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Do I Need to Rekey or Change Locks when Moving into a New Home or Living in Temple, TX?

When it comes to buying a new home there is much to consider. As a new chapter in your life begins, your new home can offer upgrades, more square footage or a simple relocation. As the roller coaster of buying the new home begins, it is only then that you realized how much there is to organize. After you have jumped through the hoops and got the keys to your castle, so much enters your mind, the least among them is the security as the keys are in your grasp. But have you ever stopped to consider how many other duplicates of your keys there are? Previous homeowners, their kids, the dog walker, the other service industry businesses, and so many others could all have copies of that key and to top it off, you do not what kind of people they are. The scenarios that you can conjure are endless, and should they use the key to gain entry to your new home, the last thing they will likely be doing is housekeeping and baking cookies. With that food for thought, we at Texan Lock and Key would like to take the opportunity to discuss why re-keying your home is essential on so many different avenues.

Duplicated Keys; Who Has Copies of Your House Keys?

In the event of a home burglary, both law enforcement and homeowners insurance will perform an investigation. In the event of a break-in, your insurance policy holder will likely perform an investigation of their own. For starters, they will investigate the victimized home just to see how it was compromised for the intruder; forcible entry or homeowner error or neglect. If a key was used to get inside, how broad are the suspects? How many copies have you given out between family members, neighbors, friends, caregivers, service providers, and so forth; additionally, if there are any keys strategically hidden for emergency scenarios.

How Do You Get Your Locks Changed?

For your peace of mind, there are three avenues to take. Hire a handyman to replace the locks, attempt to reach out to all the homeowners prior to your ownership and ask about any copies made, or look into a professional locksmith for services.
1) Handyman: Hiring a handyman or a friend for family member some-what savvy in the arena to help you replace the locks can be an option. Taking the old locks from every door and line them in sync to ensure efficiency is one option. But a handyman claiming to perform such a service or someone you know helping you out can make your home even more vulnerable than before. Not only will their work be questionable, but making certain you have quality locks is another consideration.
2) Contact previous owners: Depending how old and how many owners lived in that home could make this an impossible project. Not only would you have to try and track them down, and then you would have to actually talk to them and hope they will comply with your request to ensure all the copies are returned as well as hope they were honest about it. This option is the most likely to be dead end.
3) Professional rekeying locksmith services: The maximum outcome to this dilemma is hiring a locksmith professional to undertake the task. Re-keying the locks is quick and simply and you will have the peace of mind all the keys are accounted for. If you want upgrades for your locks, a professional can help you find the better investment to protect your abode.


When looking for a professional locksmith, let our extraordinary locksmiths re-key your new home! Contact Texas Lock & Key for all your locksmith needs.

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