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Commercial Locksmith Services

Texan Lock and Key is a full service locksmith that offers everything from rekeying, key duplications, lock change outs, lock outs, keypad installation and much more. On top of our expert locksmith services we have emergency locksmith services as well for those late night or early morning binds that you might find yourself in. Our technicians are trained in locksmith services for residential, automotive and commercial customers.

Keeping Your Commercial Business Locked & Secure

If you have a business or commercial location, one of the top requirements is to be sure that it is secure at all times. That is one of the hardest things for a building manager to take care of because of the constant need to give access to the building and take it away as well. We offer systems that can keep your business secure and safe from anyone that you don’t want to have access.

Keyless Entry Access; Keycards or Pin Codes

If you want to have a system that does not require a key to get in the building and secure it, this is for you. The system offers the manager of the system the opportunity to input a code to allow access to a specific person. The code can be changed out whenever it is necessary. The system can also work with key cards that are assigned to a specific individual that can be terminated if needed. These systems are also great if you want to give someone limited access to your office or commercial building.

Standard Key Entry Doors & Locks

If you have a system that is already in place and you want to keep it, you still want to make sure that it is secure. This may require an inspection to be sure that the locks are working correctly and there is not a need to replace any. You can keep the same locks and still have the key changed out to secure the door again from anyone that may have previously had a key. If you want to have all new locks installed at your business, we offer full lock change out and rekeying to secure any commercial building inside and out.

Interior Door Cabinet Locks

Another area of concern in a commercial office building is keeping individual rooms and cabinets secure as well. You want to be sure that any areas that you want off limits to the general public or other employees have a different lock or access code to keep it secured. Each door inside the building and cabinet or set of draws can have their own key or code to ensure that only authorized individuals are able to open them.


Texan Lock and Key offers full commercial locksmith services for exterior and interior security. Our technicians have been trained and educated in installing different systems that will best suit your needs. Contact us today!

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