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Deadbolt Lock Types in Frisco, TX; Keyless, Single & Double Cylinder Deadbolt Locks & More

Deadbolts have been very popular in residential security for many years and will be around for a long time to come. Deadbolt locks are different than spring bolt locks because you can move the lock bolts with keys and knobs and they don’t require springs. This makes them the best option for home security because […]

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How to Get a Broken Key Out of a Door Lock in San Marcos, TX; Key Extractor Tool & More

Most of us have experienced breaking a key in the lock. Ultimately, panic is the first response, followed by sadness, anger, or laughter; maybe a combination of all three. In any case there is no need for any of it, despite the inconvenience of the situation. Simply take a deep breath and relax. Texan Lock […]

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Fireproof VS Fire Resistant Safes in Round Rock, TX; Best Safe for Cash, Jewelry & Documents

There are two primary reasons to obtain a safe. One you want to protect your valuables from theft and two you want to protect your very important documents from a fire. Therefore, you will want to invest in a fire resistant safe. Safes are available in the traditional format or upright for firearms storage. Fire […]

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Reasons to Call a Locksmith; Deadbolt Won’t Work, Lost or Broken Keys, Locked Inside & More

When it comes to the protocols of performing various locksmith services, there is a general application to help avoid mistakes and ensure you are working with an authentic locksmith professional. Where some protocols can vary from company to company, the basics are closely related. We at Texan Lock & Key would like to touch on […]

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Door Lock Stuck in Locked Position in San Antonio, TX & Other Locking Mechanism Problems

Every day you go in and out of doors and set the lock. This is something that we often take for granted because a good sturdy lock will last without too many problems for some time. When you go to lock your door and find there is a problem most people panic. With lives becoming […]

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