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What is Commercial Building Security in New Braunfels, TX? Locks, Exterior Lighting & More

Your business is a place that you store what you are selling, trading or making. That is why when you open your own business you want to do what you can to secure the location. The location is also a place that your employees will come to work and you want them to feel safe and secure. If you want to prevent break ins and anyone from damaging your office you need to do what you can to increase the security. The security of your business is paramount in keeping it from being invaded.

Texan Lock And Key Lists Ways You Can Secure Your Office Or Commercial Building

Use The Right Locks: The number one defense in keeping your office secure is to have the right locks for your office. The interesting thing is that locks have come a long way especially when it comes to commercial space. The need for a lock that is able to accommodate many users and people gaining access has led the charge. That is why locks that are keyless have really take the world by storm. We all want something that is modern and more high tech. The keyless locks sometimes use cards that are used to swipe so that you can get access to the office and others use a keypad that you need a code to get in. The locks can be set so that each card or code can be kept track of and taken off the list at any moment if needed. The codes can be changed to prevent them from getting out to people that you don’t want to have in your office. The right locking system is important to keeping it locked up tight when you are not there.
Increase Exterior Lighting: The other aspect of keeping your office secure is to use lighting. Not just lights when you are at the office and it is in use but outside business hours as well. The majority of break ins actually happen in the off hours when employees and others are not in the building. That is why having the right amount of lighting is important. You need to have lights outside the building and in the parking lot as well. Then leave lights on that are in the building so that if someone were to break in they can be identified from any surveillance that you might have.
Surveilance: You also want to have surveillance at the office which actually works in two ways. First you are able to catch pictures of any person that might have gained access to your office and should not be on the premises. The other added benefit is for use internally. That way if you have an employee or customer that is taking advantage or stealing from you there is video to make the case and protect your assets.


Texan Lock And Key offers commercial locks for your commercial building. Contact us today for an locksmith audit of your building.

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