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Pass / Master & Classic Antique Skeleton Keys

Fall is in the air and with it comes the fun and excitement of Halloween decorations, costumes and purchasing pounds of candy to hand out to eager trick or treaters. One of the more common decorations you may see hanging around the neighborhood this season is the skeleton, a hanging bag of bones is a sure way to get into the spirit of Halloween and make your home one that kids want to come and knock on your door. One thing that Halloween and keys have in common is the skeleton, believe it or not. The skeleton key is a common term used in the locksmith business every day.

Classic Antique Skeleton Keys

There are two types of skeleton keys. The first is the antique classic key design that fits a warded lock. This type of key has been in use for over two thousand years. These skeleton keys look old and antique, most of the time seen in movies that depict a much earlier time. These keys are rarely used in the locks that we use today, but can be fun to have to open an old chest or padlock. Old skeleton keys can become a collector’s item, especially if you have a matching lock to go along with it. Many old fashioned skeleton keys were very ornate and elaborate in their design. Some containing jewels on the handle, or initials, specific shapes or patterns. This was during an era where intricate metal work was prized. The bow of the key would often include decorations and ornamental flourishes to make it even more distinctive. While the handle of these old keys was very flashy, the end of the key that opened up locks was very simple, and able to open a large number of doors with locks which are similar enough for the key to work. Keys differ in many ways as do the locks they fit in to.

Pass Keys or Master Keys

The second is a master key which is a key designed to fit in a wide variety of locks. Master keys are a part of daily life for locksmiths as well as home and business owners that require a number of locking doors or devices. This skeleton key is a type of master key in which the edges are filed down to open any type of lock. The term “skeleton” derives from the fact that the key has been reduced to its essential parts, or in other words, it’s skeleton. Skeleton keys are very handy when a locksmith is trying to open a door where the original key has been accidentally locked behind.

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