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Anti-Pick, Anti-Drill & Anti-Bump Locks, ANSI Grades, UL Listed, Padlocks & More in Manchaca, TX

Not all locks are created equal. Take the typical three number master lock with numbers 0 to 60. There are 205,320 permutations. Permutations calculates the choice in order. Charlie-Alice-Nancy are different than Nancy-Alice-Charlie. Order matters, just like a combination lock, or should that be a permutation lock. However, that 10-digit door keypad that requires a 4-digit number will only have 5,040 permutations. Neither of the combo locks are easy to guess or break as they take to long to go through the possibilities in the time a typical thief would want to hang around.

Bump Keys

Bump keys are used on conventional doors locks to gain entry. Entry sets can be had that are bump key ‘proof.’ Bump keys are lock specific and will only work on that manufactures knobs and deadbolts. So, a thief must have a bump key for every manufacture. Entry sets that are bump key proof are the higher end and include: Schlage Touch Camelot Bump Proof Deadbolt, Lockey USA M-210-BB Mechanical Bump Proof Deadbolt and #3-Master Lock DNRN1015 Nightwatch Combination Deadbolt With Bump Stop Cylinder. These comprise the top 3 bump proof locks.

Anti-Pick, Anti-Drill & Anti-Bump Locks

There anti-pick, anti-drill and anti-bump locks are available, Yale provides locks that cover all three. Most locks are considered resistant and not ‘proof’, if it has a key it can be picked, but pick resistant locks are difficult even for an expert. Anti-drill locks have hardened steel or ceramic barriers that stop drill penetration.
The ANSI grade one locks are commercial grade with 1” bolt can withstand ten strikes of 75 pounds force or one one-hundred and fifty-pound strike.

ANSI Grades

ANSI grade two are designed for commercial and residential use and have a 5/8” bolt and can withstand five strikes of 75 pounds force or one one-hundred and twenty-five-pound strike. ANSI grade three have a 5/8” bolt and can withstand two strikes of 75 pounds force or one ninety pound strike. These are considered a ‘secondary’ security measure for a residential door.

UL Listing

A UL listing of 437 puts you in the heavy duty and best deadbolt rating, so check your specs when buying.
The only doors that stand a chance against violent entry are steel, with a steel frame. Unless reinforced with steel the typical wood frame will succumb rather quickly to a kick. Lock plates require screws that will penetrate to the 2 x 4 framing and the door edge needs to be reinforces as well or the door will fail.


Padlocks come in various styles, combo dials and the four-wheel types used on bike locks. Heavy high security padlocks have the shank covered so bolt cutters cannot be used as the shank is covered. ABUS Diskus padlocks from Germany are an example. Not only do these have shrouded shanks the locks are titanium. Master has a series that are similar.


In urban areas burglary and home invasion are high rate crimes. Home invasion puts extreme risk on the home owners as they are home when the crime occurs. Rape, torture, kidnapping and murder can result. It is imperative that good secure locks and doors are installed and utilized. The problem is that so few of us utilize the tools and equipment at hand, let alone ensure that we have the best. Women and the elderly are very vulnerable. It may cost more, but when it comes to security only the best quality will do. You owe it to yourself and your family. Texan Lock & Key offers expert locksmith services. Contact us today!

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