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Avoiding Emergency Automotive Lockouts in Austin, TX; Tips to Help You NOT Lock Your Keys in the Car!

Tips to Help You Avoid Locking Your Keys in Your Car

Have you ever had the horrible moment when you realize you just locked your keys in your car? We’ve all been there. It is awful. It’s the worst when you can see them sitting right there, waiting to be picked up, if only the doors weren’t locked. Texan Lock and Key would like to share some tips to help you avoid locking your keys in your car again.

Come Up with a Routine to Always Keep Your Keys on You

The best way you can avoid locking your keys in your car is to come up with a routine that involves keeping your keys on you at all times. Find an easy way to do this every single time you get out of the car so that it becomes a habit. Find a way of gathering everything you need, especially your keys, and don’t stray from it.

Don’t Lock Your Car from the Inside

You should always lock your car from the outside of your car. Don’t ever lock it using the button on your door while you are getting out of the vehicle. If your car came with a key fob, you should get into the habit of using it every time you get out of the car. If your finger is always looking for that button on your key fob to lock the door, you will be less likely to leave them in your car. It is impossible to use the fob while the keys are left inside.

Duplication; Consider Making A Spare Copy of Your Car Key

If you have locked your keys in your car time and time again, you may want to consider having a spare set made. It would be a good idea to keep this spare set on your person, either in your purse or wallet. This way, if you do lock those doors too soon, you have a backup plan.

Get the Right Keychain

There are many different types of keychains available. Make sure you choose one that will help you remember those keys before you lock the door. You might want to find a keychain that is made out of bright colors, that will catch your eye easily. There are keychains that clip onto your purse or belt loop. You may want one that can act as a bracelet, to help you get used to having your keys in your hand all the time. The keychain for you might even include a lanyard that keeps your keys around your neck when you aren’t driving. Whatever one you choose, hopefully it will help keep those keys in your hands and not on your front car seat when you lock those doors.

Save the Phone Number of a Locksmith

If you are finding yourself locking your keys in your car more often than you would like, you may want to put your locksmith’s phone number in your contact list. That way, it is readily available for you if this were to happen again. Texan Lock and Key can assist you in getting your keys out of your car quickly so you can get back on the road.


If you find yourself on the outside of your car, with no way in, Texan Lock & Key can help. Call today!

Burglaries & Robberies in My Killeen, TX Neighborhood; Home Burglary Prevention Tips So You Don’t Become a Statistic!

Successful burglars have a lot in common – homeowners who unwittingly give invitations to rob their homes. One of the worst feelings in the world is coming home to your door being open, everything ransacked and your valuables missing. You may wonder how they managed to get in. There are steps you can take to stop helping burglars gain entry to your home.

Home Burglary Prevention Tips

1. Don’t leave ladders in the yard that allow access to your second story windows as these windows are rarely wired to a home security system. To keep them out, you should store your ladder in the basement or in a locked garage and get your second story windows wired to your alarm system.
2. Burglars love to drive around neighborhoods on trash day (especially after the holidays) when empty boxes on the curb reveal all the goodies you received. Break boxes down and hide them in a trash bin or garbage bag to hide the fact you have a new laptop and big screen TV.
3. Make sure you trim your trees and shrubs so burglars don’t have an excellent place to hide while waiting to break into your home. Make sure entry points to your home are visible from the street.
4. Your backdoor should be a steel-wrapped door with deadbolts. Too many times the backdoor is a plain wood-panel door which are easily kicked in and the windows usually aren’t locked.
5. Many homes have a mirror on the wall in their entryway which can allow burglars to peek in to see if your alarm is armed. Try positioning the mirror so peeping eyes can’t see the alarm panel.
6. Newspapers piling up outside the front door and uncut grass are telltale signs that no one is home. Shades that are closed all the time is another indicator to burglars that you’re not there. Have someone you trust pick your papers up for you and cut your grass. Have them turn different lights on in the house each night or install timers. It’s also very important to lock any car in your driveway and keep the garage door opener in the house so they can’t take it and have easy access to the garage.
7. Leaving your valuables in an easy-to-carry safe is a mistake. Look into getting a wall safe installed or keep valuables at the bank.
8. When you’re away on a trip resist the urge to post pictures on social media as it just lets thieves know you’re not home. Wait till you get home to show everyone how great your trip was.
9. Don’t use geo-tracking apps that let burglars know exactly where you are.
10. When selling high-ticket items make sure you meet potential buyers in a public place and not your home. You don’t want them to know where you live.

Residential Locksmith Services in Killeen, Austin, San Antonio, Round Rock, San Marcos, Frisco, New Braunfels & Houston Texas

When you think of burglars you may picture the “professional” ones. The type of burglars that you need to be worried about are the amateur ones. They are the low key ones that blend in with your everyday life. A lot of times burglars will take the easy route and just check your front door to see if it’s unlocked. Have all your locks checked and rekeyed, especially if you’ve purchased a home. You never know how many keys might be floating around to your front door. Call Texan Lock & Key today for immediate service.

Understanding Safe Gradings in Houston, TX; UL, TL, B-Rating, C-Rating & Fire Ratings of Quality, Locking Device & Protection Against Break Ins

When you choose to invest in a safe for your home, it is generally because you wish to secure important personal belongings. Guns, personal documents, jewelry, cash, family heirlooms, expensive medication, and so on, are all examples of things that you need to keep out of sight and keep contained and secure. Investing in a safe that cannot keep a beginner thief out does you no good and having a safe not fireproof can mean your treasures go up in flames in the event of a fire catastrophe. But how do you invest in the right safe?

Texan Lock & Key share some insight on understating the ratings of the various safes

It is important to let you know that there is NOT a single specific, international or national grading system. Where there are rating systems commonly used, any safe grading is performed by the company themselves.
Safe UL Ratings: UL or Underwriter Laboratories is an independent organization that evaluates safety and performance throughout various diverse industries to better educate businesses and consumers alike about products. They evaluate more than 20,000 products annually and have been dedicated to the cause for over a century. When you see there is an UL rating, it is indicating the quality and certification of safety.
Safe TL Rating: The TL Rating is the level of protection against mechanical, electrical or cutting tools attempting to break into combination lock safes. Depending on the category they fall under (picking tools to hand tools, mechanical or electrical tools, grinding points, carbide drills, pressure-applying devices, cutting wheels, power saws and impact tools), the TL rating distinguishes the amount of abuse the safe can withstand from the specific category.
Safe B-Rating: The B-rating is determined by its locking device as well as having less than 1/2” thick walls and less than 1” thick doors.
Safe C-Rating: The C-rating depends on the lock as well as having steel walls a minimum of ½” thick and the door a minimum of 1” thick.
Fire Rating: The fire rating is given after an evaluation from testing results. The testing to see what the safe can withstand varying furnace heated temperatures for specific amount of time. An example is the internal temperature of the safe will not exceed 350 degrees Fahrenheit for a minimum of 60 minutes when exposed to external temperatures over 1700 degrees Fahrenheit will earn the safe a UL Class 350 1-hour rating. The safe can have either endure a 1 hour, 2 hour or 3 hour time classification. After safes are vigorously heated, they are dropped from up to 30 feet to test against explosions for additional testing.


Buying a safe can be a confusion adventure, we at Texan Lock & Key hope this looking into grading/rating safes was helpful in your endeavor. We offer safe services for our valued customers, if you are in need of a locksmith for your safe, Texan Lock & Key upholds a high moral standard, and we are a dependable and reputable locksmith company. Call us today!