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Can a Locksmith Replace & Program a Transponder Key Fob Chip in San Antonio, TX?

It seems that everything that we use these days has some technological advancement. Out are the standard metal keys that we are so used to. The advancement in the way that keys are used to gain access to your vehicle is intense. The key that is most used and manufactured for new cars is called a transponder key. The transponder key is a key that has a computer chip that is installed in the handle of the key. The chip that has been installed and set up for your car allows the key to communicate with the car. Just like everything else in our lives it allows the key to work wirelessly and makes the car more secure. The great thing is that the chip has to be near the car when the key is used to alert the car that the person is allowed to use the key. The key does allow more safety for the car but it also makes it seem more difficult to replace when you have one stolen or lost.

Texan Lock & Key Offers Some Factors You Need to Know About Transponder Keys

Can a Locksmith Program a Transponder Key Fob?: When you are unlucky enough to have lost the key to your car knowing that it is a transponder key you will want to act fast. The key will need to be replaced and because of the computerized chip people assume that they have to go to the dealer for a replacement. Although the dealer is great for many things there are some areas that will end up costing you more if you use them. The interesting thing is that the microchipped key has to be programmed which is why you might assume the dealer is the way to go. The great thing is that there are locksmiths that have the tools and ability to not only cut the key but also program the chip to work with your car. This can end up saving you money but also time because we can come to you!
You Can Have More Than One Transponder Key: There is some misconception that you can only have one key programmed to your vehicle at a time. That is a scary thing if you lock the key in your car, lose it or break it. There is a program that allows the keys to be set in the amount that you choose. If you know that you want to have two keys programmed you can! That way you have a backup if you need to gain access to your car with your spare key.


If you happen to have a transponder key for your vehicle, you want to find a local locksmith that you trust and feel comfortable to call in an emergency. That way when you come across any lock and key problems you can call them to come out and reprogram or replace the transponder key. You want to be able to get access to your vehicle as quickly as possible. Contact us whenever you need a locksmith.

What You Should Know About Hiring a Locksmith in Austin, TX; Locksmithing Tools & Equipment & More

More often than not, when you need a locksmith it is the result of an emergency, though there are plenty of other instances where needing a professional locksmith is non-emergency related. But when the emergency is at hand, many are guilty of out of desperation and will blindly call the first locksmith they can find without knowing anything about them. Investing in a locksmith is not something you should do in the heat of the moment because of the handymen who claim to be able to perform locksmith services or the scam artists who are merely around to rip you off. If you take your time and find a reliable locksmith company to handle your locksmith needs, including emergency services ahead of time, you can spare yourself a lot of time, money, and grief. With that in mind, we at Texan Lock & Key would like to take the opportunity to discuss what you should know about locksmiths, especially before you need one.

How to Find a Reputable Local Locksmith

1) Locksmith Credentials. Credentials vary from state to state for locksmith professionals. Unfortunately, anyone can call themselves a locksmith, but finding an authentic locksmith can prove to be a challenging task. When sifting through the possible candidates, keep in mind that your locksmith should be able to produce some proof as to their training, and if your state requires licensing, their license as well. Authentic locksmith professionals do not get offended when you ask for proof of their authenticity.
2) Locksmith Policies. Learn the policies of the locksmith. Just because you hired a professional, doesn’t mean that their work and products are guaranteed and have warranties. The locksmith industry is not mandated in many states. Both impostors and locksmiths, especially the scam artists, can theoretically have you pay for services and products, and if you have an issue relating to one or the other, they can charge you again for additional services and products. As you narrow down your possible locksmiths, inquire about satisfaction guarantees and warranties on products. Keep in mind true locksmiths strive to make their clients happy for return business and referrals.
3) Locksmith Tools & Equipment. Not all the locksmiths in the industry use the same tools and equipment. Locksmith equipment and tools vary despite their similar appearance. More often than not, the dependable locksmith will invest in quality tools and equipment to ensure customer satisfaction. Like many aspects in life, within the locksmith trade, you get what you pay for; search for companies that use the higher quality tools and equipment to better serve you.
4) Additionally, know that not all locksmiths offer the same services. For an example, consider the fast food chains; one burger joint offers a selection similar to their competitors but are not alike and some offer menu items not available elsewhere. Locksmith companies are similar, and some locksmiths make guarantees in satisfaction or specialize in unique services, in any case know what your locksmith has to offer beforehand.


When looking for a reliable source to handle your locksmith needs, contact Texan Lock & Key and let our experts deliver superior workmanship for the services you require.

Tips On Securing Your Home After A Restraining Order in Killeen, TX; Rekeying or Changing Locks & More

We have all been in a situation that a relationship is coming to an end. It is a hard time for most people but especially for those that are going through a breakup of any kind that is not ending on good terms. The person could be a spouse, fiancé, dating or even a roommate. The problems that exist when it ends badly and you are living together are endless. There are areas of your life that you each shared which makes it hard to find the right amount of separation. One of the parties has to move out of the house while the other often times stays. The problem is that the person that left could be mad about the breakup or move out and want to come back. They might not be happy about the items that they took or what you kept. There are times that they might try to come back and get in the house. This can be extremely frightening in a moment where you are already dealing with a lot. The best thing that you can do is to secure your home immediately.

Texan Lock & Key Outlines Steps to Keep Your Home Secure After A Breakup, Divorce Or Restraining Order

Take Keys Away: The home that you shared was used by all parties. The problem is that when you are in the middle of one party moving out you might be feeling upset. The best thing you can do is to keep your mind on the task at hand. You should always ask for any keys that the individual that is moving out has. They could be mail keys, house keys or even shared car keys. The keys will give that individual access to your belongings. You also should take time to collect any keys that you have hidden or given out for emergencies. The other party most likely knows where these keys are as well and if they are really upset may use them. This is only a temporary security measure because you can never be sure if you got all the keys back.
Rekeying or Changing Locks: Now that you think you have the keys collected you need to move onto step two. It is important to call in a locksmith to make some major changes. The locksmith will be able to come out and secure the exterior doors with new locks and keys. They can also ensure that your car is secured with a new lock as well if you have concern about it. You also want to take a step further and have a deadbolt installed on all of your exterior doors. This will help stop someone from trying to push the door in.


If you concerned about your home being secured after a move out make sure that you contact a locksmith that is mobile and has the ability to rekey and install new locks. Texan Lock & Key offers expert locksmith services. Contact us today!

Keep a Safe & Secure House this Halloween in Houston, TX; Lock Doors When Not Home & More

There are a number of helpful safety tips for Halloween. Keep a close eye on keys, ensure the older kids are in groups, never consume opened treats and always inspect the candy before eating often top the list. But with all the crazy costumes and increased population coming into close proximity of your home, you may not even consider the important tips on keeping your home safely secured. Today, we at Texan Lock & Key would like to offer some tips and advice on enhancing the security of your home while enjoying your Halloween traditions.

How to Secure Your Home

1) Leave the Lights On. A traditional sign of no one being home to hand out candy on Halloween is turn off the lights. Just keep the porch light off, but while you are away or not participating, keep the other lights on. Keep in mind that the summer is over and fall shortens the daylight hours and the sun is setting sooner. If your home is equipped with automatic light timers, adjust them accordingly to turn on just before dusk. Inspect the light bulbs to ensure they are all operating and trim away any branches and shrubs that are blocking the light source. If the home is too dark, opportunisst might see it as an invitation to come in and out without being seen despite the trick-or-treaters. If you are handing out delicious treats for the little ones, keep the path well illuminated and free from obstacles to ensure everyone’s safety.
2) Lock All the Doors. If you are leaving the house for a time, whether if its to go across the neighborhood for a party or simply stroll around the block with the kids, be sure to lock up your home and vehicle if that is left behind. If the criminal minded are blending in with the festivities and notice in your hustle the door was left unlocked or someone tries it open it when no one answers the door, they need seconds to make off with a valuable or at the very least assess the value of possessions to come back later. Ensure your home is locked and secured by locking up windows and doors and engaging the security system if you have one. It doesn’t take long to become a victim in a robbery, lock it up.
3) Install a Security System. If you do not already have a security system, invest in one. Not only will it keep your home better protected during the Halloween chaos, but all year round as well. More and more home invasions are happening at any time of day and night. Invest in a security system that includes motion-activated exterior lighting and all the basics at the very least.
4) Trim Overgrown Landscape. Finally, the landscape that has been overgrown with vegetation should be thinned out. Not only will it dull out the lights, but anyone looking to get into your home can use it to their advantage to hide from onlookers, slipping in and out of the home before blending in with the ever moving trick-or-treaters.


We at Texan Lock and Key can offer lock audits and other services to better secure your home. Remember to stay safe this Halloween and keep your home secure. Contact us for all your locksmith needs.

Benefits of 24/7 Professional Emergency Lockout & Locksmith Services in New Braunfels, TX

There are many different aspects of life that constitute an emergency. When it comes to emergency locksmith assistance, getting locked out of your home, vehicle, or even business come to mind. But no matter what your emergency is, they are usually a stressful situations and reliable resources, such as Texan Lock and Key is readily available to assist you with your locksmith emergencies. With the aid of quality tools and equipment and highly trained and experienced professionals, having a team of experts respond quickly to emergency is highly beneficial and at this time we would like to list the advantages of emergency locksmith services.

Benefits of Hiring an Emergency Locksmith

1) Current on Locksmith Technologies & Techniques. The world is rapidly evolving in the field of high-tech advancement and that is often a part of high-quality security. These deterrents are in place to protect your property from break-ins or other ill intent and when you need them to work before leaving, no matter if it’s a quick getaway or an extensive vacation or just merely closing for the night, an emergency locksmith can make quick repairs or adjustments to give you the peace of mind while you are away.
2) Certified Expert Help. Professionals, such as Texan Lock and Key are completely bonded, insured, licensed, and have all other credentials that prove our credibility and authenticity. Having a trusted source to get you out of emergency can help you avoid the scam artists that are taking advantage of your situation and your anxiousness.
3) Prepared for Locksmith Emergencies. When you are having an emergency situation, lacking the essentials can make the situation eve more problematic and more stressful. Having an emergency locksmith professional that can come to your side quickly is armed with an arsenal of tools and equipment and are prepared for any locksmith emergency you may have.
4) 24/7 Emergency Locksmith Services. Locksmiths that offer emergency services, such as Texas Lock and Key, are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week including holidays to come to your aid because most professionals know that emergency situations occur when the time or day is convenient to a traditional work schedule. To add comfort to your specific situation, you can rest assured that a quick response, day or night can be priceless to many. For example, if you lock your furry companion or a small child in the home or vehicle accidentally, panic and overwhelming feelings are sure to come into play. But no matter how big or how small your situation is, an emergency locksmith will come to your assistance quickly and ready to deliver quality service.


These are just a few examples of the benefits of counting on a dependable locksmith to handle your emergency locksmith needs. With Texan Lock and Key being a reputable company, you can count on a fast response to your emergency situation as our team will select the fastest route and help you as quickly as possible. To reach us quickly and conveniently in time of an emergency be sure to store our number in your cell phone.