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Hiring a Locksmith or Going to the Dealership for Car Key Replacement in New Braunfels, TX

When losing your keys to your automobile, you basically have two options; heading to the dealership for a key replacement or getting a locksmith involved. No matter which approach you take, it will cost you out of pocket to replace. With that in mind we at Texan Lock and key would like to consider the factors as to which option might be more ideal.

Hiring a Locksmith or Going to the Dealership for Duplicate Car Key Replacement

Factor 1: Cost of Duplicate Key. I think most can agree that going to the dealership for any service will end up costing at least twice as much as going to a local service, whether it is for mechanical repairs, auto body replacements, or even something as simple as a tire rotation or oil change. It goes without saying that a key replacement service will not be the exception. More often than not, the locksmith has cheaper rates than the dealership to get your keys.
Factor 2: Time it Takes for Replacement Key to Be Made. The dealerships are never in a hurry to accommodate customers. Opting for a trusted locksmith for a vehicle key replacement will save you a considerable amount of time. The locksmith can acquire a key replacement in as little as a few hours or up to a few days, where the dealership averagely takes 1-2 weeks to obtain the key replacement.
Factor 3: Duplicate Key Convenience. Most people will always choose the most convenient route possible to achieve their goals. When the keys to your vehicle are lost or worse, stolen, most have anxiety and feel vulnerable. Heading to the dealership for a key replacement means following their protocols; which often requires documentation that is not usually readily available. Now you have to take time to either find said documents or visit different entities to obtain them making getting a simple key replacement quite the hassle. Save the time and use a locksmith to conveniently replace your vehicle’s keys.
Factor 4: Emergency Mobile Locksmith Service. When things go wrong, they rarely happen when you are prepared. Realizing your keys are missing can happen anytime and anywhere. Dealerships do not offer services to come to your location and offer assistance with other locking dilemmas or help you figure out the optimal solution for your vehicle if you are not home, whereas the locksmiths have mobile and emergency service to better accommodate your specific needs.
Factor 5: Locksmith Experience. Working with someone who lacks experience and even know-how can prove to be an issue. If the dealer is confused by your requests or doesn’t seem to know the process of getting you a replacement key, it is in your better interest to contact a locksmith who readily offers automobile key replacement service; suggesting they have the experience to ensure your business.

Professional Deadbolt Installation in Killeen, Austin, San Antonio, Round Rock, San Marcos, Frisco, New Braunfels & Houston Texas

Considering these five factors alone, opting to use a dependable locksmith to replace the key to your vehicle is the better investment. However, if you feel more comfortable going through a dealership, we encourage you to do so; always get your replacement key by means that make you the most comfortable. If you need an automobile replacement key services, contact Texan Lock and Key and let our experts do the rest!

Deadbolt Lock Types in Frisco, TX; Keyless, Single & Double Cylinder Deadbolt Locks & More

Deadbolts have been very popular in residential security for many years and will be around for a long time to come. Deadbolt locks are different than spring bolt locks because you can move the lock bolts with keys and knobs and they don’t require springs. This makes them the best option for home security because they are strong at defending your home against burglars. Break-ins will make you feel vulnerable and uncomfortable and having deadbolts installed will bring you peace of mind and comfort. Deadbolts with an added pin tumbler lock will give you more security. Deadbolts that are made of hardened steel are the best.

Advantages of Deadbolts

1. The locking techniques are distinctive and will provide high defense from break-ins and potential physical attacks.
2. Homes with deadbolts are very time-consuming to get past and therefore offer top-notch protection. Burglars want to get in and out as fast as possible and will move on to a home without a deadbolt.
3. There’s no spring mechanism involved with deadbolts, making the crow bars, knives and other tools used to get in useless.

Deadbolt Lock Types

Keyless cylinder deadbolt locks are easy to use. All you need is a password or a fingerprint scan to open the door with this kind of lock. To close the door with this kind of deadbolt you just use the knob or a button. Single cylinder deadbolt locks are standard and straightforward. Keys are used to open doors with this deadbolt and are typically used with doors that don’t have fragile glass close to the thumb pieces. Double cylinder deadbolt locks need a key for both sides of the door. These are good to use when fragile glass is near the doorknob but these locks can cause problems if you need to open a door quickly.

Deadbolt Effectiveness

All deadbolt locks aren’t created equal. There are different categories of deadbolt locks available. Some can be more powerful than others and make them more effective. Deadbolt locks come in three categories, Grade 1, Grade 2 and Grade 3. If you choose a Grade 1 lock, then you’re going with the toughest and most reliable one you can get. They can hold up to a significant amount of force. Grade 2 will be the middle and so on. Going with a Grade 1 or 2 deadbolt ensures it can handle a lot of pressure and will cost a lot more than the other locks. If you want to secure your home in the best way possible when it comes to locks, you need to invest in a deadbolt lock immediately. There are ways to secure the deadbolt you have on your home right now. Employ set screws that are a lot longer. You can also do the same with longer latch bolts and place an extra deadbolt by any existing deadbolts. These steps will make your door stronger and more resilient. It’s good to know that Grade 3 locks are still better than not having a deadbolt lock at all!

Professional Deadbolt Installation in Killeen, Austin, San Antonio, Round Rock, San Marcos, Frisco, New Braunfels & Houston Texas

If you need professional locksmith services then you should contact Texan Lock & Key. They can provide top-quality deadbolt lock installation and they have residential security know-how too. Contact us today!

How to Get a Broken Key Out of a Door Lock in San Marcos, TX; Key Extractor Tool & More

Most of us have experienced breaking a key in the lock. Ultimately, panic is the first response, followed by sadness, anger, or laughter; maybe a combination of all three. In any case there is no need for any of it, despite the inconvenience of the situation. Simply take a deep breath and relax. Texan Lock and Key would like to relate several methods that can extract the broken key from the lock. For starters, there a few techniques that can be used by most people, providing you have access to the tools of course.

How to Get a Broken Key Out of a Door Lock

Common methods for removing broken off keys from the lock include the following:
– Drilling (only as a last resort)
– Key Extractor Tool
– Mini Saw Blade
– Probe and Pull
– Pushing the Key
– Scissors (2 methods)
– Super Glue
– Tapping the Lock
– Tweezers
Where we can write volumes on the different techniques, we have selected a few methods to expound on how to get the broken key out of the lock.

Extracting a Broken Key from a Lock

1) Key Extractor Tool. Because breaking the key in the lock is a common occurrence, a specially designed tool accessible online or in most hardware stores are readily available at a low cost. The extractor slides in the keyway that engages the lock. Once in place, simply twist slightly and pull. The small hook at the end will catch the key’s teeth and pulls it free. This method may take a few attempts to make an adequate connection with the broken segment, but once you have hold, popping it out is easy.
2) Tapping the Lock. Extra tools may not be needed, if the key has broken in a padlock or a lock that features a removable cylinder, can free the broken off key. Simply firmly grasp the lock and tap it with force against a hard surfaced edge, ensuring the keyhole is not blocked, and after a few tries should get the broken key expelled.
3) Scissor Blade Hack. Scissors are not always ideal, but it can be effective and sometimes that’s the only available tool to help effectively free the broken key. If you have multiple types of scissors in your reach, blades that are small and thin will be more efficient. There are two ways that scissors can be used.
Scissor method 1 requires open scissors that are held near the screw, using one blade slide it in next to the key and with applied pressure you can slowly pull the key outward. This method takes time, patience, and repetitive motions.
Scissor method 2 is more useful if there is a slight protrusion of the key at the edge of the keyhole. With the scissors slightly open, fit the two tips at the top and bottom, clamp down and using a gentle-slow motion, pull the key out of the lock. It may take a few tries, but once they key is out far enough, you can pinch it with your fingers and continue to pull it out.
4) Tweezers. Tweezers are another useful aid that many people have on hand, although using tweezers can make the situation worse if not careful. Tweezers should be thin enough to slip into the keyway alongside your key. If they are too thick, they are only handy of the key is slightly protruding, allowing you to grip the end and pulling it out.


With the many different methods available, the most efficient (and well worth the investment to save time) is contacting a professional from Texan Lock and Key. Our specialists have the training, experience, skills, and optimal tools to make removing the key easy and can create a duplicate key. Call us today to get started!

Fireproof VS Fire Resistant Safes in Round Rock, TX; Best Safe for Cash, Jewelry & Documents

There are two primary reasons to obtain a safe. One you want to protect your valuables from theft and two you want to protect your very important documents from a fire. Therefore, you will want to invest in a fire resistant safe. Safes are available in the traditional format or upright for firearms storage. Fire retardant safes are available in both types. Safes can have either combination locks or key lock or both.

Fireproof VS Fire Resistant Safes

A fireproof safe is rated at 1,700 0F for 60 minutes. Most home fires burn for about 20 minutes at about 700 0F in a single area. The linings are perlite or vermiculite, as used in fireproof doors and cabinets. These materials are lightweight and inert, meaning fire proof. A commercial form of fire proof insulation is ‘insulite’ a product developed and patented by the Schwab Corporation. Underwriters Laboratories rates safes by temperature and exposure time. Hence the specs above for a fireproof safe. The 1,700 0F for 60 minutes rating is recognized by most insurance companies and complies with the majority of stand policy specifications.

Paper Document & Media File Storage

Document protection for computer media falls under the UL class 125 that calls for an internal temperature not to exceed 125 0F and this specification also includes waterproofing, with a door gasket. Originally written to provide protection for floppy disks, it is a bit of an overkill for optical media that have been tested to 350 0F, but read tests were not conducted for optical media like Blu-ray, DVD, CD, etc. Class 150 sustains a temperature below 150 0F and was designed for tape and optical media, and of course both ratings will secure paper documents as well. Class 150 can be had in waterproof versions as well. Pure paper docs fall under the Class 350 and you guessed it the internal temperature is below 350 0F as the autoignition temperature of paper is about 450 0F. There is an internal storage case rating as well. A class 350 safe can be uprated to Class 125 with the proper cases.

Safe Tamper Proofing

Next tamper proofing. UL has classes for tamper proofing as well. Take the class TL-15 this spec is a combination lock with limited protection against combination attacks of common and electrical tools. It will resist attacks for up to 15 minutes. Other ratings up to TXTL-60 will resist attack even by cutting torches and abrasive cutoff disks. It will resist up to 4 ounces of nitroglycerin for one charge. You will also pay a premium for this rating.
Key locks are fast opening if you know where your keys are, rotating combo locks are slower but are attached to the safe. Keypads are best for gun safes for speedy entry. Safes should be attached to floor or walls. A $1000 safe is not much good if it can be removed from the home and loaded into a pickup to be defeated at leisure.


So, balance your needs with requirements. Storing jewelry, coin collections, gems, etc. you need a high resistance to tampering with moderate fire protection. Storing wills, property and insurance records you need a fire Class 350 fire rating, but if you have the grandkids’ pictures on DVD or thumb drives you need a 125 or 250 class fire rating. A lot to consider, do your homework or ask a professional. Contact Texan Lock & Key for all your lock, key and safe needs!

Reasons to Call a Locksmith; Deadbolt Won’t Work, Lost or Broken Keys, Locked Inside & More

When it comes to the protocols of performing various locksmith services, there is a general application to help avoid mistakes and ensure you are working with an authentic locksmith professional. Where some protocols can vary from company to company, the basics are closely related. We at Texan Lock & Key would like to touch on the different protocols involving some of our services.

What Services Does a Locksmith Provide?

In most cases, a locksmith is called out when the locks to your home, job, or vehicle are not operating efficiently; keys have been stolen, lost, or even broken off in the locking mechanism, when someone has been locked out or locked in, moving into a new home and other such instances. Legitimate locksmiths are licensed and where you can ask for licensing information, you can often pick up on their authenticity simply by the way they operate. Locksmith protocols involve safety, security, and keeping the cost as affordable as possible. To achieve their goals; they will ask a number of questions to acquire accurate information before they begin any service.

Calling a Locksmith Near Me

Below are a few examples as to the basic protocols concerning basic services:
1) Deadbolt Does Not Lock: Heading out for the day can prove difficult if you are unable to get the dead bolt locked. Leaving your home exposed is more than stressful. Contacting a locksmith involves the locksmith responding to your call as quickly as possible. Arriving, in more often than not, a vehicle marked with their name or logo and ensuring your name and address matches up with what is listed on your identification is generally the protocol in this situation. Repairing a dead bolt, takes little time, depending on the issues, and is usually affordable.
2) Lost/Stolen/Broken Keys: When the locksmith arrives to tend to the key service, they often start with a series of questions. Among the questions proper ID is asked to prove residency or commercial related issues might involve a few phone calls to ensure that person is allowed access.
3) Self-locked in a Room: Getting locked into a room where it is impossible to gain freedom can either be traumatic or embarrassing. But you would be surprised how often this happens. If you have a cell phone handy and you call a locksmith for assistance, the locksmith will need validation of some sort to ensure you are not a burglar or such. Once they are able to confirm your accessibility, they will quickly perform their job.


There are a number of scenarios where having the need for a professional locksmith is necessary. But just as you are wary about fake locksmiths only looking to scam you, professionals exercise caution to ensure they are performing services for the owner of the home or vehicle or that the person is allowed in the commercial building. The point is many people that are already under stress can take out their frustration on the locksmith who in the grand scheme of things is protecting your interests. Once we confirm your association with the locks in question, we are more than happy to perform the services we were called to do and can get it done quickly and efficiently. If you are in need of a professional locksmith, contact Texan Lock & Key and let our experts help you!