry point and it is attached into the framing of the door. The deadbolt is a solid lock that makes it so that door is less likely to be kicked in. Another option for a door lock is a single cylinder. This is a lock that can be used as a secondary option along with a deadbolt. The single cylinder has a key on one side and a turn lock on the other side. These are also great for interior doors as well. A lock that some people choose from a door that leads to a garage is a double cylinder. The double cylinder requires a key no matter what side of the door you are on.
Office Door Locks: Another type of lock that is used more commercially the lever handle lock is a great way to lock each room individually. The lever handle can be locked from the outside so that only the person with that particular key can gain access to it.

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Locksmith Guide in Austin, TX; Check out License, Certification, Services, Pricing, Guarantees & More!

More often than not, when you are in need of a locksmith, it is because of an emergency situation. Out of desperation, you contact the first locksmith in your proximity and hope for the best outcome. Unfortunately, this industry attracts scam artists who prey on stressed people and “handyman” often think they have enough information to take on locksmith services. Either of these circumstances is not ideal, as they could lead to damage to your property, or your wallets empty, or both. The biggest favor you can do for yourself, is spend the time to do your homework before the need of a locksmith occurs. This way, you can find a licensed and reputable locksmith that can perform the services you need, quickly and efficiently. With that in mind, we at Texas lock and Key would like to share some additional information to help you locate a legitimate locksmith, in which you can program the contact information in your cell phone in the event of an emergency.

No Two Locksmiths Are Alike

Keep in mind, locksmiths have specialties, as well as favorable tools and equipment to get the services they offer completed; many customers in the community presume all the locksmiths in the industry use the same tools and equipment. That is not always the case as locksmiths may still use similar equipment and an assortment of common tools in the industry. Individual locksmith equipment and tools can still vary. Locksmiths can utilize premium quality tools and equipment or equally so, downgraded versions that are not always up to par. In any case, the locksmith you choose should be utilizing high-end equipment and tools to prevent damage and to perform services in a proficient manner.

Locksmith Services Are Not All Standard

To better understand our meaning, think of fast food chains. One burger joint offers a selection of similar choices to their competitors but they are not exactly alike and some offer menu items not available elsewhere. Locksmith companies are comparable to this scenario. Know what your locksmith offers as far as services, guarantees, and pricing.

Credentials Vary from State to State Among Locksmiths

Unfortunately, like stated before, nearly anyone can claim to be a “locksmith”. After narrowing your choices down from your research, the locksmith should be able to produce some proof as to their profession; licensing, training, business licensing, etc.

Know the Locksmith’s Policies

Work and products are not always guaranteed and have warranties. There are many presumptions that all locksmith services and products have unlimited warranties and guarantees. The locksmith industry is not mandated in many states and locksmiths, particularly the scam artists, can theoretically have you pay for services and products that are poor. If you have a problem relating to any of the services or products used, these individuals can charge you again for additional services and products. Ask about satisfaction guarantees and warranties on products and services as you narrow down your finalists. A reputable company wants their customers happy for returned business and will prove their dedication.


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Car Break In Statistics; How to Avoid Someone Breaking into Your Automobile in Killeen, TX

In the last few years, crimes against vehicles have escalated. Theft and damage assessed from breaking in to steal personal property or the vehicle’s upgraded accessories has skyrocketed. It is estimated that each year, $1,255 billion dollars in personal items and car accessories are stolen from vehicles. By practicing a few simple habits, you can significantly reduce the risk of your automobile becoming another statistic. With that in mind, we at Texan Lock and Key would like to share some tips and advice on how you can keep your car safer and avoid it getting victimized by a break-in.

How to Avoid Someone Breaking into Your Car

1) Keep Doors Locked. This first suggestion seems like a pretty obvious one. The number of people who think their neighborhoods are safe, or presume running into a gas station for five minutes is enough to deter criminal mischief is more than you might think. Most vehicles are vandalized because of convenient circumstances. Few vehicle break-ins are planned. If a person spots an easy mark, despite the area of town you are in, they will often cease an opportunity.
2) Avoid clutter in Your Car. Keeping your car tidy and bare makes it fairly obvious that there are no valuables lying around. To those so inclined, spotting shopping boxes, packages, purses, backpacks, and other personal effects will make them presume there are valuables to loot, promoting your vehicle to be ransacked.
3) Conceal Valuables in Vehicle. In the event you need to carry valuables in your vehicle, always keep them out of sight. Utilize the glove boxes, compartment boxes, and under the seat to hide your treasures. Keeping personal property out of view will deter the thieves from gambling on a vehicle that may or may not have a payload stashed away.
4) Utilize Trunk Space. When you are on a shopping binge and visiting multiple locations, always put your purchases in the trunk where it will remain unseen. Those who are experienced will often walk the parking lots in search of an easy score. Shopping bags clearly marked lingering on the backseat is a sure way to get your car broken into.
5) Close Windows & Sunroofs. The perfect weather often inspires the windows and sunroofs to open up. Wanting to air out the stagnant smells and make it fresh results in the windows or sunroof left open, even just slightly. Resist the urge. Seasoned thieves can manipulate glass and can easily gain entry to your vehicle. Keep the windows and sunroof tightly secure when you are not around.
6) Car alarms. Car alarms are well worth the investment. When someone is breaking in to your automobile and loud noises emit from the car, it draws attention to it, and that is one thing criminals do not want, at least while they are committing the act. More often than not, a car alarm can chase away ill intent.
7) Original Audio System is Choice. The upgraded sound systems add motivation for your vehicle to be targeted. Keep in mind, there is no demand for factory audio-systems, and in most cases, factory stereos produce adequate quality music for your commute.
8) Park in High Visibility Areas. Always opt for the well lit parking spots that are open and in high traffic areas, it will make your vehicle less vulnerable. At home, use the garage for its intended use and keep your car safely tucked inside.


By instituting these tips in your life, you can increase the safety of your vehicle and the valuables inside. On the flip side, sometimes you can be locked out of your vehicle and need assistance. Contact Texan Lock and Key if this circumstance happens and our trained experts will quickly and efficiently get you back into your vehicle without inflicting any damage.

Sliding Glass Door Security in Houston, TX; Burglar Proof By Adding Bars, Locks, Wooden Dowels & More

It’s no secret that the sliding glass doors are one of the most vulnerable entry methods to homes. Unless you take extra precautions, the sliding glass door is targeted by unsavory characters that are looking to gain entry to your home in an effort to take what’s not theirs. Though these doors have added benefits and practical use, if you have them featured in your home, you have options to ensure their security and better protect your loved ones and your valuables. With that in mind, Texan Lock and Key would like to offer some tips and advice on how you can increase the security of your sliding glass door.

Sliding Glass Door Security Tips & Measures

1) Locks. Generally, a hook lock with the switch located under the handle is the standard locking mechanism for sliding glass doors. First, ensure the lock is functioning properly installing any upgrades. To assess the efficiency, close the door and lock it and try opening the door. Repairs need to be made if the door lock isn’t latching or there is just too much give on the frame. Make certain the primary locking mechanism is in working order is important to the security of your home.
2) Additional Locks. Where some criminal experts can beat the standard lock on sliding glass doors, installing a single or double locking system that attaches to the closure point on your door and have steel bolts that drop into place can significantly improve the protection. These locks are simple to install and can be installed at any height.
3) Slide Locking Bar. Investing in a door sliding locking bar will add even more durability to the security of the sliding glass doors to your home. A perfect length wood dowel or metal bar sits in the door track that resists any forced entry hindering the door to slide open. This security addition is highly recommended in addition to any locking upgrades you equip.
4) Door Tracks and Rollers. To improve the sliding glass door’s security, the door tracks and rollers need be sufficiently maintained. Generally made of plastic, the rollers after time and excessive use will deteriorate and making the sliding door difficult to maneuver. Someone can exploit the weakness relatively easy because if the door is not rolling well it can easily lift from the track. Periodically treat the tracks with proper cleaning and ensure it is well lubricated; when necessary, replace the rollers.
5) Alarm System. An alarm system can maximize the overall protection your loved ones, your home and your valuables from the outside world. Make certain the alarm system is wired to the sliding glass door. If you already have installed an alarm system, double check the sliding glass door is included in the wiring system.


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