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Car Theft Prevention Tips & Devices in Houston, TX; Locked Doors, Steering Wheel Locks & More

Car theft is major concern for many people. The State of Texas is the second highest state for car theft with California being the first. With Texas being so high on the list of car thefts you will want to make sure you do want you can to keep your car safe. Texan Lock and Key will share a few ways you can help prevent your car from being stolen.

How to Prevent Car Theft at Home & Away

1. Always want to keep your vehicle doors locked at all times. Most people have no problem using their car remote lock button. However, sometimes the battery dies and in such cases, we sometimes forget to manually lock our vehicles until you replace your batteries. Luckily car locks aren’t as easily picked as residential locks where you can use a bump key to unlock a door. In most cases car thieves will prey on better opportunities and hopefully stumble across an unlocked car.
2. Never leave your vehicle(s) unattended and unlocked. Now sometimes you can’t help but leave your vehicle in a parking garage or lot when you go to work or even on school grounds. Parking garages usually have security which helps reduce the chances of car theft. When parking, try to park your vehicle in a parking spot where you can view it if possible, or choose a more open area. Avoid parking your vehicle in isolated areas. If a car thief feels comfortable enough to take the necessary time to steal your car, they will.
3. Never leave your vehicle running unattended. Even if you’re running into your home, gas station or a friend’s house for just a quick minute. This is one of the worst things you can do. A car thief needs only that quick second to jump into your vehicle and take off. Make sure to always turn off your vehicle, take the keys, and lock the vehicle each time you leave your car even if it will only be a quick second.
4. Don’t rely on just your car lock to keep car thieves from stealing your vehicle. All your windows need to be rolled all the way up. Some people like to roll their window down slightly, like half of an inch to allow air to circulate around the vehicle. There are a number of ways car thieves steal cars. Even a window rolled down slightly can become a target. Make sure to keep your windows rolled up and impenetrable.
5. Regardless of your best efforts your vehicle could still get stolen. This is why it is strongly encouraged to never leave personal property or documents inside your vehicle. You can deter some car thief’s by using steering wheel locks, brake locks, or even install a GPS device to track your vehicle in the event it is stolen. Sometimes just seeing a steering wheel lock is enough to encourage a car thief to keep walking.


Texan Lock and Key are dedicated to protecting your home and personal property. We hope you practice car theft prevention and keep your vehicle safe. For automotive security and lock consultation or locksmithing services, contact Texan Lock and Key today.

What is Commercial Building Security in New Braunfels, TX? Locks, Exterior Lighting & More

Your business is a place that you store what you are selling, trading or making. That is why when you open your own business you want to do what you can to secure the location. The location is also a place that your employees will come to work and you want them to feel safe and secure. If you want to prevent break ins and anyone from damaging your office you need to do what you can to increase the security. The security of your business is paramount in keeping it from being invaded.

Texan Lock And Key Lists Ways You Can Secure Your Office Or Commercial Building

Use The Right Locks: The number one defense in keeping your office secure is to have the right locks for your office. The interesting thing is that locks have come a long way especially when it comes to commercial space. The need for a lock that is able to accommodate many users and people gaining access has led the charge. That is why locks that are keyless have really take the world by storm. We all want something that is modern and more high tech. The keyless locks sometimes use cards that are used to swipe so that you can get access to the office and others use a keypad that you need a code to get in. The locks can be set so that each card or code can be kept track of and taken off the list at any moment if needed. The codes can be changed to prevent them from getting out to people that you don’t want to have in your office. The right locking system is important to keeping it locked up tight when you are not there.
Increase Exterior Lighting: The other aspect of keeping your office secure is to use lighting. Not just lights when you are at the office and it is in use but outside business hours as well. The majority of break ins actually happen in the off hours when employees and others are not in the building. That is why having the right amount of lighting is important. You need to have lights outside the building and in the parking lot as well. Then leave lights on that are in the building so that if someone were to break in they can be identified from any surveillance that you might have.
Surveilance: You also want to have surveillance at the office which actually works in two ways. First you are able to catch pictures of any person that might have gained access to your office and should not be on the premises. The other added benefit is for use internally. That way if you have an employee or customer that is taking advantage or stealing from you there is video to make the case and protect your assets.


Texan Lock And Key offers commercial locks for your commercial building. Contact us today for an locksmith audit of your building.

Motor Vehicle Theft Prevention in Frisco, TX; Remove Spare Valet Keys, Keep Car Doors Locked & More

Depending on our automobiles, more than we care to admit, allows us to get a job, attend school, run errands, engage in fun hobbies and activities, get our children where they need to be, take us on adventures, and so many other benefits. They are there to get us from point A and to point B and often with other stops along the way efficiently and safely, for the most part. Unfortunately, our vehicles are often the target of crimes of opportunity. In an effort to keep your car secure, we at Texan Lock and Key would like to share some facts and prevention tips to keep your vehicle safer from the criminal minded.

Motor Vehicle Theft Statistics & Facts

1) A vehicle is stolen every 27 seconds in the United States according to the U.S. Department of Justice reports.
2) To steal an automobile, it only takes a thief about 10 seconds on average.
3) The two top most stolen cars according to the latest statistics are the Honda Civics and Honda Accords.
4) The top makes of vehicles preferred among thieves include Honda, Toyota, Acura and GM.
5) The most deterrents among criminals include the following factors:
– Security Cameras.
– Kill Switches and Alarms.
– Daylight Hours.
– Observant Neighbors.
6) The owner leaving the vehicle running unattended is often the reason why automobiles are often stolen.
7) In 2014, coming in at over 29,000 thefts, San Francisco – Oakland – Hayward areas in California had the most reported stolen vehicles. With a significant drop of just over 5,000 vehicles stolen, Bakersfield, CA was the second place with the most reported thefts.

Auto Theft Prevention Tips

1) A valet key that you are not even aware of is sometimes included when you purchase a new vehicle. Check your manual to see if there is one and remove it from your car.
2) Install an alarm system if you car did not come with one.
3) Keep your car well maintained and cared for. A well manicured vehicle means you care, and will most likely have an alarm system. To avoid risking detection, thieves will likely bypass it.
4) Use your garage for your vehicle if you have access to one. Automobiles left parked in the street or even the driveway are often targeted.
5) Be sure to safely tuck any valuables left in the vehicle away out of plain sight; such as under the seat, glove box or trunk. Do not leave a tempting prize in view.
6) Keep your windows up and doors securely locked; even in seemingly low crime neighborhoods, including in front of your home.
7) Never leave a key to your vehicle inside it.
8) Opt to park your vehicle in well lit, busy areas and in the view of security cameras if available when you visit other establishments.
9) Never keep your car running unattended, especially on that cold day when you want to warm up the car before heading to work.
10) Consider re-keying your vehicle if it has previous owners.

Automotive Locksmith Services in Killeen, Austin, San Antonio, Round Rock, San Marcos, Frisco, New Braunfels & Houston Texas

If you need a locksmith for your vehicle, call Texan Lock and Key and let our experts do the rest.

How to Secure & Protect Sliding Glass Doors from Burglars with Security Locks in San Marcos, TX

Quite a few homes are equipped with a sliding glass door. It allows more natural sunlight to envelope a room and provides an extended entry point. Adding a bit of elegance and charm to the design of a home, the sliding glass doors are typically installed to emphasize the architecture elements. Traditional steel and wooden doors offer more security, as with the right amount of force; glass is more susceptible to breaking. Because homeowners are often using the standardized sliding glass door, they can be vulnerable to break-ins. Instead of sacrificing safety and security with aesthetics and function, you can have the best of both worlds by enhancing the locks of your sliding glass doors. With that in mind, we at Texan Lock & Key would like to talk about the sliding glass doors and their locks.

How Do Burglars Get Past Sliding Glass Doors

For an intruder that targets a home with a sliding glass door, there are three common methods used to beat the standardized locks.
1) Locks are forced and/or broken open.
2) Door is lifted off the track.
3) Glass is broken through.
However, generally intruders like to avoid breaking the glass as it makes an alarming loud noise that can arouse suspicion. About halfway down the frame the sliding glass door features a thin locking mechanism generally speaking. These locks are fairly simply to break or force open as the locks lack reinforcements. A simple hacksaw or even pried with a sturdy screwdriver can render the locks useless. In lower quality locks, they can even be jiggled loose or lifted off the track all together with a pry bar.

Sliding Glass Door Locks & Latches

As previously mentioned, the locks on a preinstalled sliding glass door are of poor quality as a standard issue. A professional locksmith, however, can inspect the quality of the lock to determine its overall quality. More often than not, to improve the security, the locks will need to be replaced. In the event that the mechanics or aesthetics are not conducive, a secondary lock can be installed as a reliable option. The back edge of the slider or along the top rail along the track or frame is frequently the ideal places to install them.

Sliding Glass Door Security Bars & Jimmy Plates

Additional locking methods include safety bars and jimmy plates:
Safety Bars. The frame that extends from the back edge from the far edge is where the safety bar is placed snugly. It prevents the door from being slid back and with the tight fit, it cannot be easily manipulated. To offer more durability, some of these bars are designed with a lock and key as well.
Jimmy Plates. On the sliding side of the door and a long flat plate, a jimmy plate is installed above the door frame. A properly installed and quality jimmy plates prevents the door from being lifted off the track. Precision and care is required because of the complex nature of the device to ensure damage is not administered to the track.

Additional Safety & Security Tips

– To minimize the hiding places, prune bushes and trees.
– Invest in a reliable security system to arm your home with alarms and surveillance.
– To increase resistance of the glass from breaking, install glass safety film on the door.
– Install motion lights near the sliding glass door and other entry points.

Locksmith Services in Killeen, Austin, San Antonio, Round Rock, San Marcos, Frisco, New Braunfels & Houston Texas

If you want to increase the security of the sliding glass doors of your home, call in the professionals of Texan Lock & Key to assess the locking quality of your sliding glass door and present optimal options if there is room for improvement.