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Car Theft Prevention Tips & Devices in Houston, TX; Locked Doors, Steering Wheel Locks & More

Car theft is major concern for many people. The State of Texas is the second highest state for car theft with California being the first. With Texas being so high on the list of car thefts you will want to make sure you do want you can to keep your car safe. Texan Lock and Key will share a few ways you can help prevent your car from being stolen.

How to Prevent Car Theft at Home & Away

1. Always want to keep your vehicle doors locked at all times. Most people have no problem using their car remote lock button. However, sometimes the battery dies and in such cases, we sometimes forget to manually lock our vehicles until you replace your batteries. Luckily car locks aren’t as easily picked as residential locks where you can use a bump key to unlock a door. In most cases car thieves will prey on better opportunities and hopefully stumble across an unlocked car.
2. Never leave your vehicle(s) unattended and unlocked. Now sometimes you can’t help but leave your vehicle in a parking garage or lot when you go to work or even on school grounds. Parking garages usually have security which helps reduce the chances of car theft. When parking, try to park your vehicle in a parking spot where you can view it if possible, or choose a more open area. Avoid parking your vehicle in isolated areas. If a car thief feels comfortable enough to take the necessary time to steal your car, they will.
3. Never leave your vehicle running unattended. Even if you’re running into your home, gas station or a friend’s house for just a quick minute. This is one of the worst things you can do. A car thief needs only that quick second to jump into your vehicle and take off. Make sure to always turn off your vehicle, take the keys, and lock the vehicle each time you leave your car even if it will only be a quick second.
4. Don’t rely on just your car lock to keep car thieves from stealing your vehicle. All your windows need to be rolled all the way up. Some people like to roll their window down slightly, like half of an inch to allow air to circulate around the vehicle. There are a number of ways car thieves steal cars. Even a window rolled down slightly can become a target. Make sure to keep your windows rolled up and impenetrable.
5. Regardless of your best efforts your vehicle could still get stolen. This is why it is strongly encouraged to never leave personal property or documents inside your vehicle. You can deter some car thief’s by using steering wheel locks, brake locks, or even install a GPS device to track your vehicle in the event it is stolen. Sometimes just seeing a steering wheel lock is enough to encourage a car thief to keep walking.


Texan Lock and Key are dedicated to protecting your home and personal property. We hope you practice car theft prevention and keep your vehicle safe. For automotive security and lock consultation or locksmithing services, contact Texan Lock and Key today.

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