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Car Theft Deterrent Devices in Plano, TX; Hide a Spare Key, Monitor Alarm System & More

It’s a horrible feeling to walk out to your car to find its been broken into. You never think it’s going to happen to you, until it does. You want your car and the items inside it to be safe. Are there ways you can make it harder for thieves to get in?

How to Prevent Car Theft

1. Keep valuables in the trunk. Even though it seems like a no brainer, it’s worth mentioning: keep anything valuable locked in the trunk. If thieves spot your purse, laptop, phone or anything valuable, they’ll be more likely to break in to grab them. It’s a lot harder to break into the trunk. For added measure, take these items with you.
2. Hide the stereo faceplate. Some stereos have a faceplate that can be removed, and since stereos are a frequently stolen item, it’s a good idea to hide the faceplate when you leave your car parked for any length of time. Your stereo won’t be as interesting to a thief without it!
3. Monitor your alarm system. Install an alarm system if you don’t have one and check to make sure it’s working from time to time. That highly visible blinking light is a great way to make a thief move on to the next car. If your alarm doesn’t happen to have a blinking light, then use a fake one. It will do the trick!
4. Park in well-lit areas. While parking in the dark makes items in your car harder to see it also makes it an easy target for thieves to do their work hidden from any witnesses. Park in well-lit areas and install outdoor lighting at your home if you park outside.
5. Think about paid parking. We all want to save money and free parking is great, but it can also put your car at greater risk for break-ins because there are usually more people walking by. When you pay for parking chances are there’s some form of security, either security guards or cameras that will deter thieves
6. Consider a car tracking service. These devices are a great way to keep your car safe. If it’s known that your car is equipped with a tracking device, it greatly increases the chance they won’t break into it.
7. Secure the spare key. Those magnetic boxes you can place on your car aren’t the best choice to hide your spare key. The best place to keep it is at home or with a friend you can trust. This makes it impossible for a thief to use it to get into your car!

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