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Security Deadbolt & Strike Plate; Secure Entry Lock Protection in Killeen TX

To keep your home secured most homes have locks on the doors. They also have locks on the windows that keep them secure from the inside. You should always take time to re-evaluate the locks on your doors and windows to ensure they are as secure as they should be. This is something that you can call a locksmith to come in and inspect. They are also able to offer suggestions that could make your home even more secure. One option that Texan Lock & Key thinks is a good investment is to install a deadbolt.

Texan Lock & Key have prepared a list of why having a deadbolt installed is a great investment:

Forced Entry: There has always been a problem with burglaries at residential homes. Most of time it wass more often at homes that were not locked up. That means that a homeowner left the home and did not secure their locks. A problem that is becoming more prevalent is a forced entry burglary. This is when a person is willing to break the locks and kick in the door. The problem with a standard front door lock is that it can be broken into with some force. Out of all the burglaries that happen each year, over 59% of them are by forced entry. A deadbolt installed on your door adds a second line of defense.

Deadbolt: A deadbolt is separate from your door handle and your standard front door lock. The deadbolt is a second lock that can be installed on any door. The deadbolt has what is called a dead locking mechanism. That means that the bolt is secured by a rotation and does not use any kind of spring mechanism that can be moved easily. The deadbolt also is secured into the frame of the door that is much harder and will take more time for someone to break into. Most burglars will stop if they think they are taking too long or they think they could get caught from the noise. The deadbolt only works when it is engaged fully and is opened all the way into the door frame.

Cost: The cost to have a deadbolt installed differs depending on the lock you choose and the door that it is being installed into. You should take time to pick a lock that will work for you and you can match to the other locking mechanism and handle of your door.

Professional Deadbolt Locksmith Installation in Killeen, Austin, San Antonio, Round Rock & San Marcos TX

You should also have the new deadbolt installed by a professional locksmith like Texan Lock & Key to ensure that it can engage fully to make sure that it is secure. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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