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Casing Frisco, TX Neighborhoods; What Do Burglars Look for in a House to Break Into?

Texan Lock & Key is dedicated to helping you keep your home safe. We know that with the right locking system, it can help keep your home safer. However there are other weaknesses homes have that burglars look for, and not just a cheap lock they can easily pick to gain entrance. Today Texan Lock & Key wants to share some studies that show what burglars look for when they are planning on targeting a home.

Why Burglars Single Your Home Out to Break Into?

1. No security system. If a home doesn’t have a security system, most burglars are more confident in breaking into a home. Without security, such as alarms, cameras, and linked systems to a security agency makes your home a bigger and more attractive target.
2. Poor exterior lighting. Homes with either poor or no lighting at all also make burglars feel more confident in entering your property without being noticed or seen. If your home doesn’t have any light such as front or back yard lighting or motion sensor lighting they are prone to more break-ins.
3. Signs no one is home. Burglars will watch a neighborhood and take note when the home is empty, especially when kids are back in school. They will watch for homes where the kids are at school and both parents are gone. They will also target homes during the summer or during popular vacation events and holidays. If you do go on vacation, make sure you have someone collect your mail and newspapers while you’re gone. If possible, leave a vehicle outside to make it look like someone is home. Additionally, never broadcast on social media that you’re planning a vacation and when. If you want to share how great the vacation was, wait until you get home and keep that information minimal.
4. No dogs. Dogs often play a big role in deterring burglars. For those with loud and territorial dogs, most burglars will avoid these homes in fear of the dog’s aggression or that they may alert neighbors or homeowners. If you are not the type of person who wants or even likes dogs but want to give the illusion you have a dog, put a dog toy near the back gate or even in the front yard to give a burglar the impression that you have a dog roaming your yard and home.
5. Homes near a major highway. Homes that are located near a major highway are often targeted since a person can get in and out of the home and onto a major highway in order to get far from the crime scene. They also can easily get mixed up in the cluster of other vehicles on the road. For homes that are located near a major freeway, and especially if an on ramp is within 5 miles of your home, you may want to consider having a proper home defense.


Texan Lock & Key provides security management and inspection services. If you’re not sure if your home is properly secured, or you want to improve your current security system, contact Texan Lock & Key. We can help inspect and improve your homes security and help keep your home and family safe.

Can You Get a Copy Cut from a Broken House, Car or Work Key in San Marcos, TX

When the only copy of your key gets broken, most will begin to panic and wonder if a broken key can get copied. This is a common scenario and many people will begin calling or asking locksmiths if it is possible to copy their broken key. Texan Lock and Key is here to answer that question and should you break your key, how you can replace it.

Can You Make a Copy of a Broken Key?

With a few exceptions, in most cases the answer is yes; a broken key can get copied. The process of copying a broken key can vary as it will depend on the actual condition of the broken key. However, you don’t want to ask just any hardware store employee to copy a broken key because they don’t have the equipment to do that. You will typically need an actual locksmith.

How Do You Get a Key Cut from a Broken Key?

One of the simplest methods of coping broken keys is to insure you have all the piece of the key. However the most important part of the key that is needed to make the copy is the grooved blade or shank of the key. If your key broke off inside of a lock, you will want to remove the broken blade of the key in order to make the copy. However if the key is stuck and you are unable to remove it yourself, you will need to contact a locksmith to help you remove the broken key from out of the lock. If the key is beyond copying you can also ask a locksmith to come and do key replacement services.

Does the Type of Broken Car Key Matter?

This is another common question when it comes to copying a broken key. Yes, various key blanks are restricted. For example, car keys can’t always be easily copied. Older car keys are easier to copy than modern keys. Newer vehicles mostly use coded keys that contain a specific VIN that’s unique to each vehicle. Modern car keys can be copied if the key code is preserved.

Is it Easy to Copy a Broken House Key?

House keys are one of the easiest keys to copy. Most common cheap blank keys are easily copy. Even if the key broke in such a way that the pieces won’t line up with the key cutter a locksmith still can make a copy as stated earlier by replacement key services. When a locksmith replaces either a broken key or a lost key, they can easily cut a key by hand. However most common locks such as Kwikset or Schlage use key codes which can help determine the kind of key your home uses. This can help make it easier to copy.

Is Replacement of Broken Commercial Keys Possible?

Some will ask if a patented key, such as a work key, where there are limited copies available to employees, can be replaced. Patented keys if broken can be copied as well. However depending on the type of patented key, you may need authorization before you can make a copy. Either the business owner will need to give permission or have the keys copied himself. Certain patented keys do use complex codes that may be difficult to decode. However locks that use a code key come with a code card and that can make it easier to decode the key in order to make a copy.


In short, yes most keys, even those that are broken, can be copied or replaced. When your key breaks, contact Texan Lock and Key. We can help copy or replace your broken keys.

How to Open a Locked Interior Bedroom Door Without a Key in Round Rock, TX

When you are running through your house trying to get all the things done that happen to be on your list you can make some errors. Too often you are walking out of a room and shut the door only to realize that you locked the door! That is one reason that you may end up locked out of your bedroom. Maybe a young child unknowingly will lock the door and shut it which means that you are now stuck trying to get back in. Whatever the reason you are stuck out of your bedroom there is hope. Of course the options to get back in will be simpler if the lock or key is not damaged but from user error. If the lock or even the key has been damaged then you will need to use the services of a locksmith to gain access to the room and have it replaced. If you don’t need to replace the lock but gain access to the room you might be able to try getting in on your own. If you are unsure about what to do you need to use a locksmith so that you do not cause more damage to the lock. Knowing what type of lock you are dealing with will be the first step in getting in.

Texan Lock & Key Outlines the Different Types of Bedroom Locks & How to Gain Access When Locked Out

Un-keyed Handle: This is a handle that many people have on their bedroom and interior doors. The handle does not have any locking mechanism at all and you can open and close them as you please. They are on this list because you can still get locked out. Not in the sense that someone has manually locked it but the handle might malfunction. The great thing is that the use of a stiff card does work in this instance. You can wiggle the card down and disengage the mechanism that holds the door shut. You may need to have the doorknob and handle replaced.
Indoor Privacy Lock: If you have an interior door that you want to offer some privacy to that room then you most likely have a privacy lock. The lock has a button that can be pressed that is in the inside of the door and on the outside there is a single hole. No key hole but a standard straight pin will do the trick. The button offers some form of privacy but the ease in opening it can be done with any item that is small enough to fit in that hole. You can decompress the release allowing the door to be opened.
Key Door Knob: This is one of the most secure options that people may use on their interior door. The door can be locked form the inside with a latch. The only want to get in is a key just like the kind you use on your front door lock. That means you need that exact key to get in and not just anything will do. This lock will require the help of a locksmith to get you back in and have a new key made if you lose it.


Texan Lock & Key offers expert locksmith services. Contact us if you are ever locked out or need other assistance with your locks and keys.

When Locksmith Skills Are Needed in San Antonio, TX; I Lost My Keys But Don’t Have a Spare & More

There are several reasons why a locksmith is hired; replacement locks, maintenance or repairs, installations, and so forth. But when the locksmith is needed, it most often entails an emergency situation. We at Texan Lock and Key would like to discuss the emergencies when having our number in your cell phone is the most optimal solution. With our emergency locksmith services being available 24/7 your emergency will be quickly remedied.

Locksmith Skills Needed; How to Get a House Key Made Without the Original & More

1) Getting locked out of home, office, and/or vehicle: Where sometimes during the day light hours you can find assistance from a trusted friend, family member, or colleague, it may prove a challenge in the late evening hours especially. Ensuring your have dependable source out of this sticky situation can be very useful and no matter if it is day or night, locksmith emergency services is readily available.
2) Lost keys. When keys are missing and you are trying to lock up, or more common, gain entry to your vehicle, the situation often occurs when you were out and somehow managed to lose the keys and they need back inside their vehicle. No matter what you need to open, the lost keys have presented a frustrating challenge. Whether your keys were in fact lost or stolen, getting the situation resolved with new locks is especially needed.
3) Failed locking mechanisms for drawers, cabinets, safes, and other such security frameworks. Even when the electronic aspects to security features fail to respond and the important documents are needed, you can’t be always troubleshoot your way through it and having a specialist to help you quickly get through the faulty lock in an emergency situation is favorable.
4) Fortification before extended periods away. Going away for weeks or even months for vacation, personal matters, or for work can have an edge of an excitement under the right circumstances, but no matter what has call you away, the last thing you need is to stress over the safety of your home, assets, and valuables. Before you catch the flight or get on the road, call in a locksmith in a hurry to evaluate and analyze your home’s locks and security features to give you the peace of mind you deserve.
5) On the scene of a car accident. Whether you are involved or just a witness, the locks can be jammed when someone has impacted a vehicle. Being proactive and calling emergency vehicles first followed by an emergency locksmith service can get people out of locked vehicle fast. In addition, during the scorching summers when folks leave pets or small children locked in a sweltering vehicle, having a locksmith quickly respond to save the trapped souls is equally beneficial.


An emergency situation leaves you with little time, when you have emergency contact list prepared you should always include an emergency locksmith as well. With Texan Lock and Key emergency hours, our specialists can quickly come to your assistance and deliver the appropriate services quickly and efficiently. Keep us in your emergency contact list and we will be there when you need us in a hurry.