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Home Safety Check While on Vacation from New Braunfels, TX; Lock All Doors & Windows & More

With Halloween in the rear view mirror, the holiday season is upon us. People have begun making their holiday travel plans. Where some escape for a few short days for Thanksgiving or take advantage of the holidays and take a month to visit family and places for a long retreat, their homes are left vulnerable. With that in mind, we at Texan Lock and Key would like to share a few tips and suggestions to better protect your home in your absence.

Preparing House for Extended Vacation

1) Plan for Newspapers, Flyers, Mail. If you are going to be away for more than a week or so, you can call the post office to have them hold your mail for up to 30 days free of charge in most cases. In the event you have a newspaper subscription, or community paper, or other such deliveries coming to your home frequently, put a hold on your account or have a trusted neighbor collect it for you. More people are stopping off business cards, menus, and other such advertising on doors as well that is better kept maintained. Leaving evidence as to your absence can get your home targeted for a break in.
2) House Sitter and Backup Neighbor. An ideal solution to keeping your home watched over is having a house sitter. A relative or friend staying in your home will avoid the tell tale signs someone isn’t home if any scrupulous characters are looking for vacationers to leave a home unattended. Plants, pets, and other such routine care will also be taken care of. In addition to having a house sitter, or not, having a neighbor that will frequently keep an eye on your home can help avert being victimized as well. Just remind them if you are having a house sitter or a family member coming in and out to take care of responsibilities that they are there so the police do not have to deal with any confusion.
3) Don’t Post When You’ll Be Away on Social Networks. With the different social media platforms, many people belong to one or multiple social networks where we share our lives. There are too many holes in the system and the last thing you should do is broadcast your vacation plans to the world. Keep the people who do know to a minimum and only people that you trust.
4) Illusion Someone is Home. If you do not have someone staying at your home while you are gone, but only checking in, you will want to create the illusion someone is home. Consider installing automatic timers that turn on specified lights and motion censored lighting on the exterior of your home. The busier you can make your house look, the less likely someone will target your home. Make sure your thermostats are programmed correctly, especially if you are leaving pets in the home. Unplug unnecessary electronics to reduce the power bill and electrical fires.
5) Maintain Landscape Before You Leave. Make sure your landscape is well manicured before your departure. Get the trees pruned, leaves raked, bushes and grass trimmed, and consider ambient lighting around the plants. Not only will a well kept landscape continue the illusion you are home, but it will offer fewer places for a villain to slip into your home and alert the watchful neighbor someone is there that doesn’t belong.
6) Locks and Security. Make a thorough sweep of your home and check to make sure all doors and windows are locked. Consider inquiring with a professional about installing higher quality and graded locks on the door to hinder break-ins. Finally, if you do not have a security system, get one installed to help keep your home and valuables safe.


If you are in need of better locks before you head out of town, call in the professionals of Texan Lock and Key for lock replacing and we will help keep your home safe.

Door Lock, Master, Combination & Deadbolt Lubricant, Maintenance & Care Tips in Frisco, TX

Your locks are one of those items that are ignored until they fail. Like anything mechanical locks wear and need maintenance. Clean is mean. Dirt and grime can build up in your locks, creating conditions that accelerate wear. High pressure air is used to blow out most dirt, but you may have to remove the lock and cleaning with some sort of solvent.

Importance of Lock Lubricant

With locks lubrications is key. A PTFE based lubricant is ideal and recommend by Master padlocks and work well in other manufacturers devices as well. Graphite, a dry lube is not recommended for combination locks. Typical lubricants like WD-40 and 3 in 1 oil are good choices. Wet lubes like 3 in 1 and other forms of lube may attract dirt.

Can You Fix a Deadbolt Lock?

Ever closed a door with the deadbolt inadvertently extended? Bad for the wood door frame and trim, and usually leads to a bent bolt. Things can be done to restore alignment. Unlike the door knob or handle bolt, the dead bolt is unidirectional. That means that you could remove the dead bolt, flip the bolt over and reinstall, many time realigning the bolt with the hole in the door frame.

Door Lock Care & Maintenance

• Doors, to work right the door must be hung right. For correct lock alignment the door itself must be installed correctly. A binding lock due to misalignment cause excessive wear to the lock. A binding lock may leave you locked out or in your house, bad if it is an emergency like a fire.
• Screws loosen over time. Check the screws holding in the lock on the door and the strike plates in the door frame. Wood shrinks loosening screws. Repeated hammering from closing the door will also loosen door plates and mechanisms. Another area subject to shrinking and forces from supporting the door and its operation is the hinge screws. If possible, hinge and striker screws should be long enough to be secured to the house framing not just to the half to three quarter inch frame.
Locks, door and deadbolt should operate smoothly and without binding. Binding and broken deadlatches can lead to lock failures. The deadlatch is the plunger locked on the flat side of the door handle bolt. Improper installation, wear and lack of lubricants can cause the lock to fail.
Damp rag without cleaning chemicals is best for cleaning the exterior of locks, knobs and handles. Harsh cleaning chemicals can remove or impair the finish and cause problems if they penetrate the lock. A shot of spray lube in the key way is usually sufficient to ensure proper operation. Slide the key in and out to ensure no debris is stuck in the keyway.
• A copy of a copy sometimes doesn’t turn out well. Variances increase when a key is mastered by a duplicate. Have all duplicate keys made from an original key. Set aside a key for duplication purposes.
• You don’t need to change the locks; most household locks can be rekeyed instead of the expense of changing the locks.


Take care of your locks and they will serve you well. Contact Texan Lock and Key for all your locksmith needs.

How to Protect Your Home from Break Ins & Burglary in San Marcos, TX & Stop Burglars from Targeting it!

The daylight hours are decreasing and it is getting dark earlier. This tends to draw in the people that do not have a moral compass and believe they can take what’s not theirs, even when it means getting into someone else’s home. With the home burglaries becoming more and more popular, many people want to increase the security of their home and fortify it from those that seek to steal valuables and treasures or worse. In an effort to help your protect your possessions and loved ones from being victimized by lawless heathens, we at Texan Lock and Key have compiled some tips and advice on how to strengthen your home’s security and reduce the risk of being broken into.

How to Prevent Break Ins

1) Improve the locks. Investing in some lock upgrades can help significantly and the double key dead bolt is the optimal choice to heighten the security measures. In the event that an intruder manages to gain entry and is discovered, their panic may not notice the need for a key to exit, keeping them contained until law enforcement shows up.
2) Lock windows and doors at all times. When they need or desire to have your windows or doors open has come to a conclusion, keeping your windows and doors locked is a preferable habit to be in. Many homeowners do not realize that a window or even door is left unlocked; keeping in the habit can ensure they are locked. Criminals looking to get inside will always check for unlocked entry points for convenience.
3) Strategize landscaping. The landscape’s design for aesthetics, optimal sunlight and shade as well as watering systems and to obtain privacy are not the only considerations. But when maximizing your privacy with foliage, you give me more opportunity for those sneaking around the home. To add a little extra security plant thorny bushes around the windows. Be sure keep trees and shrubs well manicured and pruned and consider utilizing gravel or loose stones if you have a dog that can detect the sounds with their sensitive hearing and give you the heads up. Include in the landscape ambient lighting to keep the grounds as well as motion sensor lighting.
4) Keep valuables from plain view. Try to keep your valuables out of the view of the public, like the deluxe big screen TV in window for example. If this option is unavoidable, invest in curtains or blinds to conceal the high priced merchandise. For irreplaceable and priceless treasures, consider installing a safe in an inconspicuous, concealed area.
5) Avoid advertising new and expensive purchases. Boxes for big screen TV’s, stereo equipments, computers, laptops, or gaming stations, and other pricy recent purchases lingering by the trash cans is advertising to the criminal minded that you have valuables for the taking. Where this can prove a challenge around the holidays, waiting until garbage day to dispose of the boxes is best.
6) Security dog. Where not everyone is a dog lover, and allergies are fairly common, a loyal companion can offer assistance to protect you and your home 24/7. Dogs are generally territorial and protective over their home and family. Many intruders avoid homes with a dog.


In addition to fortifying your home with the above security measures, consult with a specialist from Texan Lock & Key to discuss your upgrades. We can provide a thorough audit to analyse the security of your home or business.

How to Crack Open a Forgotten Safe Combination Lock in Round Rock, TX; Reset Code & More

When you forget the combination of an old safe or if you’ve just got a new one and are unable to open it, many are not sure what to do to unlock it. Safes are used to secure weapons, important documents, and even store valuables such as jewelry or money. When you’re unable to open your safe to gain access to your valuables, it can leave you stressed and wondering what to do next. Texan Lock and Key will walk you through the steps to open your home safe.

How to Crack Open a Forgotten Safe Combination Lock

1. Identify the Safe – There are a number of safes. Start by determining which type and brand of safe you have. Most safe codes can be reset. When you find out which type of safe you have, you can learn which steps to take to reset your combination, recover the combination or use other methods of opening your safe. Once you’ve identified you’re safe, look for the safe’s serial number if possible. If you can’t locate the serial number, you can still open the safe without it.
2. Determine Secondary Override – After you have the type and brand of safe and if possible the serial number, find out if or what type of override system it uses. Some will use a key override method where you insert a key and you input the new combination. Others will open simply by using a key. If you have the owners manual, consult the manual to see if the safe has an override system.
3. Contact a Locksmith – If you are unable to override your safe, contact a locksmith and provide the brand and type of safe and any additional information about the safe. A locksmith can sometimes override the safe combination or reset the combination. If a locksmith is not able to unlock the safe by recovering the combination, resetting, or overriding the lock we can get in manually. If the safe can’t be overridden or recovered, we can use tools to forcefully open the safe either by cutting or drilling into the safe. Each method will vary depending on the type of safe.

How Not to Forget Safe Combination

If you were able to recover your combination or were able to reset the safe combination, create a method so you won’t forget your combination again. One way is to create a rhyme or song of the combination to help jog your memory the next time you need to enter the safe. Some prefer writing it down multiple times to help them remember the combination better. If you choose this method, use a dry erase broad and remove the combination once you have it in memory. You don’t want to leave it out for someone to find. For those who need to write it down and keep a record of the combination, be careful how you write it down. When you write it down, avoid these two examples: 10/12/35 or 10-12-35 these two ways are obvious to burglars that this is a combination. Instead write something like 10+12+35 or 10x12x35 most will think it a math problem you where jotting down. If you really want to throw other people off, add an answer.


If you forget your safe combination, don’t feel locked out. Contact Texan Lock and Key we can come and help open your safe by first recovering the original combination, resetting, or by manually or forcefully opening your safe. Don’t be locked out of your safe. Contact Texan Lock and Key today.