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Car Theft Deterrent Devices in Plano, TX; Hide a Spare Key, Monitor Alarm System & More

It’s a horrible feeling to walk out to your car to find its been broken into. You never think it’s going to happen to you, until it does. You want your car and the items inside it to be safe. Are there ways you can make it harder for thieves to get in? How to […]

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Anti-Pick, Anti-Drill & Anti-Bump Locks, ANSI Grades, UL Listed, Padlocks & More in Manchaca, TX

Not all locks are created equal. Take the typical three number master lock with numbers 0 to 60. There are 205,320 permutations. Permutations calculates the choice in order. Charlie-Alice-Nancy are different than Nancy-Alice-Charlie. Order matters, just like a combination lock, or should that be a permutation lock. However, that 10-digit door keypad that requires a […]

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Commercial Electronic Entry Access Control Systems in Buda, TX; Authentication Tokens & More

Commercial businesses rely on heavy security measures to protect merchandise, sensitive documents, equipment, and other assets. Much of the security depends on the locks on the doors, both exterior and interior doors that are for only authorized personnel. There are quite a few electronic locks available on the market today that are optimal for commercial […]

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Things to Keep in a Safe in Your Georgetown, TX Home; Important Documents, Guns & More

Your home is a place that you want to feel safe. That is why when you head to bed for the night most people have a routine to lock the house down. You might set your alarm, lock the deadbolts and turn on any outdoor lighting that you have. These are all great ways to […]

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Do I Need to Rekey or Change Locks when Moving into a New Home or Living in Temple, TX?

When it comes to buying a new home there is much to consider. As a new chapter in your life begins, your new home can offer upgrades, more square footage or a simple relocation. As the roller coaster of buying the new home begins, it is only then that you realized how much there is […]

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