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How to Secure & Protect Sliding Glass Doors from Burglars with Security Locks in San Marcos, TX

Quite a few homes are equipped with a sliding glass door. It allows more natural sunlight to envelope a room and provides an extended entry point. Adding a bit of elegance and charm to the design of a home, the sliding glass doors are typically installed to emphasize the architecture elements. Traditional steel and wooden doors offer more security, as with the right amount of force; glass is more susceptible to breaking. Because homeowners are often using the standardized sliding glass door, they can be vulnerable to break-ins. Instead of sacrificing safety and security with aesthetics and function, you can have the best of both worlds by enhancing the locks of your sliding glass doors. With that in mind, we at Texan Lock & Key would like to talk about the sliding glass doors and their locks.

How Do Burglars Get Past Sliding Glass Doors

For an intruder that targets a home with a sliding glass door, there are three common methods used to beat the standardized locks.
1) Locks are forced and/or broken open.
2) Door is lifted off the track.
3) Glass is broken through.
However, generally intruders like to avoid breaking the glass as it makes an alarming loud noise that can arouse suspicion. About halfway down the frame the sliding glass door features a thin locking mechanism generally speaking. These locks are fairly simply to break or force open as the locks lack reinforcements. A simple hacksaw or even pried with a sturdy screwdriver can render the locks useless. In lower quality locks, they can even be jiggled loose or lifted off the track all together with a pry bar.

Sliding Glass Door Locks & Latches

As previously mentioned, the locks on a preinstalled sliding glass door are of poor quality as a standard issue. A professional locksmith, however, can inspect the quality of the lock to determine its overall quality. More often than not, to improve the security, the locks will need to be replaced. In the event that the mechanics or aesthetics are not conducive, a secondary lock can be installed as a reliable option. The back edge of the slider or along the top rail along the track or frame is frequently the ideal places to install them.

Sliding Glass Door Security Bars & Jimmy Plates

Additional locking methods include safety bars and jimmy plates:
Safety Bars. The frame that extends from the back edge from the far edge is where the safety bar is placed snugly. It prevents the door from being slid back and with the tight fit, it cannot be easily manipulated. To offer more durability, some of these bars are designed with a lock and key as well.
Jimmy Plates. On the sliding side of the door and a long flat plate, a jimmy plate is installed above the door frame. A properly installed and quality jimmy plates prevents the door from being lifted off the track. Precision and care is required because of the complex nature of the device to ensure damage is not administered to the track.

Additional Safety & Security Tips

– To minimize the hiding places, prune bushes and trees.
– Invest in a reliable security system to arm your home with alarms and surveillance.
– To increase resistance of the glass from breaking, install glass safety film on the door.
– Install motion lights near the sliding glass door and other entry points.

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If you want to increase the security of the sliding glass doors of your home, call in the professionals of Texan Lock & Key to assess the locking quality of your sliding glass door and present optimal options if there is room for improvement.

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