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Locksmith Lock & Key FAQ

When it comes to professional locksmiths and their trade, many folks have questions. At Texan Lock and Key there are some questions more frequently asked than others. We have compiled a frequently asked questions list and tried to give the most straight forward answer we could for our valued customers. If you do not see your question listed below, please feel comfortable in contacting Texan Lock and Key directly and our friendly staff will answer any of your questions.

Locksmith Lock & Key FAQ

Q. Why will my locks not unlock with ease as they once did?
A. There are a few contributing factors as to why your locks are not operating at peak performance. For example; during extreme weather conditions like intense heat or frigid cold temperatures, wood doors and/or frames will expand and contract accordingly. This will cause the lock to not fit appropriately. However, if the locking mechanisms persistently does not function appropriately, contact Texan Lock and Key for assistance.
Q. What might be the issue if my car key suddenly won’t start the car, but will still turn in the ignition?
A. There is a transponder chip fitted in the key and the car of newer vehicles. In order for the vehicle to start the two must work in correspondence together. This security feature was added to ensure the correct key is used for the specific vehicle. In some instances there is a minor malfunction that faults a chip to disconnect to the other chip. Texan Lock and Key can simply re-program the transponder key to get you back on your way.
Q. What should I do if my keys are lost or stolen?
A. You do not have to have your locks changed, however it is optimal and recommended that you have your locks rekeyed. But you have the option of either having the lock re-keyed, or changing the lock set.
Q. What is lock bumping?
A. It is a method, typically used by criminals, to undetectably lock-pick your home or commercial building. Basically, a shaved down key is slid into the chamber, which fits into the cylinder of a specific lock and they then faux key is struck with such force that the lock is then unlocked. There are now locks on the market, that are bump-proof and Texan Lock and Key can help you replace your current locks.
Q. Why should I opt for a professional locksmith company?
A. With a skilled professional, you get a packaged deal; time, expertise, training, experience, and someone capable of problem solving in all manner of the locksmith industry that can perform the tasks safely, without inflicting damage and offer you maximum security.
Q: Can I copy a key that is marked “Do Not Duplicate”?
A: In the event a key is marked “Do Not Duplicate”, or “Unlawful to Copy” it can be copied with a letter of authorization by the owner or supervisor with specific information included in it or they must be present for service.
Q. If I am moving into a pre-owned home, should I have the locks rekeyed?
A. Yes! You never know how many duplicates are floating around out there and it is in your best interest to keep you, your loved ones and your treasures safe. Call a residential locksmith for assistance.


If you find yourself in need of any locksmith services, or simply have a locksmith question, contact Texan Lock and Key today!

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