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Can You Get a Copy Cut from a Broken House, Car or Work Key in San Marcos, TX

When the only copy of your key gets broken, most will begin to panic and wonder if a broken key can get copied. This is a common scenario and many people will begin calling or asking locksmiths if it is possible to copy their broken key. Texan Lock and Key is here to answer that […]

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How to Open a Locked Interior Bedroom Door Without a Key in Round Rock, TX

When you are running through your house trying to get all the things done that happen to be on your list you can make some errors. Too often you are walking out of a room and shut the door only to realize that you locked the door! That is one reason that you may end […]

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When Locksmith Skills Are Needed in San Antonio, TX; I Lost My Keys But Don’t Have a Spare & More

There are several reasons why a locksmith is hired; replacement locks, maintenance or repairs, installations, and so forth. But when the locksmith is needed, it most often entails an emergency situation. We at Texan Lock and Key would like to discuss the emergencies when having our number in your cell phone is the most optimal […]

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Kwikset & Schlage Types of Keys for Your Lock in Austin, TX? Check Grooves, Teeth & More

When you are in need of a new key for your home, office or car you go to a locksmith and ask them to make you a replacement key. You most likely don’t put much thought into which key they give you and why. It you stop and look at the keys on your key […]

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Famous Locksmiths; Pharaoh Khafre, King Louis XVI, Harry Houdini & Albert Einstein

Historical figures are often remembered for the primary contribution they made on impacting the world with specific talents, acts, or other such noteworthy attributes. Locksmiths are considered a humble profession. In fact, most can’t name any famous historical figure that was known solely for his abilities in the locksmith industry. But we at Texan Lock […]

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