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Holiday House Safety & Security Tips in Austin TX When Travelling; Keep your Doors & Windows Locked, the Illusion Someone is Home & a Locksmith on Speed Dial!

The holiday season is a time of joy. Exchanging gifts, decorating, baking, cooking, getting together, and of course; traveling. Many folks use their vacation time around these winter months for extended time with family and friends. But how do you better prepare your home for your absence?

Texan Lock & Key would like to offer several tips on keeping your home safe while you are away this holiday season.

1. House Sitter. When it comes to keeping your home secure, it is always the best option to have someone staying there. If possible, ask a trusted friend or relative to stay in your home during your absence. Home activity such as feeding pets, picking up mail, watering plants, and bringing in any newspapers is a good way to prevent break ins. Hiring out to house sitting services isn’t a bad option either, but can be pricey.
2. Hold the Mail. If having a house-sitter isn’t an option, call the post office, or see if they have the feature available to hold your mail for up to 30 days free of charge. Just let them know the stop and start dates.
3. Hold the Newspaper. If you are old school and still have a newspaper dropped on your door, let them know of your absence to cancel the paper until your return. Having piled up newspapers is an invitation to getting your home broken into.
4. Neighborhood Watch. For backup safety, have a trusted neighbor keep an eye on your home, especially if door to door flyers stack up. Having a neighbor peeking in on your home can also help avert disaster if someone does target your home. If you aren’t particularly friendly with nearby neighbors, ask a friend to randomly stop in and move around to show activity. If you have a neighbor watching and ask a friend to stop by, be sure to let the neighbor know of guests coming and going to prevent embarrassing misunderstandings.
5. Illusions. Homes that appear vacant are often a quick target for the less savory. Invest in automatic timers to turn lights on and off and motion censored lights. If you can make your home look active busy, the better off you will be.
6. Landscape. Before you head out, make sure the landscape is tended. Leaves should be raked, trees and bushes pruned, and grass trimmed if needed. A well manicured yard contributes to the illusion of someone being home much better than allowing the yard to look like it has gone undone. Having a well maintained yard also gives unscrupulous characters fewer places to blend in or hide, leaving your neighbors with better detection.
7. Locks your Doors & Windows. Where ensuring your locks are in place is obvious, you would be surprised how often someone breaks in through an unlocked window or door. Conduct a security sweep and make sure all the windows and doors are firmly secured. If your locks need repair or replacement, contact Texan Lock & Key!
8. Social Networks. Avoid broadcasting your plans on social media or blogs. It is being used as a tool more often than not to target the trusting folks. Keep your plans to a minimum, and only tell a selected few that you can trust.
9. Programs. Utilize programmable thermostats, and if plant life or furry friends aren’t around, set the setting low. Unplug all unnecessary electronics to help cut your power bill, and prevent accidental electrical fires.
10. Home Security. If you don’t already have one, invest in a security system. Homes without security systems are more picked on than those that do. Keep your home and possessions safe while you are away. Contact Texan Lock & Key to help make your home more secure.

Texan Lock & Key has mobile locksmith experts in the field to help change locks and better secure your home for your absence, call us today for all of your residential, commercial and automotive locksmith needs in Killeen, Austin, San Antonio, Round Rock, San Marcos, Frisco, Austin, New Braunfels and Houston TX!

Does the Weather Really Affect your Locks & Doors in Frisco TX? Yes! Door Frames can Shrink & Expand. In Winter, Locks can Freeze!

The change in weather is fun and there are several changes that make the weather change feel like a whole new season. When the leaves start to fall off the trees you can be sure that the weather has cooled off and the fall season has set in. The summer months brings in hotter weather and that brings out more creepy crawling bugs and insects. The winter is cold, cold weather and that brings snow and freezing temperatures. Another thing that changes when the weather goes way up or down is the locks on your home, office and car. The winter and summer are the most likely times that you will come across problems.

Texan Lock and Key has outlined the ways weather can have an effect on your locks.

Winter Time Effects Locks: When the weather starts to get cold, you know that it is time for winter. Winter time can bring temperatures that get very low and even freezing or below in many areas across the United States. If you see a dip in the temperature you will notice some changes with your locks. Most people will notice that when they go to engage the lock, they will struggle to get it to move into place. The problem is that the cold weather has caused the wood frame that the lock goes into to shrink a small amount but enough that the lock will struggle to engage. You can usually get past this by pulling on the door from the outside by the handle. The adjustment that you have to make is only temporary and will eventually need to have the lock adjusted by a professional. Your car locks can also be effected when the temperatures reach freezing. The lock can literally freeze … but don’t panic yet. Try heating up the key that you are going to use and insert it in the car lock. The heat should be enough to release the lock and allow it to work.

Summer Time Effects Locks: The summer is a time of year that people get outdoors and spend time swimming and cooling down. The effect that these high temperatures have on your locks and door frames is opposite from the cold. The door frame will begin to expand and that will make it hard to get the lock to fit in the space that is provided. Most people will have to do the “Door Wiggle” to get the lock to come unstuck. Wiggle the door back and forth slightly to get enough movement between the lock and the doorframe and that will make it so that it can locked or unlocked.

No matter what kind of trouble the weather is having on your locks (or for any other residential, commercial and automotive locksmith needs), you can call Texan Lock and Key in Killeen, Austin, San Antonio, Round Rock, San Marcos, Frisco, Austin, New Braunfels and Houston TX to help to resolve the problem.

Fun & Interesting Locksmith Facts; Famous Locksmiths & Lock Pickers, Oldest Locks & Keys & Much More

Locksmiths have quite a fascinating job. Most people only think of them in times of emergency, when they are in need of a locksmith’s services.

Texan Lock and Key would like to share some fun and interesting facts about the locksmith trade.

Francois Gamain, a locksmith betrayed King Louis XVI. Francois Gamain was a locksmith who was instrumental in bringing down Louis XVI. Louis XVI, his wife Marie Antoinette and their children faced the guillotine during the French Revolution. Gamain was thought of as a loyal friend, and Louis never thought him capable of betrayal.
Harry Houdini was a Locksmith before becoming an Escape Artist. Harry Houdini was a locksmith before he got into the entertaining business. Houdini was known for being the best escape artist of all time, and kept his secrets well protected. Houdini would extensively study locks and learn to beat them.
James Sargent developed the first combination lock. In 1857, James Saregent, an American, developed the first combination lock. His invention still underpins the technology of many time-lock mechanisms in modern banks.
Robert Barron patented a double-acting tumbler lock. A British inventor, Robert Barron patented a double-acting tumbler lock in 1778 that are still in use to date.
Lock Picker Charles Courtney. Charles Courtney was a locksmith, and internationally famous. He acquired the popularity by conducting unique diving. He took on his adventure to the ocean floor in search of sunken ships and the safes that was harbored there in. Having an extraordinary gift for picking locks, he was hired by companies for retrieval.
Oldest Locks. Egyptians first developed locks over 4,000 years ago. Found by archeologists in the Khorsabad ruins near Niniveh. They used a large wooden bolt to secure the door which had several holes or slots. To lock it in place, it was filled with pegs.
Oldest key locks. In 704 BC, the oldest key locks were made, found in the ruins of Emperor Sargon II palace during the Assyrian Empire. Resembling the pin tumbler principle in modern locks.
Metal Locks. Metal locks showed up in 9th century BC and believe to have originated from Britain. Consisting of iron bolts and keyhole fitted wards, this hindered the locks to be tampered with. Wards are obstructions that block the rotation of a key besides the key that was designed for the specific lock. Used by the Romans, they continued to be used for thousands of years.
The locksmith trade. Locksmiths combined the trades of a carpenter, mechanic, machinist, and security expert. Considering the different mechanisms needed for security, it’s only natural they take on so much knowledge to execute the job most people eventually are in need of.

Professional Lockout & Locksmith Services in Killeen, Austin, San Antonio, Round Rock, San Marcos, Frisco, Austin, New Braunfels and Houston TX

There are many more fun and interesting facts regarding the locksmith trade. Texan Lock and Key has the expertise and experience to help with your locksmith needs. Contact us for a consultation and audit of your locks today!

Benefits of 24 Hour Emergency Automotive, Residential & Commercial Locksmith Services in San Marcos TX

It is no fun at all when we get locked out of our homes, office or our car. Especially if it’s the middle night and our day has already gone to Hades. It can be frustrating, and even scary to get locked out of your building or automobile. An extremely wonderful fact, Texan Lock & Key has a 24 hour emergency service. That means no matter the time, we can assist you gain entry to whatever you need. Our expertise and state of the art tools and equipment can make any need simple, and with our friendly customer service you don’t have to feel uneasy in requesting our services.

Texan Lock & Key would like to relate the advantages of knowing a reputable locksmith that can help you in your times of emergency situations.

1. 24/7 Locksmith Service. As mentioned before, needing a locksmith day or night can be a relief when you get frantically locked out of your home, vehicle or office. Having a reliable source to assist you in this time of need, who has the tools and knowledge to beat a lock for your convenience is comforting. Especially if you have a child or furry friend held inside the building or car, that could be an anxious moment in your life, and having someone you can count to quickly gain entry is priceless. By very definition of 24/7 emergency services, can provide services to you day or night, weekends and holidays. Knowing you have options on a Saturday night or in the middle of a holiday weekend will help calm your nerves in those cases.
2. Fast Locksmith Service Response. Texan Lock and Key is a reputable locksmith company that has a fast response time in an emergency situation. To better put your mind at ease, you will know an experienced technician is quickly in route to your emergency.
3. Locksmith Knowledge & Experience. With the high security measures to deter theft and break ins, you can rest assured that your professional possesses the knowledge on how to fix it or service it. No matter the issue at hand, your expert responding to your emergency is trained and skilled to assist you in your emergency situation. Though you need an emergency entry, you can take great comfort in knowing that your technician has nothing but your interest in mind. We have the tools and expertise, but we also know how to get you in without compromising your security systems.
4. Licensed & Insured Locksmith – Being licensed, bonded and insured, you know that Texan Lock and Key is an authentic locksmith company, understanding that can contribute to peace of mind. With so many scam artists in the locksmith industry, it can be unsettling as to who you are calling for aid. Call Texan Lock and Key to get a certified locksmith on your side.

24/7 Emergency Residential, Commercial & Automotive Locksmith Services in Killeen, Austin, San Antonio, Round Rock, San Marcos, Frisco, Austin, New Braunfels and Houston TX

Texan Lock & Key is licensed, bonded and insured. We provide quick and reliable locksmith services, especially in an emergency situation. We have a multitude of additional services, that make us a complete and affordable locksmith. Equipped with modern technology and continuous training on the latest locks and devices, we are proficient in our trade.