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Car Theft Deterrent Devices in Plano, TX; Hide a Spare Key, Monitor Alarm System & More

It’s a horrible feeling to walk out to your car to find its been broken into. You never think it’s going to happen to you, until it does. You want your car and the items inside it to be safe. Are there ways you can make it harder for thieves to get in?

How to Prevent Car Theft

1. Keep valuables in the trunk. Even though it seems like a no brainer, it’s worth mentioning: keep anything valuable locked in the trunk. If thieves spot your purse, laptop, phone or anything valuable, they’ll be more likely to break in to grab them. It’s a lot harder to break into the trunk. For added measure, take these items with you.
2. Hide the stereo faceplate. Some stereos have a faceplate that can be removed, and since stereos are a frequently stolen item, it’s a good idea to hide the faceplate when you leave your car parked for any length of time. Your stereo won’t be as interesting to a thief without it!
3. Monitor your alarm system. Install an alarm system if you don’t have one and check to make sure it’s working from time to time. That highly visible blinking light is a great way to make a thief move on to the next car. If your alarm doesn’t happen to have a blinking light, then use a fake one. It will do the trick!
4. Park in well-lit areas. While parking in the dark makes items in your car harder to see it also makes it an easy target for thieves to do their work hidden from any witnesses. Park in well-lit areas and install outdoor lighting at your home if you park outside.
5. Think about paid parking. We all want to save money and free parking is great, but it can also put your car at greater risk for break-ins because there are usually more people walking by. When you pay for parking chances are there’s some form of security, either security guards or cameras that will deter thieves
6. Consider a car tracking service. These devices are a great way to keep your car safe. If it’s known that your car is equipped with a tracking device, it greatly increases the chance they won’t break into it.
7. Secure the spare key. Those magnetic boxes you can place on your car aren’t the best choice to hide your spare key. The best place to keep it is at home or with a friend you can trust. This makes it impossible for a thief to use it to get into your car!

Automotive Locksmith Services in Killeen, Austin, San Antonio, Round Rock, San Marcos, Frisco, New Braunfels & Houston Texas

If you have recently lost your key, transponder or the remote to your car you should contact Texan Lock & Key to copy, replace or make a new one; calling us instead of the dealership will save you money and we’ll come to you. We’re just a phone call away.

Anti-Pick, Anti-Drill & Anti-Bump Locks, ANSI Grades, UL Listed, Padlocks & More in Manchaca, TX

Not all locks are created equal. Take the typical three number master lock with numbers 0 to 60. There are 205,320 permutations. Permutations calculates the choice in order. Charlie-Alice-Nancy are different than Nancy-Alice-Charlie. Order matters, just like a combination lock, or should that be a permutation lock. However, that 10-digit door keypad that requires a 4-digit number will only have 5,040 permutations. Neither of the combo locks are easy to guess or break as they take to long to go through the possibilities in the time a typical thief would want to hang around.

Bump Keys

Bump keys are used on conventional doors locks to gain entry. Entry sets can be had that are bump key ‘proof.’ Bump keys are lock specific and will only work on that manufactures knobs and deadbolts. So, a thief must have a bump key for every manufacture. Entry sets that are bump key proof are the higher end and include: Schlage Touch Camelot Bump Proof Deadbolt, Lockey USA M-210-BB Mechanical Bump Proof Deadbolt and #3-Master Lock DNRN1015 Nightwatch Combination Deadbolt With Bump Stop Cylinder. These comprise the top 3 bump proof locks.

Anti-Pick, Anti-Drill & Anti-Bump Locks

There anti-pick, anti-drill and anti-bump locks are available, Yale provides locks that cover all three. Most locks are considered resistant and not ‘proof’, if it has a key it can be picked, but pick resistant locks are difficult even for an expert. Anti-drill locks have hardened steel or ceramic barriers that stop drill penetration.
The ANSI grade one locks are commercial grade with 1” bolt can withstand ten strikes of 75 pounds force or one one-hundred and fifty-pound strike.

ANSI Grades

ANSI grade two are designed for commercial and residential use and have a 5/8” bolt and can withstand five strikes of 75 pounds force or one one-hundred and twenty-five-pound strike. ANSI grade three have a 5/8” bolt and can withstand two strikes of 75 pounds force or one ninety pound strike. These are considered a ‘secondary’ security measure for a residential door.

UL Listing

A UL listing of 437 puts you in the heavy duty and best deadbolt rating, so check your specs when buying.
The only doors that stand a chance against violent entry are steel, with a steel frame. Unless reinforced with steel the typical wood frame will succumb rather quickly to a kick. Lock plates require screws that will penetrate to the 2 x 4 framing and the door edge needs to be reinforces as well or the door will fail.


Padlocks come in various styles, combo dials and the four-wheel types used on bike locks. Heavy high security padlocks have the shank covered so bolt cutters cannot be used as the shank is covered. ABUS Diskus padlocks from Germany are an example. Not only do these have shrouded shanks the locks are titanium. Master has a series that are similar.


In urban areas burglary and home invasion are high rate crimes. Home invasion puts extreme risk on the home owners as they are home when the crime occurs. Rape, torture, kidnapping and murder can result. It is imperative that good secure locks and doors are installed and utilized. The problem is that so few of us utilize the tools and equipment at hand, let alone ensure that we have the best. Women and the elderly are very vulnerable. It may cost more, but when it comes to security only the best quality will do. You owe it to yourself and your family. Texan Lock & Key offers expert locksmith services. Contact us today!

Commercial Electronic Entry Access Control Systems in Buda, TX; Authentication Tokens & More

Commercial businesses rely on heavy security measures to protect merchandise, sensitive documents, equipment, and other assets. Much of the security depends on the locks on the doors, both exterior and interior doors that are for only authorized personnel. There are quite a few electronic locks available on the market today that are optimal for commercial and residential applications. Depending on the make and model of the electronic lock, there are many “keys” that unlocks them. Today, we at Texan Lock and Key would like to discuss a few of the different types of electronic entry modes.

Types of Electronic Commercial Keyless Door Locks

Access Codes: Typically involving a keypad, this mode involves an input of a specific set of information inputted in a particular order. To make them secure against simple guesses, this method is generally commonly found used on safes, and offer an endless cryptographic variety. Hinging on the model of lock will determine what the series is from letters and numbers to even physical maneuvers.
 Easy to use with access codes to memorize.
 Ability to use individual codes for separate doors.
 One master code for all doors.
 Near impossible to hack by guessing.
 Can be vulnerable for unauthorized people to witness a code and use it.
 Authorized users can forget their codes.
 Increased probability of the code being guessed with the higher number of different codes issued.

Authentication Tokens: A transponder sends out an infrared electronic signal by swiping a card for electronic entry involving the use of a physical device that interacts with the lock. This lock requires direct interaction between the user and the lock at close proximity.
 Capable of programming tokens to only open specific doors.
 The token’s ability to be revoked or reset to open a door at any time.
 Tokens can be easily lost or damaged.
 Potential high replacement cost.

Biometric Locks: This method utilizes various physical characteristics of the authorized users from the information gathered. Such physical characteristics include retinas, irises, facial structure, fingerprints, and voice prints. The quality of the sensor itself dictates of the entry. For example if it is too discerning, the authorized user can be locked out due to the high chance of error and leniency will not do in security.
A physical device is not required.
No one has to memorize a code.
Capable of transferring or changing the biometric information required to open the lock.
 Unauthorized entry can be gained with the quality photo or a voice recording.
 Authorized users being locked out due to temporary alterations such as swelling or lesions.
 Vocal alterations due to a cold or other ailment.

RFID (Radio frequency identification devices): Similar to the authentication tokens but they do not require to be in close proximity to the lock; use of a remote control of electronic locks through Blue-Tooth or the web applications.
 Key is a smart-phone.
 Remote programming.
 Long distance operation.
 Capable of programming tokens to only open specific doors.
 The token’s ability to be revoked or reset to open a door at any time.
 Tokens can be easily lost or damaged.
 Potential high replacement cost.


We at Texan Lock and Key hopes this helps you discern the differences with the different electrical lock types that are available. We offer a number of locksmith services including emergency services to help you out of a jam no matter the day of the week or the time. Contact us today!

Things to Keep in a Safe in Your Georgetown, TX Home; Important Documents, Guns & More

Your home is a place that you want to feel safe. That is why when you head to bed for the night most people have a routine to lock the house down. You might set your alarm, lock the deadbolts and turn on any outdoor lighting that you have. These are all great ways to secure your home but that is not all that most people want. Within your home most people want to have a place that they can leave other items that are not used on a regular basis but they need to keep safe. That is why investing in a safe that can be kept in the house is a great idea. There are all sorts of sizes depending on the amount of items you need to secure. You also can get ones that open with a digital code, a key or a dial. Whatever you choose, the safe should be placed in an area that is not visible when guests are in your home. You want to keep it in a closet somewhere if possible. If you are new to getting a safe there are some common items that are kept in and for good reason.

Texan Lock & Key Lists Common Items Kept in a Home Safe

Keep Important Documents Safe: When you are born your parents will fill out a slip that allows the state to issue you a birth certificate. It is a document that is often sent out and has an official seal on it. When you go to get a government ID or bank account set up often times they require this item. That means that all the other days you don’t actually need the document you need to keep it somewhere. You don’t want to just leave it out for someone to toss out or ruin so the safe is a great place for it to go. You can also get your social security card and passports and place them in as well. The other way they are protected is from a fire. Since most safes are rated to make it through a certain amount of heat and flames.
Legal Documents: Do you have any legal papers that you want to keep in a place that no one can get until it is necessary. This can be a will to let your family know how to handle your affairs to your marriage certificate or divorce decree. These are all things that you need to have access to but won’t need to get out often. You can also place the title to your vehicle as well.
Gun Safe: Another reason that a person would have a safe in their home would be to get their weapons kept out of the reach of others. Your handguns and other guns such as shotguns and rifles can also be stored in the safe. Then they are secure if your home catches fire and they are safe from getting in the hands of the wrong person.


Texan Lock & Key offers safe unlocking, combination changes and many other quality locksmith services. Contact us to learn more today.

Do I Need to Rekey or Change Locks when Moving into a New Home or Living in Temple, TX?

When it comes to buying a new home there is much to consider. As a new chapter in your life begins, your new home can offer upgrades, more square footage or a simple relocation. As the roller coaster of buying the new home begins, it is only then that you realized how much there is to organize. After you have jumped through the hoops and got the keys to your castle, so much enters your mind, the least among them is the security as the keys are in your grasp. But have you ever stopped to consider how many other duplicates of your keys there are? Previous homeowners, their kids, the dog walker, the other service industry businesses, and so many others could all have copies of that key and to top it off, you do not what kind of people they are. The scenarios that you can conjure are endless, and should they use the key to gain entry to your new home, the last thing they will likely be doing is housekeeping and baking cookies. With that food for thought, we at Texan Lock and Key would like to take the opportunity to discuss why re-keying your home is essential on so many different avenues.

Duplicated Keys; Who Has Copies of Your House Keys?

In the event of a home burglary, both law enforcement and homeowners insurance will perform an investigation. In the event of a break-in, your insurance policy holder will likely perform an investigation of their own. For starters, they will investigate the victimized home just to see how it was compromised for the intruder; forcible entry or homeowner error or neglect. If a key was used to get inside, how broad are the suspects? How many copies have you given out between family members, neighbors, friends, caregivers, service providers, and so forth; additionally, if there are any keys strategically hidden for emergency scenarios.

How Do You Get Your Locks Changed?

For your peace of mind, there are three avenues to take. Hire a handyman to replace the locks, attempt to reach out to all the homeowners prior to your ownership and ask about any copies made, or look into a professional locksmith for services.
1) Handyman: Hiring a handyman or a friend for family member some-what savvy in the arena to help you replace the locks can be an option. Taking the old locks from every door and line them in sync to ensure efficiency is one option. But a handyman claiming to perform such a service or someone you know helping you out can make your home even more vulnerable than before. Not only will their work be questionable, but making certain you have quality locks is another consideration.
2) Contact previous owners: Depending how old and how many owners lived in that home could make this an impossible project. Not only would you have to try and track them down, and then you would have to actually talk to them and hope they will comply with your request to ensure all the copies are returned as well as hope they were honest about it. This option is the most likely to be dead end.
3) Professional rekeying locksmith services: The maximum outcome to this dilemma is hiring a locksmith professional to undertake the task. Re-keying the locks is quick and simply and you will have the peace of mind all the keys are accounted for. If you want upgrades for your locks, a professional can help you find the better investment to protect your abode.


When looking for a professional locksmith, let our extraordinary locksmiths re-key your new home! Contact Texas Lock & Key for all your locksmith needs.