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Losing Keys Solution; How Not to Lose Your House, Office or Car Keys in San Marcos, TX

Many times folks have left their keys in the store, at work, or in some unknown place where they seem to be lost forever. Replacing keys can become very expensive, especially if you need to replace all of your keys. Losing your keys isn’t just expensive, but it is also stressful and puts your security at risk. That’s why Texan Lock and Key would like to share a few tips on how you can never lose track of your keys again. Here is a list of tips on how you can keep better track of your keys and in different situations.

Habit Formation; Knowing Where Keys Are

One way to never lose your keys is by creating good habits at home, work, or while you’re out running errands or socializing. At home it helps to have a designated place for your keys. Whether it is on a hook, key plate, or on a night stand or end table, you should have an easy and secure place to put your keys. Same thing goes for at work. Have a drawer or a place in your carry bag where you put your keys once you get to work. When you’re out running errands or out with friends, it helps to use a key clip and attach your key to your pants. However, never trust a pocket. More things fall out of pockets than what most people would like.

Key Ring Identifiers; Colored Rubber Key Covers, Ball Chains & More

Using a bright or noticeable color key ring or key chain is a great way to help spot your keys. Most are afraid of bulky or loud looking key chains. No one wants to carry them around. However key chains aren’t just to express your personality, they can also aid you in finding what is considered a relatively small item, more easily.

Key Finder Tracking Devices

Similar to visual aids, you can also use a tracking device to help locate your keys. Yes, some people are born unlucky and always seem to find themselves searching for their keys. So a wonderful device was developed to help locate your keys at the touch of a button. There are many different types of blue tooth attachments that act as a key chain and can be tracked with your phone. Tracking devices don’t just help you find your keys, but can even locate them if they were stolen. For those with bad luck, a tracking device is a great way to always find your keys.

Trusting Spare Keys to Neighbors

A slightly less popular method and one that doesn’t really help you from losing your keys but is still great advice is to entrust either a close friend or neighbor with a copy of all your most important keys. In the event that you lost your keys and simply can’t find them or they were stolen, you will find giving an extra set to a family member, super close friend, or a trustworthy neighbor will help you access your home or vehicle without rushing around contacting a locksmith or your car dealership for key replacements. This will help you save time and money later down the road.


Texan Lock and Key hopes we were able to provide some good ideas and methods on preventing you from losing your keys. However in the event your keys do get lost or even worse stolen, contact Texan Lock and Key. We can help change your locks or re-key your home. We provide help you when you most need it.

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