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Are You Using All the Features On Your Commercial Alarm Lock in Frisco, TX; Single Use Codes, Pins & More

If you are running a business you know that having a good locking system is important. The locks need to secure the business so that your inventory is safe. The problem is not only from a would be burglar but you need to protect yourself from disgruntled employees as well. One of the hardest things when managing a business is keeping track of all the people that have a key or access to your commercial building. There are often times people that need access such as an employee, cleaning crew or owner; and those may change occasionally as well. When you try to use a standard lock with keys you would need to change out the lock to ensure that the key was not distributed without your knowledge. A standard key system is not a secure way to run a business. Most people opt for an alarm lock or a digital lock system. The alarm lock system has some great features that you should know about.

Texan Lock & Key Outlines Several Features You Can Use When You Have A Commercial Alarm or Digital Lock

You Can Set A Toggle Code: When you have a locking system that uses a card or codes to gain access you are more secure. You can block codes or change them immediately if a problem were ever to arrive. This is a great way to ensure that if you have a concern regarding a particular individual you can stop them gaining access. The problem is that sometimes you need to have the door open or closed for a particular amount of time and you want to not input the code. A toggle code will allow you to input that code and it will leave the door unlocked or ajar for whatever time you set it for. That way you can move large items without typing in the code over and over again.
You Can Use Pins & Codes Together: When you have a business that has several areas that are secured you may want some people to have access while others should not. You don’t have to solely rely on just using a code or a card you can use have someone that requires both options. You can have a restricted area that only a person that has a proper code and approved card will be able to get into. It is a great way to add another level of security.
Single Use Code: If you have someone that is coming to the office for a visit you may need to allow them access. It can also be an employee that does not need access on a regular basis but will be coming in on an extra day. You can set up a code that is only good for a single use that after it has been used it is deactivated. You don’t have to worry about the code being given out because it will not work after the one time use.


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