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Motor Vehicle Theft Prevention in Frisco, TX; Remove Spare Valet Keys, Keep Car Doors Locked & More

Depending on our automobiles, more than we care to admit, allows us to get a job, attend school, run errands, engage in fun hobbies and activities, get our children where they need to be, take us on adventures, and so many other benefits. They are there to get us from point A and to point B and often with other stops along the way efficiently and safely, for the most part. Unfortunately, our vehicles are often the target of crimes of opportunity. In an effort to keep your car secure, we at Texan Lock and Key would like to share some facts and prevention tips to keep your vehicle safer from the criminal minded.

Motor Vehicle Theft Statistics & Facts

1) A vehicle is stolen every 27 seconds in the United States according to the U.S. Department of Justice reports.
2) To steal an automobile, it only takes a thief about 10 seconds on average.
3) The two top most stolen cars according to the latest statistics are the Honda Civics and Honda Accords.
4) The top makes of vehicles preferred among thieves include Honda, Toyota, Acura and GM.
5) The most deterrents among criminals include the following factors:
– Security Cameras.
– Kill Switches and Alarms.
– Daylight Hours.
– Observant Neighbors.
6) The owner leaving the vehicle running unattended is often the reason why automobiles are often stolen.
7) In 2014, coming in at over 29,000 thefts, San Francisco – Oakland – Hayward areas in California had the most reported stolen vehicles. With a significant drop of just over 5,000 vehicles stolen, Bakersfield, CA was the second place with the most reported thefts.

Auto Theft Prevention Tips

1) A valet key that you are not even aware of is sometimes included when you purchase a new vehicle. Check your manual to see if there is one and remove it from your car.
2) Install an alarm system if you car did not come with one.
3) Keep your car well maintained and cared for. A well manicured vehicle means you care, and will most likely have an alarm system. To avoid risking detection, thieves will likely bypass it.
4) Use your garage for your vehicle if you have access to one. Automobiles left parked in the street or even the driveway are often targeted.
5) Be sure to safely tuck any valuables left in the vehicle away out of plain sight; such as under the seat, glove box or trunk. Do not leave a tempting prize in view.
6) Keep your windows up and doors securely locked; even in seemingly low crime neighborhoods, including in front of your home.
7) Never leave a key to your vehicle inside it.
8) Opt to park your vehicle in well lit, busy areas and in the view of security cameras if available when you visit other establishments.
9) Never keep your car running unattended, especially on that cold day when you want to warm up the car before heading to work.
10) Consider re-keying your vehicle if it has previous owners.

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