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Door Lock, Master, Combination & Deadbolt Lubricant, Maintenance & Care Tips in Frisco, TX

Your locks are one of those items that are ignored until they fail. Like anything mechanical locks wear and need maintenance. Clean is mean. Dirt and grime can build up in your locks, creating conditions that accelerate wear. High pressure air is used to blow out most dirt, but you may have to remove the […]

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How to Protect Your Home from Break Ins & Burglary in San Marcos, TX & Stop Burglars from Targeting it!

The daylight hours are decreasing and it is getting dark earlier. This tends to draw in the people that do not have a moral compass and believe they can take what’s not theirs, even when it means getting into someone else’s home. With the home burglaries becoming more and more popular, many people want to […]

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How to Crack Open a Forgotten Safe Combination Lock in Round Rock, TX; Reset Code & More

When you forget the combination of an old safe or if you’ve just got a new one and are unable to open it, many are not sure what to do to unlock it. Safes are used to secure weapons, important documents, and even store valuables such as jewelry or money. When you’re unable to open […]

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Can a Locksmith Replace & Program a Transponder Key Fob Chip in San Antonio, TX?

It seems that everything that we use these days has some technological advancement. Out are the standard metal keys that we are so used to. The advancement in the way that keys are used to gain access to your vehicle is intense. The key that is most used and manufactured for new cars is called […]

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What You Should Know About Hiring a Locksmith in Austin, TX; Locksmithing Tools & Equipment & More

More often than not, when you need a locksmith it is the result of an emergency, though there are plenty of other instances where needing a professional locksmith is non-emergency related. But when the emergency is at hand, many are guilty of out of desperation and will blindly call the first locksmith they can find […]

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