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Door Lock Stuck in Locked Position in San Antonio, TX & Other Locking Mechanism Problems

Every day you go in and out of doors and set the lock. This is something that we often take for granted because a good sturdy lock will last without too many problems for some time. When you go to lock your door and find there is a problem most people panic. With lives becoming more and more busy there isn’t time to waste dealing with a finicky lock. Knowing about some of the common issues that happen with locks is a great start.

Texan Lock & Key Lists Common Lock Issues & How to Fix Them

Key Broke Off in Lock: This is a real pain and may seem impossible to fix. A broken key is usually as a result of a lock that sticks and force is used to open the lock. The key may start to bend which makes the normal sturdiness weaken. The best thing you can do is to avoid a broken off key. Start by being gentle when you engage the lock and if you notice too much resistance stop. You may need to have the lock repaired or replaced. If you notice that your key is bend even slightly you may want to have a duplicate key made. If the key breaks off be sure to call a locksmith to retrieve the piece or replace the lock.
Key Won’t Go In Lock: Have you ever walked up to your door and tried to stick in the key to no avail. The first step, which may seem silly, is to ensure that you are using the right key. No need to sound the alarm that there is a problem until you check the simplest fix. If you have had a duplicate key made and this is the first time you are using it the problem may be the new key. If the key is not exact it will not fit the lock. One way to check is to use the old key to see if it still works. If so you may need to get a new key cut from a reputable locksmith. Other issues may be due to debris that has gotten in the locking mechanism that is stopping your key from inserting. Be sure that your key is clean and clear of lint and dirt when using it. If there is already debris in the lock you may need to call out a locksmith.
Lock Won’t Engage: Another lock issue is when you go to lock the door but the bolt will not engage fully. This is usually the issue with a deadbolt that is a great lock to secure an outgoing door. The bolt needs to be aligned perfectly with the door frame. If there is any play in the door or the frame it can become out of sync and that will cause the bolt to come against a block. The problem may not be the lock at all but the door frame or door itself.


Texan Lock & Key offers expert locksmith services. No matter whether residential, commercial or automotive; Contact us for all your lock and key needs!

What to Expect when Hiring a Professional Locksmith Services Company in Austin, TX

The types of service a locksmith company offers may vary. However a professional locksmith company should always offer some essential services. For those companies who may be lacking, you may want to consider an alternative locksmithing company. Texan Lock and Key will share some of those key services when someone is looking around for a professional locksmith, and what should be expected from a professional locksmith company.

Free Locksmith Job Quotes

An experienced and reputable locksmith company should be able to provide free job quotes. Any extra charges or fees that may be tacked on should be known before services are acquired. Sometimes there are extra fees for emergencies or after hour services.

Locksmith Services Offered

There are many locks that we use in our home and vehicles, from safe locks to alarm systems and much more. A professional locksmith company should be able to provide a wide range of locksmith services. However some rather reputable locksmith may specialize in one or two types of locksmithing, so don’t only base your decision on how many types of locksmithing they can do.

Locksmith Professionalism & Competency

When locking for a professional locksmithing company they should be professional in their approach and give proper estimates on how long the job should take. Additionally, they should have all of the tools they need to get the job done. If they advertise that they handle automobile, residential, commercial or etc. they should arrive with all the tools and skills to get the job done properly. Keep in mind new employees are hired and trained all the time, so make sure to at least be somewhat understanding. However if it seems to be a complete wreck, there is a good chance their employees weren’t trained very well.

Final Locksmith Invoice

A good locksmith company should be able to provide an invoice that is easily understood. Any invoice should show the services provided and the charges for those services. Any added fees should be plain and easily understood. If the final invoice doesn’t even come close to the original quote, you may be able to dispute it. However, a professional locksmith company should present an invoice close that is right on or close to the original quote.

24/7 Locksmith Services

An essential service that any locksmith should provide is after hour emergency locksmithing. Most locksmith companies realize that people are active all day and even all night, and especially those who work graveyard shifts. In such cases, when losing keys late at night, a locksmith that can respond at all hours if necessary.


Some additional advice: when looking for a good and reputable locksmith company, ask friends, family or co-workers if they have used one before and if they recommend any certain company. Make sure to look at the company’s reviews and see what other people are saying about them. You will find that Texan Lock & Key provides a wide range of locksmithing services professionally and honestly. We offer services 24 hours a day, seven days a week so no one is locked out of their home, vehicle or business. No one knows when they may lose their keys or if their keys will get stolen. You will find Texan Lock & Key can help regardless of the situation. Contact Texan Lock & Key during your next lockout emergency.

Auto & Home Security in Killeen, TX; Bump Key Proof Locks, Lock Bumping Prevention & More

Many of us leave our home in the sure knowledge that our doors and windows are locked securing our domiciles pending our return. But how secure is secure, and short of breaking windows or kicking doors, how can our security efforts be defeated? We need options!

Bump Key Proof Locks & Lock Bumping Prevention

Bumping a lock is a lock-picking technique and requires a special key. The specially configured key and spring is “bumped” or struck forcing the pins to lock in the open position. This is a real problem with older or cheap locksets, while the new sets are designed to prevent this simple technique. These newer sets that are designed to defeat this technique have various marks on the face of the dead bolt, a vertical line, plus sign or Underwriters Lab (UL) seal of security. Make sure you buy a tamper proof lock. High end older locks are expensive to replace, but a locksmith can replace the pins with heavy duty pins and springs or buy a light commercial grade lock. A bit more expensive but adds so much more security. Some of these locks can slow down or defeat even a determined thief employing picks and snap-guns.

Security through obscurity

Security through obscurity” is the phrase that describes substandard mechanisms that are easily defeated with the proper knowledge. Locksport is a recreational lock defeating sport designed to illuminate the deficiency of a security product. Like a grey-hat hacker that finds vulnerabilities in software and hardware, so these exploitations can be addressed, Locksport participants hack locks. These practitioners feel that “full disclosure” of security products and their vulnerabilities is being responsible. The US Lock picking 101 site has some interesting information for doing research into the performance of various locks.

Slim Jim Car Opener

Vehicle locks were once defeated by the use of a ‘slim jim’, a shim with a hook slipped down the side of the glass unlocking the doors. Auto manufacturers now make this difficult and in cars with side airbags dangerous as the bag in the door can be tripped driving the slim jim up into the manipulator.

How to Fight Burglary

You have keyless entry so not to worry; well in the security wars the thieves escalate to defeat new technologies. Code grabbers scan the broadcast signal of keyless and remote vehicle entry and can unlock your car. Thieves are notoriously fast. They can be in and out of a car with cell phones, computers and GPS and other items in less than 45 seconds. They know they’re operating with severe time constraints and perform accordingly. Typical home burglars are in and out in under 8 minutes, as the typical response times on alarms are 15 minutes or more. Thieves time themselves to be in and out of a home in under 10 minutes. That is why burglary losses sometimes appear random at what the thieves steal on time versus perceived value. Guns, electronics and jewelry head the list. But items like collector eggs, bottle collections and coin collections are also taken. Though most are not Faberge eggs, these appear expensive even if they’re not. So on exiting your car use the inside lock key, that doesn’t broadcast your code. Simple procedure, yes it is, but an effective solution for defeating the ‘code grabber’.


In many cases security is a state of mind and developing good habits. Texan Lock & Key can help secure your home or business. Contact us for a consultation today!