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Locksmith Lock & Key Audit, Inspection & Consultation Services

Texan Lock and Key based in Killeen, Texas supplies a number of locksmith services to the commercial, residential, and vehicle owners throughout the Central Texas area. Since 2008 we have been fully licensed and insured to offer our affordable, fast, efficient, and professional locksmith services. Our technicians are leaders in the field with their experience, advanced training, and natural skills. They have been thoroughly background checked to apply the high moral standards and work ethics and family-friendly customer service that Texan Lock and Key strives for. With fully equipped vehicles contained premium products, tools, and equipment, our locksmith services are extra ordinary.

Lock & Key Audits for Residential Families & Commercial Employees

Texan Lock and Key offers lock audit, inspection, and consultations services. Lock audits are ideal for the commercial entities that need to monitor the comings and goings of the staff. Lock audits will log each individual employee’s entry and exiting, as well as document the time accessed. Assigning a key encrypted with a unique code that conveys with the specially designed lock system. A detailed report of the audit is easily obtained for your review.

Lock & Key Inspection Systems

Inspection services for residential homes and commercial businesses throughout Central Texas are beneficial to ensure the safety of your home or business, the people within as well as the valuables. Especially so in the event of a recent purchase, your home or business could not be protected by the current lock system. Every lock is graded and if the lock currently installed is not ideal, it could make your building an easy target. With Texan Lock and Key inspection service, our locksmith technicians, being skilled experts, can inspect and evaluate the security of the locks from condition, to performance, to efficiency to help you better safeguard your home or business.

Locksmith Consultation with Upgrade Recommendations

Texan Lock and Key consultation service is easily accessible to the commercial entities and residential homes of Central Texas. During the consultation you ask the questions that weigh heavily on your mind. We can discuss your options, grade of security on your locks, along with prices and procedure of services. Keeping your home or business safe from unscrupulous folks with malicious intent is as much a priority for us as it is for you. We will find all the attributes you seek in the locks to give you the peace of mind you seek.


Texan Lock and Key care about the locals of Central Texas. With our consistency, affordable prices, and dependability, Texan Lock and Key will be your trusted locksmith, whether your needs are required for your business, home or automobile. We offer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week emergency services to help you in your time of need. Be sure to store our contact information in your cell phone to reach us quickly and conveniently as your locksmith needs arise. If your home or business is in need of a lock audit, inspection, or consultation, call Texan Lock and Key today to schedule your appointment. We are eager to assist you in all your locksmith needs.

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