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Types & Grades of Deadbolts in Round Rock, TX; Advantages of Deadbolt Lock Installations

Deadbolt locks are a reliable and fairly common for residential security options. They have been used for years and as they evolved they have become more and more effective. Deadbolt locks are an upgrade from spring bolt locks. They provide a stronger defense from burglars and other such trespassers. Given you peace of mind knowing you are safer, deadbolts prevent many break-ins. Because of their efficiency, many prefer the deadbolt compared to pin tumbler locks that are part of doorknobs as well and will use it conjunction with the pin tumbler locks as an extra security measure. Deadbolts are constructed with a number of materials, but of the most durable, hardened steel are exceptional. With that in mind, we at Texan Lock and Key would like to briefly discuss deadbolts.

Advantages of Deadbolt Lock Installations

As previously touched on, deadbolts are a beneficial addition to security for any home. The advantages are well worth the investment. Below you will find just a few examples of the benefits and advantages deadbolts offer.
Maximum strength – Deadbolts are a challenge for even seasoned criminal to try and beat. The time-consuming nature of the difficulty only exposes criminal activities. As a result, most will bypass the deadbolt for an easier target.
Durability – A higher defense is provided from aggressive physical attacks due to the complexity of locking system.
Absent of spring mechanism – Break-ins cannot usually be done based on crowbars or knives to get past them because the deadbolt is not designed with the spring mechanism.

Different Types of Deadbolts

Not only are deadbolts one of the best locks but they are available in different varieties to offer more convenience to homeowners. The common deadbolt locks include the keyless cylinder deadbolt locks, single cylinder deadbolt locks, and double cylinder deadbolt locks.
Keyless cylinder deadbolt locks: These locks are known for the effectiveness and simplicity to use. This lock requires a code or fingerprint scan. Locking the door simply is done with the touch of a button or using the knob.
Single cylinder deadbolt locks: These deadbolt locks are standard and fairly straight forward. This lock is locked or unlocked with a turn of the key. Single cylinder deadbolt locks are of the most commonly used in doors that do not have fragile glass close to the thumb piece.
Double cylinder deadbolt locks: A key is required for both sides. This lock is especially ideal for when there is fragile glass in close proximity to the door knob. These locks can prove to be problematic when people need a quick exit.

Deadbolt Lock Grades; 1,2 & 3

When selecting the right deadbolt for you, there are more options to consider as well. The locks are graded; Grade 1, Grade 2 and Grade 3. Grade 1 is the superior grade. It offers more durability and security with its maximum efficiency. Grade 2 is middle class, has effectiveness but still room for improvement. Grade 3 can still offer some level of security, but is the lower quality. In addition to the grade, there are enhancement accessories available for the graded locks that can amplify their quality as well.

Locksmith Services in Killeen, Austin, San Antonio, Round Rock, San Marcos, Frisco, New Braunfels & Houston Texas

If you are looking to upgrade your locks and are considering the deadbolt, call in the experts of Texan Lock and Key and let our experts help you find the right deadbolt for your home and get it installed as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Times You Need Local Emergency Locksmith Services in San Antonio, TX; Lockout, Failing Locks & More

Having to call a locksmith most likely means your day isn’t going very well. When you have a simple need for locksmith services then you have time to choose the best one for your needs or one that is close. In the case of emergency services, you will need help right away. Look for one that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Emergency locksmith services will assist you with the most urgent problems in a timely manner. They are there when you need them the most. If you find yourself in one of the following five situations you will need emergency locksmith services.

5 Reasons You Need Emergency Locksmith Services

1. When you have locked yourself out of an office, house or car. If this happens in the middle of the day you can easily call friends or family for help. But if it happens in the middle of the night or it’s hard for someone to get to you, then you’ll need professional help.
2. When you’ve lost your keys. It can be terribly frustrating when you realize you’ve lost your keys. The two reasons this happens is when someone has stolen your keys, or you have lost them. You will need to have your locks changed right away to keep your home and family safe so call for professional help.
3. When locks fail to open. This can include safes, vaults, drawers, cupboards and any other security locks. It can be aggravating when you can’t get these to open as they usually hold important papers or items. To get them open quickly you can call professionals for help.
4. When you are leaving for an extended period of time. Vacations are a blast but not if you come home to a burglarized house. This can be devastating. If you can’t have someone look after your home while you’re gone then have a locksmith come in to check your locks before you leave.
5. When you witness a car accident. Emergency services may be required if there are people trapped inside their car because the locks have become jammed. You can call an emergency locksmith services for help.

Emergency Locksmith Services in Killeen, Austin, San Antonio, Round Rock, San Marcos, Frisco, New Braunfels & Houston Texas

Professional locksmiths are always learning and are up to date with new technology. We are committed to your safety and security which will provide you with peace of mind. When your home, office or car is broken into you feel extremely vulnerable. We will get you through a daunting situation so you can get things back to normal as quickly as possible. You can trust Texan Lock & Key for the best service available in the area to quickly assist you. Give us a call day or night, any day of the week to provide you with residential and commercial locksmith services.

Home Safety Tips for this Winter Season in Austin, TX; Install Secure Door Locks, Good Outdoor Lighting & More

If you are a homeowner then you know that you need to be aware of the security of your home. You wouldn’t leave all your doors and windows open while you leave on vacation. We all take time to secure our house when we are not home and even when we are home. You might think the security on your home is good enough but doing an inspection is a great idea. The winter months will actually increase the amount of burglaries by nearly 25%. That means that you need to be more cautious of the safety of your home. If you do more you can do your part to prevent a potential intruder. There are some areas that you may overlooked and you can increase your home safety in. You want to be able to feel safe in your home and you have to secure your home in order to do that.

Texan Lock & Key Lists Steps to Add Home Security this Winters Season

Install Secure Door Locks: It may come as a shock to you that many people are lacking in the types of locks necessary to your home. A simple turn lock is not enough to secure a front or back door. You can check your front door to start and see what type of locks you have. Many homes don’t have an adequate lock which would be to install a deadbolt. This is the best type of lock to stop an intruder from kicking the door in. The great thing is that the deadbolt will insert into the door framing and does not move on a spring. It is a long bolt and when installed correctly it can be extremely difficult to break down a door. You also want to ensure that the back door, garage door and other exterior doors are secured in a proper way. A locksmith can come out and replace or install new locks to secure your doors this winter.
Outdoor Patio & Landscape Lighting: Another way you can prevent a would be burglar is to install lights. If you think about the easiest way to hide it is in the dark. If you have a front porch or side of the house that is dark it is the perfect place for an intruder to hide while they attempt to access your house. You can use lights that go on when there is movement. They are set to a sensor so that they come on when needed rather than running all day and night. Add lights where they are necessary such as in front of the house, garage and backyard as well.
Home Security Systems Deter Burglars: When you are looking to keep someone out of your house you can use an alarm system. The alarm is a way to alert you that there is someone that has gained access to your house. The noise also will usually scare off someone that is coming in the house.


Texan Lock & Key offers audits, inspections and other services to meet your locksmith needs. Contact us for more information today.

Burglar Tools of the Trade & Common Burglary Tactics in Killeen, TX; Secure Locks to Prevent Theft

You do all you can to make your home safe and secure. In a time where so many people are brazen enough to just walk inside your home and take your treasures, it is best to arm yourself to the max. Knowing how burglars operate can help you better strategize your defense. With that in mind, we at Texan Lock and Key have compiled a list of common tricks and tactics burglars rely on to break into your home in an effort to help fortify your castle.

Professional Burglar Secrets

1) Door Locks. One of the most frequently used methods is to focus on bypassing your door’s locks; whether it is your house, business, or even the vehicle. The job is easier when lifting your possessions and they opt to make the task as quick and simple as possible to avoid being caught. To draw less attention to their actions, burglars will try bypassing the lock before resorting to damaging it. To do so, locks are picked, bumped, or snapped by the burglars. In some cases, the burglars will resort to drilling the lock or simply kicking the door if they are desperate and don’t think anyone is nearby.
2) Windows. Windows are a vulnerable and will frequently be treated like a lock to many burglars. The windows require little manpower to compromise their security. More often than not, these sinister people are able to just open the window as the homeowners neglect locking the windows. The windows typically selected are the ones that are concealed by vegetation to offer them more cover. Two story buildings that have accessible windows are also targeted because many owners assume that they are unreachable and are indifferent towards locking them up. It is important that homeowners and business owners ensure the windows and doors are locked on a daily bases before leaving or going to bed.
3) Stakeouts. If there is a specific property that appeals to the criminal minded or they know of a valuable item inside, it is fairly common for the burglar to stakeout the building first. They study the daily interactions and your habits to plan their activities.
4) Door-To-Door Inspection. Often apart of the stakeouts, burglars will pose as a solicitor of sorts to scope out the interior of the building for their plans as well as extract as much information as they can from you without looking obvious.
5) Garage. When the windows and locks are not available with optimal circumstances, burglars will exploit the secondary entry points, especially garages. As the garage door is not properly secured, some criminals will skip the windows and doors and take advantage of unknowing homeowners and use the minimal security of the garage door. Not only are garage doors not adequately secured, but it also provides more concealment; giving burglar’s ample time and opportunity to get all they want.
6) Social Media. Social media is often disregarded as any kind of aid to criminals. Too many people insist on sharing far too many details of their life. If the wrong people want to monitor your social media, they don’t necessarily need to be your friend in order to do it. These people find ways around the privacy settings and will get useful information simply by reading your posts and updates. They especially pay attention to events where gifts are plentiful, such as Christmas and birthdays as well as when everyone has left the home for a specific amount of time, particularly vacations and get-a-ways.
7) Earn your Trust. Some scam artists go to such lengths as becoming a trusted acquaintance, friend, employee, or other such person your life. These situations are usually opportunistic though there are cases where targets where specifically engaged. When the time is right and they have your trust, your guard is down, and the opportunity arises, these crafty individuals will exploit their relationship and make off with a treasure trove.
8) Practice. Some burglars commonly use the repeat visit methods. They will come by to check the windows, another time to test the lock’s integrity, another to calculate the timing, and so on. Sometimes these people leave behind small details of their visit and those more observant can cue in on them. Such as the lock looks tampered with, though the window is locked it is slightly shifted out of place; some nearby shrubs have broken branches or crushed down by weight.


To help minimize your home being victimized, avoid over sharing on social media, routinely ensure windows and doors are locked, keep the landscaping well manicured and the trees and bushes thinned out. Also consider home security systems complete with alarms and video surveillance. Finally, have Texan Lock and Key audit the integrity of your locks. Our experts will present optimal solutions to ensure all the locks, including to the garage door. Contact us today!

How to Remove a Broken Key from a Door Lock in Houston, TX; Can it Be Repaired or Replaced?

When you pull out your keys to unlock your house only to find the key is broken it can put a real damper on the day. The key is an important part of your life from opening your car, house, office, desk drawer and safes to name a few. When the key is broken it is not likely that the metal key can be glued back together. There are better options that are much more feasible. Depending on the key and where the damage or break has occurred, the repair or replacement options available will be different.

Texan Lock & Key Lists Ways Your Key May Break & What You Can Do About It

How Your Key May Break in a Lock: The ways that a key breaks can be different depending partially on the usage as well as the type of key. A standard metal house key can break when you go to use it in the lock to your house. The key over time, especially if the lock is sticky, can become weaker and weaker and eventually break. When the key breaks off in the lock you need to call out a locksmith to remove the piece and make plans on repairing the lock and key. The other problem that happens is the key that you have for your vehicle. Most keys for your car have some form of casing that has a battery in it as well as buttons to access the car. The problem comes when you drop your keys on the ground and the fob part of the key breaks. The actual part that inserts in the lock is intact and that requires a different type of repair.
How to Get a Broken Key Out of a Door Lock: If you have a key that has been broken off and there is a part in the lock, you need to have the key replaced. The part that has been left in the lock will need to be removed from the area by a professional. Often we have to pull off the lock off and take it apart to get the key out. The key will not be able to be repaired but replaced. The key has to be cut and remade or the entire lock has to be replaced in its entirety.
How To Fix A Broken Car Key: If you have a car key that has been damaged the repairs are different. If the case on the key has come apart then the repair can be a bit more simple. Often the casing can be put back together. If the attachment has been damaged you can have a replacement casing added. If the metal part of the key has been broken or damaged the repair is to make a new key. The new key will need to be set to work with your particular vehicle.


If you are have a key that has been damaged in any way it is best to contact a locksmith. Texan Lock & Key can come out and make the appropriate repairs or replacements. Texan Lock & Key can handle all your locksmith needs.